Kamat and Rozario architecture is an award-winning studio based in Bangalore. It was set up in 2007 by founders and principal architects, Lester Rozario and Smruti Kamat. Their team offers services in architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Their passion is reflected in each of the details of his designs, always responding to their context, the available materials and the people who will inhabit the place.

They believe that originality is a by-product of integrity, emphasizing the process, they create designs that give a fresh look to the usual materials. Focusing on thoughtful and strong ideas, they create a simple but powerful solution to every scenario of the modern lifestyle. Here are the 15 best projects by Kamat & Rozario Architecture:

1. Corbel House by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. ZAK Award for excellence in Façade Design 2018 Winner-Residential Design. 2. The Merit List: Shortlist 2018-19

The fusion between the contemporary and the historical is read in every detail of this house. The principal inspiration was a traditional palace construction of Kerala, where the client’s family comes from. Throughout the whole house, there is a dialogue between two dichotomies, the heavy masonry base on the ground floor and the lightness of the columns on the first floor. The delicacy seen in the columns is the result of modeling the traditional silhouette of Kerala columns on metal sheets. We can also look at how terracotta masonry as representative of the area is maintained. Inside the design remains simple, creating a fluid route between public and semi-public spaces. Endowing every space of nostalgia thanks to the combination of materials and minimalism that allows each of these highlighted.

2. White Canvas

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1.  IIID Anchor Awards – Southern Region: Runners Up – Affordable Interiors. 2. Archidesign Awards: Best Design Award (Certificate of Merit) – White Canvas

WHITE CANVAS is an independent advertising agency based out of Bangalore. They decided to create a proper workspace that characterizes their titular thematic. The workspace designed by Kamat & Rozario Architecture for WHITE CANVAS is inspired by Absolut’s Vodka’s ‘’Absolut Blank’’ Campaign. The idea of a clean canvas that takes on the personality of the artists that can be transformed into a masterpiece. Space is that neutral place full of containers where the interior shows its persona depending upon its user. This a design example of modern and minimalist interior design, where professionalism and function go by hand.

3. Pitched House

Location: Bangalore, India

The heart of this family home is the courtyard, where the different spaces of the house are intertwined around it. This courtyard not only allows a connection but also provides that if the neighborhood is overbuilt in the future, the house will have the necessary light and ventilation. The idea of growth that the family has, led the architects to concentrate the weight on the ground floor, solving the upper floors as three different blocks to lighten the design that future constructions might exert at the top. The differentiation of the spaces is marked not only by its heights but also by the materials used, thus preventing the construction from becoming monolithic and heavy.

4. 22 Feet

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. IIID Anchor Awards– National: Runners Up – Young Interior Designer of the Year

The client is 22 FEET, an independent agency, specialized in web design, mobile, advertising, and marketing. The request was to create a space that achieves the balance between playing and working. Following their philosophy of going after his “instinct”. The office contemplates the common spaces of work, storage, and recreation. Grey walls ending before the ceiling were used to maximize the light. They have an interactive green and white wall, inspired by the color of their logo, which is metallic with hidden magnets to allow the team to make compositions left to their imagination.

5. Ananya Technologies by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. IIID Anchor Awards– National: Runners Up – Young Interior Designer of the Year. 2. IIID Anchor Awards– National:  Commendation- Work Space Small

The challenge of this project focuses on the functionality of the space, but it was also the experimentation with unusual materials with the minimum cost. The main idea of the space is a circuit board, exemplified clearly in the installations seen from the ceiling. The limitations helped to generate a space that was 30% free for the possible manufacture of larger pieces. Another of the architects’ resolutions was the storage and use of light, which generated a functional and efficient space.


6. School in Bangalore

Location: Bangalore, India

This design contemplates the idea of illuminating and ventilating spaces well, generating an indoor garden shared by all. Which also allows children to introduce them into the world of gardening. Another requirement of the design was the creation of an auditorium, for which it was resolved as a multipurpose space. Wrapped by a double skin that allows controlling the entry of light and that allows ventilation without the need to use air conditioning. In the design not only the ventilation and the light become important, but also the neutrality of the white color is used, together with the strength of the colors to give life to the spaces.

