41. Wooden Plank Walkways:

Wooden Plank Walkways have always been a common element in Japanese landscape architecture. These walkways are much muted and allow the rest of the backyard space to shine. Wooden planks are very durable.

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Wooden Plank Walkways_©Pinterest

42. Modern Raised Garden:

Maintaining the gardens can always be a hassle. However, there is one easier way to grow all kinds of flowers and plants while saving your time. Raised garden beds are easy to maintain, and don’t align with the walkways. They also add a little intrigue and uniqueness to your outdoor space. 

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Modern Raised Garden_©Reddit

43. Spotlight:

Installing spotlights around the outdoor spaces can create a dramatic effect and highlight some intriguing features. These are suitable for all kinds of landscape architecture, public and private. 

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44. Pebbles and Rocks:

Aside from flowers and plants, you can also add stones, gravel mix, and other rocks to create some texture in your yard.

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Pebbles and Rocks_©designtrends.com

45. Tropical Plants:

Tropical landscape architecture is very flourishing and can only be achieved by intense planting of green and flowering plants. 

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Tropical Plants_©Pinterest

46. Concrete and Grass Mix Pathways:

These pathways give a modern yet natural look to your yard. You can incorporate geometric designs with clean and simple patterns for it. 

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Concrete and Grass Mix Pathways_©Pinterest

47. Stone Fencing:

While wooden fencing gives a simple look to your yard, stone fencing creates a unique element to the overall design. There are lots of options to explore when it comes to stone fencing. It is simple yet sleek and eye-catching.

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Stone Fencing_©Pinterest

48. Pool and Pergola:

A rectangular pool with a flat and simple pergola is a basic yet sleek contemporary landscape architecture. Adding comfortable seating spaces inside the pergola makes a great spot for relaxing. 

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Pool and Pergola_©thespruce.com

49. Floating Deck:

Floating decks are made of wood that can rest on the ground and are not attached to any structure. They can be set directly on the ground or a bed of gravel. 

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Floating Deck_©thespruce.com

50. Sunken Courtyard:

A sunken courtyard can be built to retain the outer planting and deal with drainage. There can be several stepped planters that frame the edges of the seating area and create a hanging environment. 

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Sunken Courtyard_©vargagardens.ca

The possibilities for creating a well-designed landscape are endless. Examine options for paved or buried pathways in addition to planting beds and trees. Keep in mind that they do not have to lead to a particular spot, but they can simply point the way through the garden. Install a dry river bed, a gurgling fountain or waterfall, a small rose garden, statuary or a sundial, a whimsical tea pavilion or gazebo, a swing in the garden, a potting shed, or a playhouse for children. 

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