For ages, wood pallets have been around as methods of transporting and storing larger products. However, lately, wooden pallets are now much more than a one-and-done piece of packaging. In-home décor and architecture, these have become a valuable resource. 

Furniture made using recycled wooden pallets are pallet furniture. The furniture, including seats, benches, beds, tables, vanities, desks, chairs, shelves, and other home or office furniture, may be of any kind. They are well handled and made for a long life cycle, as pallets are reusable products. This means they are efficient when used for furniture and provide quality for money. 

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Build your next masterpiece using recycled and repurposed wood pallets!  For people worldwide, repurposing or transforming wooden pallets into outdoor and indoor furniture has become very fashionable. It is not only because it is only a fun project, but also, in no time, you can make a highly efficient sofa, dining table or other stuff for your home and garden. Moreover, you will still be glad of not investing that much because, for small budgets, they are great projects. 

Here are 10 Furniture made of wooden pallets:

1. Dining Table

Wooden pallets can be reused by making dining tables. This will give dining rooms a bold statement. These wooden pallets tables are so flexible that they can be incorporated with any interior style like rustic, contemporary, retro, vintage, etc. 

A bold contemporary idea is fine dining made of the white colour single wooden pallets tabletop on thin metal legs. A vintage look can be bought with a chevron pattern design on the tabletop entirely built of wooden pallets. 

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Go for different bright stains, darker paints on the tabletop for bold designs. If you prefer more natural looks, stain it in a rich or darker neutral hue on the tabletop. Build a bold contrast between a light tabletop and darker stained legs or vice versa.  With a cool wooden pallets dining table, increase your dining room, outdoor or indoor, to a new level!

Dining Table - Sheet1
wooden pallet dining table Copyright/source: ©
Dining Table - Sheet2
wooden pallet dining table Copyright/source: ©
Dining Table - Sheet3
wooden pallet dining table Copyright/Source: ©

2. Coffee Table

Living rooms home’s a flexible seating area where people spend time, have coffee, watch a movie, and attend your guest. This section of the house is mostly used, and also the place where gathering happens. The coffee table is the most significant part of the living room. A lovely coffee table can change the entire look of the room. It cannot, however, necessarily be costly. 

The wooden pallets coffee table can now be designed within budget, which can be stunning and exclusive. There are two versions of the pallet coffee table. Firstly, the pallet wood top, i.e., the coffee table base and the top, are both made of pallet wood.

It is gorgeous, as it gives your living room a fully modern look. No matter how you design it; this gives the flexibility to modify the wooden pallets coffee table according to the room interior style.

Coffee Table - Sheet1
Fig 04: Wooden pallet coffee table Copyright/source: ©
Coffee Table - Sheet2
Fig 05:Wooden pallet coffee table Copyright/source: ©
Coffee Table - Sheet3
Wooden pallet coffee table Copyright/source: ©

3. Lounge Chair 

A backyard at the side of the building can be a relaxing space because it can be decorated in that way. Maximize outdoor comfort by using unique styles of seats! Summers are the most suitable season to enjoy the open garden spaces. Some unique kinds of wooden pallets furniture and seating parts will optimize the fun and make the backyard and garden look more inviting, welcoming and relaxed all the time!  

A wooden pallets bench or a wooden pallets lounger chair will be the safest thing to keep there. Pallet chair loungers are becoming popular nowadays because they are cost-free and give the same comfort level. Also, if there is a budget issue, these funky lounge chairs can be a DIY project!

Lounge Chair  - Sheet1
Wooden pallet lounge chair Copyright/source: ©
Lounge Chair  - Sheet2
Wooden pallet lounge chair Copyright/source: ©
Lounge Chair  - Sheet3
Wooden pallet lounge chair Copyright/Source: ©

4. Planter Box

Using a wooden pallets planter box for planting can make the gardens exclusive. The slats are just the right size for tucking in a few petunias flowers, million bells flowers, or other annuals on a wood pallet. Also, box planter boxes can be used for shrubs. On hanging baskets, these large pallet planters have an advantage as they contain a large amount of soil that resists drying out. 

Add perennial succulents to your planter box for an even more drought-tolerant show. The soil in-raised beds planter box warms up easily. The elevation lifts weak plants away from surface plants. On all types of edibles and ornamentals, the loose, friable soil you apply to raised beds encourages the healthiest root systems.

Planter Box - Sheet1
Planter Box Copyright/source: ©
Planter Box - Sheet2
Planter Box Copyright/source: ©
Planter Box - Sheet3
Planter Box Copyright/source: ©

5. Swing chair

Not every backyard has a swinging chair, but for some reason or another,  it is one of those pieces of furniture that many people want but do not get. If the cost is the biggest challenge for you, do not be afraid. Just use some vibrant wooden pallets and build a beautiful and safe swinging chair for yourself. 

Created by incorporating a pallet and a swing, it is very inexpensive to make this informal bed that swings in the air and takes a person to sweet sleep. Wooden pallets are not difficult to procure and are low cost. Alternatively, even free to purchase, nor are many of the remaining materials. The swing may attach it to a terrace or, in the garden, build a frame for it. 

