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El Alba Showroom | Polivalente

Project: El Alba Showroom

Architect: Polivalente

Location: Chile

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Design Republic Design Commune | Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Project: Design Republic Design Commune

Architect: Neri&Hu Design and Research Office

Location: China

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Drink Shop Harpf | Monovolume Architecture + Design

Project: Drink Shop Harpf

Architect: Monovolume Architecture + Design

Location: Italy

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Das Brot at the Autostad | Designliga

Project: Das Brot at the Autostad

Architect: Designliga

Location: Germany

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Business Premise | Ksg Architekten

Project: Business Premise

Architect: Ksg Architekten

Location: Germany

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Blanc Showroom L Antic Colonial | Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Project: Blanc Showroom L Antic Colonial

Architect: Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Location: Spain

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Alex Monroe Studio | DSDHA

Project: Alex Monroe Studio

Architect: DSDHA

Location: England

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125 | Laboratorios Vaquero

Project: 125 | Laboratorios Vaquero

Architect: Laboratorios Vaquero

Location: Mexico

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48 North Canal Road | WOHA

Project: 48 North Canal Road

Architect: WOHA

Location: Singapore

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5th Avenue Camper Store | Nendo

Project: 5th Avenue Camper Store

Architect: Nendo

Location: United States

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Emporia | Wingardhs

Project: Emporia

Architect: Wingårdhs

Location: Sweden

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Chicago O’Hare Airport 2075 | Infrastructure Vision

Project: Chicago O'Hare Airport 2075

Architect: Infrastructure Vision

Location: Netherlands

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Museum of Knowledge | Vineet Jhunjhunwala

Project: Museum of Knowledge

Architect: Vineet Jhunjhunwala

Location: India

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