Public Building

The Brain Embassy
 | mode:lina architekci

Project: The Brain Embassy

Architect: mode:lina architekci

Location: Poland

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Zinder Cultural Center | De Zwarte Hond

Project: Zinder Cultural Center

Architect: De Zwarte Hond

Location: The Netherlands

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Lombard Wharf | Patel Taylor

Project: Lombard Wharf

Architect: Patel Taylor

Location: United Kingdom

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Cristalleries Planell Civic Center | H Arquitectes

Project: Cristalleries Planell Civic Center

Architect: H Arquitectes

Location: Spain

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Sendai Mediatheque​ | Toyo Ito & Associates

Architect: Toyo Ito & Associates

Project Location: Japan

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Coal Drops Yard United Kingdom by Heatherwick Studio

Architect: Heatherwick Studio

Project Location: United Kingdom

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Viewing Tower Hoge Bergse Bos | Ateliereen Architecten

Architect: Ateliereen Architecten

Project Location: The Netherlands

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The Krane | Arcgency

Architect: Arcgency

Project Location: Denmark

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Project Location: Kazakhstan

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Indiana Hardwood CLT | IKD

Architect: IKD

Project Location: United States

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ICD-ITKE Research Pavilion 2016-17 | ICD-ITKE University of Stuttgart

Architect: ICD-ITKE University of Stuttgart

Project Location: Stuttgart, Germany

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