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Tod Williams Billie Tsien’s Hood Museum overhaul will “knit together” its postmodern predecessor

Architect: Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects

Location: United States

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Regional House Edeghem | BC architects

Architect: BC architects

Location: Belgium

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One-Room Residence of 5 Layers | Matsuyama Architect and Associates

Architect: Matsuyama Architect and Associates

Location: Japan

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Hotel Maison des Têtes and gastronomic restaurant Girardin | F+F Studio

Project: Maison des Têtes

Architect: F+F Studio

Location: France

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Curved Girder Bridge Neckartenzlingen | Ingenieurbüro Miebach

Project: Curved Girder Bridge Neckartenzlingen

Architect: Ingenieurbüro Miebach

Location: Germany

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3 Cabins in Belgium | Ark-Shelter

Project: 3 Cabins in Belgium

Architect: Ark-Shelter

Location: Belgium

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Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten| KIENTRUC O

Project: Chuon Chuon Kim 2 Kindergarten

Architect: KIENTRUC O

Location: Vietnam

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This Sao Paulo Home has a Pool in Its Living Room | Fernanda Marques

Project: Sao Paulo Home

Architect: Fernanda Marques

Location: Brazil

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Capital Hill Residence | Zaha Hadid

Project: Capital Hill Residence

Architect: Zaha Hadid

Location: Russia

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Babylonian Civilization | Omaima Altaee

Project: Babylonian Civilization

Architect: Omaima Altaee 

Location: Iraq

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