Animate pads are fun to design. They demand eclecticism and imagination, in exchange for an often less-than-generous offer of space. The space was substantial and had to accommodate the stylish living demands of a young industrialist who came back from the States and wanted a New York style Exposed design. The habitats of this space were a Dog, a couple in early 30’s and an infant.

Project Name: Awakening, by the pool.
Size: 3200 sq.ft
Location: Vadodara, Gujarat, India
Design Team: Sanket Prajapati, Vijay Dhabi, Priyank Mistry, Hardik Dholu, Urvi Velani, Shailesh Boghani & Harsh Boghani
Client: Mr.Amit Sanghvi
Photography: Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia ( Photographix)
Text: Bushra Khan

©️Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia

The clients wanted something completely different. And we were ripe for the challenge. Thus the interior was conceptualized to highlight the raw materials in its original form, texture and color. The notion that fuses effectively with raw identity ethnical tenacity along with aesthetic sensibility. By using the industrial features and combining them with clear geometry and raw materials like bricks, concrete, MS and wood to create a raw and bold look. We further added colorful furniture, art pieces and lighting grid solutions, to balance the visual consistency of space.

With sustainable design approach, we worked with exposed brick work and polished concrete flooring. We integrated all these elements in a language that uplifts the natural quality of each material, giving the residence a natural, earthy feel.The exposed brick walls which envelopes the space from inside, the natural wood furniture revealing its natural form of veins and texture, made it a unique experience to be in the space at different times of the day and finally, the pinch of Greens and blues of the pool surrounding the space.

The client were open to the hairline cracks of IPS flooring. Therefore Except the mosaics in pool not a single tile has been used in this project. Concrete plaster was majorly used in the apartment for finishing of walls, columns and ceiling. Open area allows each area to interact with the others for a more spacious and carefree aesthetic divided by sliding Aluminum doors. Curtains were used to accommodate privacy when needed.

©️Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia

Another focal point is electrical grid designed with MS conduit system which we customized on site. Each and every member had been cut explicitly as per measurements and layered. The G.I. piping system was used for the electrical grid layout where the 12mm M.S. Conduit pipe is suspended from the ceiling though ceiling clamps layed at proper distance. The tee joint binds pipes on both the sides and a 4 way junction box holds the light below. This mechanism was derived while playing around with the assembly. The air conditioning system used here is VRV centralized system where the piping hides away resting on an exposed GI Matt black cable trays. The perforated Matt black trays runs parallel to the beams adding linearity to the space.

As you enter this plush apartment, the first visual clue in the Foyer is a free standing display unit that is paired up with metal and wood which acts as a partition as well as display shelves. The exposed ceiling with 10’6” floor height welcomes the guests with a display of colorful furniture in living room. The Tan leather sofa, a very outdoorsy and modern country style piece was custom designed, introduces a pop of color into the living room. A few splashes of other colors also creep into the design in the form of Pale avocado Lounge chair and large sized checkered Rug in the shades on green is spread across on the concrete floor.

The Kitchen area and dining area coupling is a minimal and smart addition that speaks the highly nuanced approach to space-division. A kitchen runs along one side of the space with white cabinets, Wooden counter Top and smart appliances, surround the exposed red brickwork, while a contrasting white Island counter is positioned in front. The open kitchen is the focal point of the space; it unfolds on the dining area along with outdoor lounge / bar area. The dining space consists of an elegant wooden table along with multi colored chairs and contemporary white metal hanging lights over it.

©️Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia

The dining area opens out to the outdoor lounge which has a low sofa seating area with a bar counter supporting it on the side. The wooden bar storage is suspended from the ceiling by hanging metal rods. The Suspended bar unit has been customized and designed in a way that it can be locked and opened when required. With the bar area along with the water feature in its background gives the apartment luxurious amenities for an upscale lifestyle.

To add some more drama, a customized human sculpture was designed that stands by the edge of the pool. The Awakening, by the pool is a human sculpture conceptualized with a thought to receive positive vibes. As the dusk appears, the human sculpture reflects itself in the pool multiplying the height. The 6′ high sculpture has been sculpted in clay and casted in fiber and painted rustic blue wash finish. The pool ledge has been specifically designed for the dog who now uses and sun bathes for the same. The polished grey concrete floor merges well with the blue china mosaics in the pool.

Some customized components reflects the hues of the foliage around and a set of planters rest by edge of the railing which is filled with series of areca palms. The masculine master suite flaunts a wooden king size bed in the center, that has been set against a leather headboard, which in turn is backed by a wooden louvered wall paneling and mirrors, which engulfed an entire wall. It also opens out to the attached bathroom which consists of a couple wardrobes, Bathtub and an elegant counter which is casted in concrete with his and her basin layered on the top.

©️Sebastian Zachariah & Ira Gosalia

Another bedroom is robust, with a vast view of the city behind the bed back and a pool view from the side. The wall color contrast well with minimal bed design and wooden Patti framing acting as a headboard with large chic cushions, along with wooden side seating that mimics side tables giving a finished look to it.

One can spot a brilliance of space division here that is the extremely thoughtful detailing. This was achieved by bringing in a magical rhythm by connecting spaces through the repetitive use of few materials and wall treatments making it more Brawny. Every inch of space was thoughtfully designed and executed on site.


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