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RTF is inviting application for Editorial Training Programme

2600 BCE. With the birth of Imhotep, the world was divided into two types of people who could never be united again. These were Architects and Non-Architects. At Rethinking The Future (RTF), we invite both of these people to serve on the same mission.

A mission of writing 1000 words every week and bringing the story to the world that has never been heard before. A mission of making sense and creating intellect.

You can be anyone. You can be someone who designs buildings or someone who stays in them. You can be someone who plays the guitar or someone who makes them. You can be the hero of your story or villain of someone else’s. You can be a secret lover or someone who loves public displays of affection (PDA). As long as you think you can write and share on RTF, you’re welcome. Although we hate PDAs.

We welcome people who love to write and love to work from home. As Gandhi could’ve said, ‘we can change the world from our homes’. So, if you feel it in your gut that you can write and stay at home, Join Us NOW!

It’s already been late. We were expecting you yesterday.

A Friday in the Life
Take an espresso at your home, sit in the balcony, have a view of the outside, listen to the music, and write. Write what comes to your mind about architecture and design. Enjoy Fridays while connected with Rethinking The Future. We expect only one article in a week from our interns, article which has your mind and heart. However, if you wish to write more with same quality, you are welcome.

About You

You are an excellent communicator.

We write a lot at RTF – we write for our articles and stories, we write for architecture and design projects, we write for architects and designers, and most importantly, we write as our primary way of communicating through emails. Clear and effective communication is essential to being successful at RTF.

You have fresh ideas and you’re willing to share them.

We don’t know it all, and we actively want to hear fresh ideas and perspectives that we haven’t considered.


Your Opinion Matters

It’s a great chance to bring your thoughts to the world. It’s an opportunity to bring people you admire, and feel didn’t get the adequate exposure, bring them up in your stories so the world can read about them and their work.

Regular Feedback

You can always send your articles for the feedback and review and Editorial team gets back to you with some comments to help you improve your writing, before the final submission for the publication.

Support from different Specialists from RTF

Once the article goes for publishing, our Editorial team does a two round of curation to make them fit for publication. Then a team of inhouse SEO specialists work on the articles to make them available in top results on google searches of the relevant topics. Our Graphics team make sure your articles get the best graphical covers and last but not least, our publishing and social media team share it with million readers across the different social channels with due credits on the website and tags on social channels so that the readers could reach out to the writers and you get the exposure you deserve.

Training Certificate

After three months, or say 15 heart-throbbing stories/ articles, we’ll award a Training Certificate to our writers. You’ll receive your certificate through email.

Visibility to our Writers

Our writers will have visibility on each of the articles they share. We’ll publish the Author’s profile along with the Article. Your profiles will also be visible on the RTF Team page.

Did we mention, this Programme is FREE! We’re always looking for weird, smart, and independent thinkers to join the team.

It seems you are interested, how about filling this form quickly and be part of our widespread team.

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  • Accepted file types: zip, jpeg, pdf, doc, Max. file size: 2 MB.