RTF Writing

Competition 2021

In 1982, ICOMOS (The International Council on Monuments and Sites) established 18 April as the International Day for Monuments and Sites to preserve & celebrate the precious  priceless built heritage which including monuments and historical sites.  Since then, the day is celebrated every year as per a specific theme given by ICOMOS.

The theme for this year is Complex Pasts: Diverse Futures.”

RTF invites designers, architects, and students of architecture and design across the world to express their views about the rich built heritage in the form of essays & poems.  The best write-ups will be awarded & featured on our website & social channels.

Entry open to architects, designers, writers and students.

This is the second edition of the competition series that RTF started last year in 2020. The Competition is inclusive and we welcome professionals and students from all across the globe.



Write an essay on the given theme. There is no limit to creativity, so you’re free to explore any genre.  You can write a narrative, a story or even a satire. Just make sure your writing adds value and brings out the importance of heritage. The word limit is 1200-1500 words.


All the poets in the house can submit their wonderful poetry about the given theme. There is no word limit for the poem. Also there aren’t any restrictions on the poetic style that you choose to write in.

Winners Announcement

Winners will be announced on RTF Official Website and RTF Social Channels.

Each category will have its own winners along with Honorable Mentions. Winners will get the Winning Certificate and will be featured on our social channels.


[15th April,’21] RTF Writing Competition 2021 opens.

[07th May,’21 | 3:00 pm IST ] Submission Deadline.

[15th May,’21] Winners shall be announced on RTF.


How can I pay the registration fee?

There’s no Registration Fee for the competition.

How should I register for the contest?

No need to register, submit your entry on RTF website.

How can I submit entries?

Each applicant can upload the entries on the Submission Page.

How many entries can one applicant submit?

A maximum of 3 entries can be submitted by the applicant.

Is there a chance to modify my uploadings?

Yes, to update your entry, you can re-submit before the deadline.

Is group submission allowed?

Yes, a team of a maximum of two people can participate.

Who are eligible applicants?

This contest is open to all the architects, designers, writers, journalists, artists, and students from across the world.

Is the jury’s assessment open to the public?

No, it isn’t. Applicants not selected for the finals are not going to be notified about the details of the jury’s assessment.

What are the technical parameters for the Submission?

Essay – It should be within 1200 words to 1500 words.

Poem – There is no word limit for the poem.