Depending on the option of where to mount it, everything about your pallet swing is modifiable. The dimensions, the paint option, the textile, and the mattress itself. A significant element is protected from the rain. However, indoors, they can also be attached and will still give you the same satisfaction.

Swing chair - Sheet1
Swing Chair Copyright/source: ©
Swing chair - Sheet2
Swing Chair Copyright/source: ©
Swing chair - Sheet3
Swing Chair Copyright/source:©

6. Cup holder / Wine Rack

Strip your wooden pallets and create a piece of rack that suits your room, works functionally and looks aesthetic as well! It can be a towel bathroom shelf, toilet paper storage and some space for potted greenery or artwork. A recycled pallet rack contains glass and mug storage and jars of different items, spice rack or a wine rack with many bottle levels for a kitchen. 

Make a useful entryway rack to store caps, hats, and clothing and bag hooks. A stained wine rack of pallet wood provides ample space on top for bottles and potted greenery. A trendy storage furniture piece for many spaces is a rustic pallet shelf made of wooden pallets and stained in a rich tone.

Cup holder / Wine Rack - Sheet1
Coffee Mug Rack Copyright/source: ©
Cup holder / Wine Rack - Sheet2
Wine Rack Copyright/source: ©
Cup holder / Wine Rack - Sheet3
Coat Hanger Copyright/source: ©

7. Bookshelves 

Pallets, including those of greater height, come in several sizes. For a cupboard or bookshelves in your room, wooden pallets will be the best choice.  As a result, more storage capacity is enhanced. Organizing some stuff in place works great which can be done with tall racks or shelves made with wooden pallets. 

One of the most significant pieces of equipment inside your living room areas, is the Pallet media table with bookshelf storage. This accessory is ideal for the attention-grabbing look when it is put in your living room. Apart from the media table, it serves as a storage space where all your CDs and DVDs can be conveniently stored.

Bookshelves  - Sheet1
bookshelves Copyright/source: ©
Bookshelves  - Sheet2
bookshelves Copyright/source:©
Bookshelves  - Sheet3
bookshelves Copyright/source: ©

8. Vertical Garden Shelves

Old wooden pallets render gorgeous, earthy vertical gardens in a small space with space for plenty of plants. Even city dwellers may use this concept to grow different herbs with little more than a balcony, beautiful perennials. Pallets need to be adjusted slightly before used as planters, but they make a perfect framework for small vertical gardens. They can also be left flat on the ground to be used as comfortable raised beds if you have space. 

By excluding some of the wooden pallets to create broader gaps for planting, larger plants can create space. In the garden, whether it is in the balcony or in a yard, where traditional planting is not an option, this is an easy, manageable way to grow garden plants.

Vertical Garden Shelves - Sheet1
Vertical Garden Copyright/source: ©
Vertical Garden Shelves - Sheet2
Vertical Garden Copyright/source: ©
Vertical Garden Shelves - Sheet3
Vertical Garden Copyright/source: ©

9. Lounge Sofa / Indoor Sofa

The retired wooden pallets are a valuable item for crafting various furniture pieces like indoor sofa, outdoor relaxing couches that suit household demands. Wooden pallet indoor and outdoor door couches are excellent ideas for creating ambience and comfort, style, size.  It is also a cheap option considering the financial issue. 

A simple wooden pallet can be turned into a fancy piece according to the room’s interior theme with proper colour and accessories. Based on the desired shape, scale, no matter what your level of experience is, anyone can make a sofa and couches by using the basics.

Lounge Sofa / Indoor Sofa - Sheet1
Relaxing Sofa Copyright/source: ©
Lounge Sofa / Indoor Sofa - Sheet2
Relaxing Sofa Copyright/source: ©
Lounge Sofa / Indoor Sofa - Sheet3
Relaxing Sofa Copyright/source: ©

10. Patio Chair/ Deck Chair

Such chairs are easy and have a model economy that can be appreciated. It uses very little lumber and needs no fancy building equipment. These chairs have flexibility in design, you can make Adirondack style, or a simple armless chair, or any regular outdoor chairs. The simple, straight armless chairs can be used with both indoor and outdoor dining tables. The Adirondack style wooden pallets chair is a great choice for outdoor seating areas.

For the outdoor ones, unlike an Adirondack style chair, some can be made more upright and are ideal for eating meals at a table. For just sitting, getting a drink and relaxing, it is also really comfortable. 

Patio Chair/ Deck Chair - Sheet1
outdoor chair Copyright/source: ©
Patio Chair/ Deck Chair - Sheet2
armless chair Copyright/source: ©
Patio Chair/ Deck Chair - Sheet3
deck chair Copyright/source: ©

Tamrin Afroz is an architecture student who loves traveling, painting, journaling, and experimenting with new ideas. She aspires to uphold local culture, tradition, and craftsmanship within the community, to conserve tangible and intangible heritage. Apart from architecture, she is an activist working on social issues and promoting girls' leadership roles.

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