7. Lemirado

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. NDTV Design & Architecture Awards 2016 Hospitality Commendation Award. 2. Trends Excellence Awards For Architecture & Design 2016 Bar/Restaurant of the Year Commendation Award

This is a small casual setting café designed by Kamat & Rozario Architecture; which site measuring was 3.3m x 11.8m. Also, its located in a very cosmopolitan though the old part of Bangalore. The heart of the project is a large communal table that not only serves to solve the problems of space but is also seen as an opportunity to foster the community. The architects saw in this solution the idea of sharing small talk with the diners. To avoid the enclosure, the large green space that is in front of the site was used, freeing its front facade. The details in this project are essential, as can be seen in the stairs and the lamps, these give great warmth and strength to space.

8. Family Dental Care 

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. IIID Anchor Awards 2018 – Southern Region. 2. Commendation – Workspace Small

The inspiration for this design is the abstraction of a tooth. This project was designed by Kamat & Rozario Architecture for a couple of dentists. It is structured by the path that the user may have within the spaces. This allows the two main consultation rooms and the lab to be located on the main facade, getting the most of natural light. The reception is separated from the consultation rooms by a screen that gives privacy and allows the control of the light.

9. Hazel Penthouse by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Location: Bangalore, India

Minimalism and elegance are in every corner of this penthouse. The important thing about this project is the correct use of each of the materials to give maximum comfort to space. For example, the floor is a reflective white color that allows providing a large amount of light to the space that by itself does not. The key is in the intelligent use of the roof material that dialogues correctly with that of the floor, not only in color but also in texture. In this case, we can observe how the architects mold the spaces with the light giving them different qualities without the need to separate them.

10. 8 Bit Office Mumbai

Location: Bombay, India

Recognition: 1. Trends Excellence Awards for Architecture Workspace of the Year Commendation Award. 2.IIID Anchor Awards – Nationals Commendation – Workspace Large

The concept behind this design is the pixel. The client was looking for a space based on the 8-bit game of the 80s. This idea is carried out throughout the interior design, bright colors and aesthetics allow a unique space. They take advantage of the fact that the office has windows on both sides, which allows architects to place the offices on the periphery maximizing the light entering the space. Giving to the central space the minimum enclosure possible. To counteract polished and bright offices, the architects chose to leave the ceiling exposed, allowing a perfect balance.

11. Stirred Creative

Location: Mumbai, India

Recognition: 1. IIID Anchor Awards 2017 – Southern Region. 2. Runners Up – Workspace Small

The client’s wish was to have a white office. The challenge for Kamat & Rozario Architecture was to create a space that was not flat and boring. From here the velvet ideal is born, where the spaces would be separated by this translucent white that allowed seeing through it, giving dynamism to space without affecting its privacy. The white furniture stands out with the black floor and the small touches of turquoise give life to these spaces. The balance of this design is in the wise decisions of the architects to give personality to space.

12. Agarwal Residence by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Location: Bangalore, India

The use of light and storage are the interior design regulatory axes of this residence. Furniture and storage are distributed on the periphery to maximize the entry of light, which allows the space to be opened towards the main facade of the building. This together with the use of white wood and a palette of similar colors allows the space to be well lit and organized.

13. Esko Lounge

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: 1. Archidesign Awards 2013. 2. Best Design Award (Certificate of Merit) – Esko

The Esko Lounge and Restaurant on the top floor of a 5 – storey structure was the new ‘lounge’ version of the erstwhile Clay Pot restaurant. The requirement was to flesh out the new avatar of the dining space reusing older material. A gradual progression from closed to open was planned to take full advantage of the street frontage, and the mellow north light. In this restaurant, you can see how the use of the two long slivers generates a spatial continuity between the different areas. These have a series of suspended clay pots that stand out with the smartly designed furniture material so that this fluidity achieved in the ceiling is not lost.

14. P&S Residence

Location: Bangalore, India

The spaces of the residence are distributed on two floors, whose nexus is a wall of burnt brick uncoated, painted white. Public and semi-public spaces such as the living room and the entertainment space are on the ground floor, while private spaces are developed on the upper floor. The heart of the house is a metal staircase that is located from the living room on the first floor to the library on the ground floor.

15. Stack House by Kamat & Rozario Architecture

Location: Bangalore, India

Recognition: Indian Architect & Builder: Young Designers

The challenge was to take advantage of the maximum buildable space of the 1200 square foot ground and the natural light. So, for that half of the land was left empty, and an urban garden was built in which the blocks are oriented. On the ground floor are all public and semi-public spaces, including the room of the grandparents. On the upper level, there is a small library and two bedrooms. To solve the privacy problems the wall that delimits is higher, this is made with burnt mud blocks creating a sculptural surface.

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