Brooklyn Bridge Park | Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Architect: Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

Project Location: New York

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Enlightenment of the Mind | Milen Neshev

Architect: Milen Neshev

Country: Bulgaria

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TIDAL 94 | Alex Collins

Architect: Alex Collins

Country: United States

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Harivansh Rai Bachchan Academy Of Arts, Noida, India | Quintessence Landscape Architecture

Architect: Rajesh Shukla

Country: India

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Greenwich River Park | Alexander Saunders

Architect: Alexander Saunders

University: University Of Sheffield

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Natur(e)scape | Matea Paćelat & Ani Pijevac

Architects: Matea Paćelat and Ani Pijevac

University: University of Trieste, Department of Architecture

Location: Solkan, Slovenia

Status: Project

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The Orchestrated City,sharedgarden | Carlota Alvarez Guzman

Architects: Carlota Alvarez Guzman

University: Architecture & Design, Lusiada University

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River Edge | Aaron Ackerman

Architects: Aaron Ackerman

University: Cal Poly Pomona

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