11. Horizontal Fencing: 

Lines are much more pronounced with clean and urbane horizontal fencing. Aluminum, vinyl, steel, and wood are some of the popular materials for modern fences.

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet12
Horizontal Fencing_©line.17qq.com

12. Timber Deck:

A small garden could be the perfect place to install a timber deck. You can fill the area with seating spaces, plants, and flowers to make the area more serene. You can also create steps to add a playful touch. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet13
Timber Deck_©realhomes.com

13. Hedges:

Hedges are a great way to create a green border and manage privacy. You can add hedges in a lush lawn, and separate the swimming pool and adjacent lounge areas. Low hedges are visually appealing, and also allow you to keep each activity zone separate. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet14

14. Lighted Pathways:

They define and enhance the design of your front yard. Lighted pathways are also sensible and attractive, as they create a mystical feel to your garden. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet15
Lighted Pathways_©Pinterest

15. Combine Fencing With Seating Space:

Adding a seat around the fence would be an interesting way to manage small spaces. You can also add planter boxes around it and beautify your boring looking-fence. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet16
Combine Fencing With Seating Space_©foter.com

16. Stone Planter Box:

Contemporary front yard designs use a lot of natural elements, including stone. The varying gradients and characteristics of stones are best showcased together. You can mix different shapes and sizes of stone for different planter boxes. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet17
Stone Planter Box_©houzz.com

17. Corner Garden: 

You can dedicate one particular corner of your yard to flower gardening. This is a convenient option for small yards as it will keep most of the yard sparse and clutter-free, in addition to creating an interesting corner. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet18
Corner Garden_©YouTube

18. Japanese Garden Elements:

A Japanese Garden is the epitome of minimalist and elegant garden designs. You can bring some Japanese inspiration into your garden. For example, adding wood boxes, water elements, and stepping blocks. Adding large koi fish into your small pond will also be a good option for your Japanese-inspired garden. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet19
Japanese Garden Elements_©Pinterest

19. Symmetry:

In landscape architecture, using symmetry to create the balance of visual elements has been a concept for many centuries. Balance in a landscape design always creates a feeling of calm and serenity. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet20

20. Rhythm:

Rhythm is an important principle in landscape architecture. It is a regular repetition of one or more elements in a garden. For example, you can use a line of trees beside a long walkway or you can use alternate areas for wooden deck and plants.

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet21
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