The literary derivative of the profession of Architecture – Architectural Journalism – has long been overlooked in mainstream practice. The emergence of social media and numerous digital publications and platforms has given a boost to writing in Architecture. Journalism opens up new paradigms in the built form for anyone with an eye for exploration, design, and a penchant for criticism and commentary. Aspirants can develop and hone their skills in a variety of ways to kickstart their career as an Architectural Journalist.

This is a curated list of free and paid courses that are entirely available online for aspiring architectural journalists –

1. Read, Reflect, Write, Repeat

The framework of this course is built on the idea of communication. It teaches a systematic representation of ideas to communicate design through words. It demonstrates the best ways to pike the curiosity of a reader and how engagement with the written word can be established. It is suitable for beginners as well as those established in writing.

Duration: 35 sessions
Available on:
Price: INR 2,450

2. Writing, Communicating and Curating in Architecture

This webinar by renowned architectural journalist Apurva Bose-Dutta addresses any queries by individuals that are aspiring to become or interested in Architectural Journalism. As the profession lacks representation in the mainstream, it elaborates on its emergence and influence in society to demand better visions for the built form.

Duration: 1 session
Available on:
Price: Free (Webinar)

10 Online courses for aspiring architectural journalists
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3. Distance Architectural Journalism Certification

The Architectural Journalism course by The Architecture Times offers short certificate programs for distance learning. A wide range of topics such as Technical Writing, Blog writing, Understanding local architecture environment, and Documentation are covered in this program.

Duration: 3 Months
Available on:
Price: On enquiry

4. The Architectural Imagination

The Architectural Imagination is a 10-week course offered by Harvard University that introduces architecture through the lens of imagination, history, typology, and written documentation. The course examines how architecture can engage, mediate, and express the complex aspirations of a culture.

Duration: 10 Weeks ( Self Paced)
Available on:
Price: Free / Certificate at INR 7500 (approx.)

5. Writing for Social Media

Social Media is an inescapable reality of our times that has become an effective tool for communication. One can benefit from its wide outreach by promoting and sharing their content while engaging with a global audience. Writing for Social Media by Berkeley University, California elaborates on writing for these critical channels to connect with the audience and utilize effective online writing strategies.

Duration: 4 Weeks (Self Paced)
Available on:
Price: Free / Certificate at INR 15,000 (approx.)

6. Freelance Writing

Architectural Journalism is an opportunity for architects and students to branch out from their principal practice and explore newer avenues in the architectural paradigm.

The course helps understand how to launch a freelance writing career by seeking out clients, making pitches to publications, and self-publish on different websites and mediums.

Duration: 2 Hours
Available on:
Price: 455 INR (On Discount)

7. Digital Journalism 101

Digital Journalism 101 is a crash course in pitching and marketing for anyone who aspires to be published in a high authority publication to boost their visibility and earnings. Understanding key formats, resourceful platforms, and how to optimally use them and leveraging the power of social media are some of the highlights offered by this course.

Duration: 1.5 Hours
Available on:
Price: 455 INR (On Discount)

8. Interpreting Vernacular Architecture in Asia

This course, though directly unrelated to journalism, can be a tool for understanding the art of interpretation underlying themes and ideas while exploring any topic for writing. The course uses stories as a lens to understand processes through which building decisions are made. It gives a unique perspective on how everyday environments are built and lived in.

Duration: 6 Weeks
Available on:
Price: Free / Certificate at INR 3,000 (approx.)

9. Research Design – Enquiry and Discovery

The main purpose of this course is to facilitate the process of Journalism by understanding methods of research and their deployment in an academic and professional context.

Duration: 10 Hours
Available On:
Price: Free

10. The Writer’s Toolkit: 6 Steps to a successful writing habit

The last course in this list is possibly the most important. The Writer’s toolkit is a 9-part course that helps understand and establish the discipline required to be a successful writer by incorporating certain methods and practices in the process of writing.

Duration: 38 Minutes
Available On:
Price: Premium Subscription

Other than courses, reading about architecture or interning/ writing opportunities offered by various portals (Re-thinking the future is one!) is a great way to find your feet in the world of Architectural Journalism.


Ami Mody is a graduate from KRVIA (Mumbai) practicing as an Architect and Interior Designer. She is a voracious reader, interested in the themes of Gender, Space and Politics and their intersection with the built form. She believes the greatest joy in life comes from travelling and a good meal.

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