The dream of owning a house is far beyond verbal expressions. A home fulfilling all the needs and wants with the company of our loved ones. It is a cherry on the top of the cake. Every individual has a special place in his or her heart for the dream abode, though the budget comes into the picture one doesn’t ever happily compromise. Well, a visually rustic, plush, and chic contemporary, raw and well-designed house is not just in the hefty brochures and magazines. It is affordable, economical, and available for the adorers and dreamers today.

Below are the affordable and unique construction materials:

1. Grasscrete: An environmentally sound and an impressive concept of building construction, grasscrete is the construction of a built mass with the traditional and regular concrete consisting Portland cement, the catch is in the ground left with the green grass patches to reduce the concrete usage and cut the expenses, giving it a unique appearance as well as a green approach combined with economic benefits. It allows large embankments possible. This concept eventually increases the rain and stormwater absorption. It also doesn’t hamper the growth of natural plants, trees, grasses, etc. since the concrete is laid in a particular manner for the roadways, footpaths, walkways, etc.

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2. Hempcrete: Hemp, or industrial hemp, is a Cannabis plant species, majorly popular for its use in the construction industry. The raw products of these plants are high in demand for the manufacturing of a lot of products. This plant holds a specialty of growing extremely fast. By the records, it was one of the first plants to be spun into fibers for multiple uses.

Hempcrete is a hunk of concrete-like material, consisting of the woody inner fiber of hemp, cast in lime for turbidity, and a similar appearance like concrete. The blocks of hempcrete are lightweight. It reduces transport and labor costs. Along with it, hemp is a renewable source too.

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3. Recycled plastic: Issues like landfill clogging, greenhouse gas emission, etc. are rising and pointing fingers at a particular material namely, the dreaded plastic. This gave rise to thoughts and ideas to brilliant architects. Using plastic in the construction industry. Rather than milling, mining, and extraction of new elements, researchers and architects have come up with concrete consisting of ground plastic components and other waste and trash. It is recycled and upcycled. This process provides lighter building blocks and solves the clogging problems due to plastic waste. Indeed mindful of the scientists and architects.

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4. Ferrock: a material very similar to concrete, ferrock is made up of recycled materials mainly from the steel industry, all the scrap items, steel dust, etc. This combined with concrete proves to be even more durable and stronger than concrete. It is said to be a carbon-neutral material. The unique property of it is that it traps and absorbs co2 making it less carbon dioxide intensive as compared to the common concrete. This trapping occurs during the hardening and drying process. In this way, ferrock proves to be cheap along with being environmentally friendly.

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5. Ashcrete: Instead of cement as a component, fly ash has taken over in discrete. Fly ash is nothing but a byproduct of the burning process of coal. It is in the dust form until incorporated into concrete. By utilizing it in the construction industry, we contribute to the ecosystem at large. Fly ash is fatal if inhaled, it is toxic to the environment and hence best if put to productive use. According to surveys, it is said that a total of 97% of the components present in concrete can be replaced thoroughly by other variants.

It means that a huge amount of new, fresh pairings are yet to be witnessed along with concrete. This would truly be better, finer than the age-old traditional concrete in terms of properties, appearance, etc. Ashcrete, saves a lot of water usage, as it contains ash incinerations in the concrete, making the water to cement ratio drop. It has great workability, ease of accessibility, and much more. Accrete is 100% true green concrete and holds high potential.

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6. Timbercrete:Concrete consists of an array of energy-intensive components and hence it has its shortcomings as a construction material. Timbercrete is a comparatively new invention in the market. Sawdust or other remains of timber combined along with concrete. This combination is lighter than the regular concrete and cuts transportation costs and emissions. Another advantage is the waste being reused and recycled. timbercrete can be used efficiently and deliberately like the common concrete, it can be remolded easily into a large number of traditional components like bricks, pavers, blocks, etc.

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Hence, the advancement in the minds and the outcomes of it are making the construction industry rapidly developing. Reaching beyond the zeniths at a rigorous pace.

Some unimaginable concepts have been raised and take the term growth to yet another level.


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