Obtaining an architecture degree is a result of years of hard work and dedication. The 5-year architecture course is known as one of the toughest courses that combines dedicated long hours of studio work, production of meticulously detailed drawings, and rigorous practical on-site knowledge. Every student is, therefore, required to undergo this process to achieve an architecture degree. The Degree does hold significant merits that make it worth achieving it.

The significance of an Architecture degree
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Earning an architecture degree stages an individual into the list of skilled workers in the field of architecture and construction. It provides an authoritative background for a skilled person as an assured member that can deliver construction drawings, provide consultation in designing and planning, and issue directive for on-site construction.

Architecture degree also paves the way for an individual to be qualified for a license that is necessary if he/she wishes to practice in the field as an architect. In India, the license is issued by the Council of Architecture (COA), Delhi, responsible for the architectural course and fundamentals in terms of conduct and practice. Having a degree also enables us to obtain a license of the municipal corporations individually after a certain period of practice in the field as an architect that permits to pitch in government projects apart from individual practice. Thus, having a license is essential to practice as an architect and conduct construction works.

The degree is key towards a master’s course after the completion of a Bachelor’s Degree in architecture. It opens a wider horizon with the scope of specialization and advancement in several careers as per individual interest such as urban designing and planning, masters of architecture, interior design, architectural photography, architectural journalism, furniture design, lighting specialization as well as construction management and real estate development are few fields that a degree holder can venture into.

The course towards obtaining the degree focuses on integral development in drawing skills like hand drafting, digital drafting, and 3d modeling along with physical architectural modeling. It is also based on practical design skills and studio-based design projects that evolve creative, abstract thinking with a response to contextual, climatic, and material knowledge. The course exposes an individual to different subjects of study such as a history of architecture depending on location, culture, building construction and structures, building regulations, internships, and a relative study tour of various places that eventually helps the transition of a layman to a professional.

With surging numbers of individuals applying for a job position, it becomes relatively easy for a degree holder to obtain a secured job and earn a respectable amount of salary. Along with the degree, the work experience of a particular period spends in practice helps gain higher job satisfaction and increased earning opportunities as an architect, senior architect, and also an associate architect. Later, these experiences and learning can help an individual start his/her architectural firm under their authority as a principal architect. Through obtaining the degree one is exposed to rigorous course work, experiential learning opportunities that develop a skilled individual with exceptional communication, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership qualities quickly attract today’s employers. Additionally, being a degree holder, one can also pursue a career as an educator in various universities and colleges.

Being a trained professional in the architecture field, it also paves the way towards the stages of recognition in the industry as a professional. It helps increase marketing opportunities by being able to address various events, functions, and platform that connects individual architects to other members of the industry. This process avails several merits such as increases connectivity and remembrance, can be a means to promote one’s practice, and furnishes collaboration opportunities along with several other advantages.

Furthermore, through the years spent in achieving the degree one is exposed to diverse experiences through RSP’s, internships, workshops which play a fundamental part of the course help to also meet people that could guide in shaping the future as in today’s market, it is vital to build and maintain a professional network. As a college degree holder, it becomes easy to venture into the big wide world with the pillar of support from professors and mentors to lean on for adequate guidance and directions.

Also, the base of knowledge developed through the process of earning the degree helps in cultivating personal growth and self-esteem to project goals into actions. The process nurtures an individual to build their style, principles, and specialties of architectural practices with the perceptions of experiences that they have gone through during their time as students and young professionals. Thus, having obtained a degree, mold a layman into the system of the craft with an ample amount of fundamental education and technical skills.

By and large, it can be stated that having an architecture degree has its significant importance which assists a young sole into a confident, technically skilled individual capable of performing the rights and duties as an authorized architect in the society. It holds the individual to be well versed in critical thinking and designing concerning the tangible and intangible aspects that intervene during the construction.


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