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L-House | Alexander Symes Architect

Project: L-House

Architect: Alexander Symes Architect

Location: Australia

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New Restaurant And Cafe Is Located Inside An Old School Building In Shanghai

Project: Gaga restaurants and cafés

Architect: Coordination Asia

Location: China

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Skyshelter.zip is like a compressed bellow that opens into a skyscraper | Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa, Piotr Pańczyk

Project: Skyshelter.zip

Designers: Damian Granosik, Jakub Kulisa & Piotr Pańczyk

Location: Poland

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Industrial Loft in Athens | Konstantinos Pittas

Project: Industrial Loft in Athens

Architect: Konstantinos Pittas

Location: Greece

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The Scavenger Studio | Les Eerkes Architects

Project: The Scavenger Studio

Architect: Les Eerkes Architects

Location: United States

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The Black House – A Homey Villa That Blends Hospitality With Great Coffee

Project: The Black House

Architect: C3 and interior designer Po-Lin Chen

Location: Taiwan

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Stunning Proposal of The Waterfall, A Copenhagen Aquatic Center

Project: Copenhagen Aquatic Center

Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group, COBE/strong>

Location: Denmark

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The Pink Zebra This Restaurant in India is All About the Zebra Stripes

Project: The Pink Zebra

Architect: Renesa Architecture Design Interiors Studio

Location: India

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Spielraeume Playrooms | studio3

Project: Spielraeume Playrooms

Architect: studio3

Location: Austria

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Faux Pli Spar Gmunden | Archinauten Dworschak + Muhlbachler ZT Gmbh

Project: Faux Pli Spar Gmunden

Architect: Archinauten Dworschak + Mühlbachler ZT Gmbh

Location: Austria

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Ex Unione Militare Refurbishment | Fuksas Design

Project: Ex Unione Militare Refurbishment

Architect: Fuksas Design

Location: Italy

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