21. Heliodome | Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Homes - Heliodome
Heliodome ©bubblemania website

Heliodome is a bioclimatic passive house in Coswiller, France built by designer Eric Wasser in 2011.

22. Pierre Cardin’s “Bubble House” (Palais Bulles), Théoule-sur-Mer, France

Pierre Cardin’s “Bubble House” (Palais Bulles), Théoule-sur-Mer, France
Palais Bulles ©DIOR

Palais Bulles is a residence in Théoule-Sur-Mer, near Cannes, France, designed and constructed by the Hungarian architect Antti Lovag between 1975-1989. It was designed for a French industrialist and later bought by the fashion designer Pierre Cardin as a holiday home. However, it was mostly used as a rental place for tourists or as a venue for fashion shows. 

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23. Maison Bernard

Futuristic Homes - Maison Bernard
Maison Bernard ©Yves Gellie

Another residence from Antti Lovag in Théoule-Sur-Mer is the Maison Bernard, built in 1971 for a French industrialist.

24. Monte Silo

Monte Silo
Monte Silo ©Gigaplex Architects

In 2006 Gigaplex Architects completed Monte Silo, a private residence in Woodland, Utah. The house is near the Provo River. The building consists of two metal grain silos arranged to take advantage of the proximity to the river and to achieve passive solar heat gain and generally maximum sustainability. 

25. Wilkinson Residence by Oshatz Architects | Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Homes - Wilkinson Residence by Oshatz Architects
Wilkinson House ©Robert Oshatz

The Wilkinson House designed by Robert Oshatz, completed in 2004, is an example of modern architecture in dialogue with its site. The house is located on a slope on a wooded Pacific Northwest site. Glass walls create an openness allowing the resident to observe the surrounding birdlife. The house resembles a part of the surrounding landscape. 

26. The House in the Landscape 

The House in the Landscape 
The House in the Landscape©Vasiliy Khurtin

Russian studio Niko Architect has created an artificial hill and a sunk house underneath it. Two conical parts pop out, letting the light enter the house and creating a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding. The architect describes the project as an organic architecture with a philosophy of metabolism. 

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27. Shell Villa

Futuristic Homes - Shell Villa
Shell Villa ©ARTechnic architects

The ultramodern residence designed by ARTechnic architects in Kitakasu District, Japan was completed in 2008.

28. Bert

Treehouse Bert ©Studio Precht

Studio Precht designed playful modular treehouses. Like the designers reveal Bert is a quirky approach to architecture and an exploration of the feelings the structure can evoke and how the user can reinvent nature while living in the treehouse. 

29. The Autonomous Dwelling

Futuristic Homes - The Autonomous Dwelling
Autonomous Dwelling ©Michael Jantzen

The Autonomous Dwelling designed by Michael Jantzen in 1979 dealt with still current issues like mobility, independence of utility hookups, and mass-production at a cost-competitive price.

30. Villa Ypsilon | Futuristic Homes

Villa Ypsilon
Villa Ypsilon Bird-Eye View ©Lassa Architects

Villa Ypsilon is a house in Foinikounta, Greece, designed and built by London- and Brussels-based firm Lassa Architects in 2017. The house is integrated into the natural landscape creating an additional slope to partially cover it.

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