31. Feature Wall:

Use a unique contrast material like red clay, copper, cement, wood cladding, limestone, or even green walls to create a minimalistic feature wall in your garden. This should be the emphasis of your garden and the materials used should be different than the ones used. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet32
Feature Wall_©ecooutdoorusa.com

32. Colorful Concrete Furniture:

Concrete furniture is highly durable and is a sublime way to implement it outdoors.  You can leave it in heavy sunlight or rain, without worrying about its damage. Adding color to the concrete gives a playful and exciting look to your overall garden. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet
Colorful Concrete Furniture_©patioproductions.com

33. Patterned Tiles: 

Cover your patio with patterned tiles to help create a seamless look. Using a bold color or pattern will increase the impact it has on the overall outdoor spaces. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet34
Patterned Tiles_©Pinterest

34. Curvy Steps:

In landscape architecture, people often use curvy steps as they are refined and elegant. Even though they take up more space than normal steps, they instantly add interest and movement to a garden. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet35
Curvy Steps_©Pinterest

35. Integrate Steps With Water Elements:

A change in height in a garden is a clever way to incorporate water feature ideas. Pools spilling from one level to the next are a great way to bring movement, light, and sound to an outside space. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet36
Integrate Steps With Water Elements_©Pinterest

36. Softscape and Hardscape Harmony:

Having definite structures makes it possible for designers to customize the outdoor area according to the client’s priorities. There is a balanced mixture between softscape and hardscape to provide green spots, seating spaces, and pathways. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet37
Softscape and Hardscape Harmony_©ninabaxtergardendesign.co.uk

37. Contemporary Water Fountain:

A waterfall fountain adds a cool effect to the outdoor areas while providing spaces for plants to grow. It is suitable for small or large gardens as they can be of any shape or size. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet38
Contemporary Water Fountain_©houzz.com

38. Raised Paver Patios:

Paver patios are not only visually appealing but are also very low-maintenance. Paver is made of concrete, so it is incredibly resilient and easily washed. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet39
Raised Paver Patios_©mericanpavingdesign.com

39. Decks Around Trees:

Not only are large trees expensive to remove, but there is always a risk for damages to occur at the property. So, building a deck around an already existing tree is a unique way to preserve nature in your yard and it also gives a luxurious feel. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet40
Decks Around Trees_©Pinterest

40. Rustic Outdoor Chandeliers:

Rustic chandeliers are affordable and can turn any dim area into a unique, rustic experience as they give your patio a relaxed and pale yellow glow. 

50 Ideas and Tips for Landscaping - Sheet41
Rustic Outdoor Chandelier_©hgtv.com
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