21. Climbing Roses:

Roses don’t always need to grow as boring bushes. You can create your own sweetly scented little backyard by growing roses over fences or gateways. You can also add seating spaces around the climbing roses to boost your garden.

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet22
Climbing Roses_©Pinterest

22. Floating Bench:

Modern homes don’t have enough space to add many seating or landscaping elements. One way or another, you’d have to compromise according to the limited space. So, adding a seating area around the walls or fences would be a feasible way to save space.  

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet23
Floating Bench_©livingcolourgardens.co.uk

23. Outdoor Dining and Kitchen:

An outdoor kitchen and a dining space make it easy for people to gather around while the chef cooks. This is much like an indoor kitchen, but the only difference is the great view and peaceful atmosphere. A beautiful pergola and hanging lights define the cooking and dining space.

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet24
Outdoor Dining and Kitchen_©hgtv.com

24. Multi-Use Yard:

For families, you have to design a backyard that is safe, engaging, and attractive for both children and parents. You can add dining and seating spaces along with sculptures for children. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet25
Multi-Use Yard_©thespruce.com

25. Two-Level Yard:

Backyard steps ideas can be so much more than just a way of getting up and down. You can create two contrasting levels, one with greenery and the other with concrete, tiled, or wooden floor, which could be used for seating and relaxing. You can choose from endless materials and use exciting combinations to work with.

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet26
Two Level Yard_©livingetc.com

26. Flooring Combinations:

You can make use of your small garden space by filling it up with different flooring materials. A smart way to make this clear is by choosing different mediums for the flooring. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet27
Flooring Combinations_©realhomes.com

27. Low Walls:

In landscape architecture, there are endless possibilities for creating multi-purpose seating spaces. One of them is using low walls that double as seating. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet28
Low Walls_©hgtv.com

28. Walls with Pebbles:

Rustic décor with natural elements always beautifies your design. A wall with a look of pebbles would seem to be drawn straight from nature. It is uneven shapes and imperfections enhance its rustic and rugged looks. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet29
Walls With Pebbles_©kajariaceramics.com

29. Large Planters:

Large planters are convenient for landscaping any yard, commercial or public space. However, you have to carefully choose the right number of planters according to the size of both the planter and the outdoor space. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet30
Large Planters_©Pinterest

30. Concrete Floors:

Concrete is low maintenance and offers an elegant contemporary look. It is smooth, clean, can be cast and formed into curvilinear or geometric shapes, and, with the addition of tints, can become anything other than the classic light gray. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet31
Concrete Floors_©thespruce.com
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