31. Solo House Project | Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Homes - Solo House Project 

In the Matarraña region, the French developer Christian Bourdais has initiated the project Solo Houses giving international architects the opportunity to design experimental homes. The first house that has been realized is Solo Pezo designed by the Chilean studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen Architects in 2013.

32. Busan Times

Busan Times - Sheet1
Busan Times or the Owl ©Moon Hoon

Busan Times is another project designed by Moon Hoon in Busan, South Korea. The project resembles an owl and highly demonstrates the architect’s artistic perspective. It is related to Moon Hoon’s interest in drawing, where the love for representative figures comes from. 

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33. Ufogel

Futuristic Homes - Ufogel
Ufogel ©Egger Licht

Jungmann & Aberjung Design Agency completed Ufogel in 2012 in Nussdorf, Austria.

34. The Futuro House

The Futuro House
Matti Suuronen’s futuro house 1968 ©Taschen

Created in 1968 by Finnish architect Matti Suuronen the idea behind the Futuro House was a vacation home that could be built off-site and easily transported to its destination. The house was designed to be low maintenance, with integrated furniture, and a roof that could easily shed snow. At least 64 Futuros are located in different places around the world. 

35. MARS Case Prototype | Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Homes - MARS Case Prototype
MARS Case Prototype ©Wu Qingshan

MARS Case is a minimalistic housing prototype created by OPEN Architecture in collaboration with XIAMI in 2018 in China. 

36. Wave House

Wave House
– Wave House ©Seppo Mäntylä

Polar Life Haus describes the Wave House as “a limited edition luxury Log home available for purchase worldwide. It is a new generation of wood homes manufactured by Polar Life Haus, a renowned Finnish family-owned company. Polar Life Haus has acquired over a century of wood-processing experience and together with the designer, Finnish architect Seppo Mäntylä, this masterpiece represents the culmination of artistic skill seamlessly integrated with outstanding technological innovation.” The design was completed in 2017. 

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37. High Desert House

High Desert House - Sheet1
High Desert House outer perspective ©Elizabeth Daniels
Futuristic Homes - High Desert House - Sheet2
High Desert House inner perspectives ©Elizabeth Daniels
High Desert House - Sheet3
High Desert House inner perspectives ©Elizabeth Daniels

Designed by architect Kendrick Bangs Kellogg and interior designer John Vugrin in the 1980s, High Desert House rises up out of the California desert. The house opens up to the outside world and the boundaries between interior and exterior seem to vanish. It raises the platonic ideal of living in nature. “The idea was that the house would be settled in the landscape like it was crouching on the rocks, maybe like an animal asleep” explained Kellogg in an interview.

38. Dolomitenblick

Futuristic Homes - Dolomitenblick
Dolomitenblick ©Plasma Architects

Dolomitenblick designed and constructed by plasma architects, was completed in 2014, in Sesto Italy. The building is located on a hillside in the Dolomites. The project hosts six independent apartments.

39. Los Terrenos House

Los Terrenos House
Los Terrenos House©Tatiana Bilbao

Los Terrenos House located in a residential zone in the southwest of Monterrey was designed by Tatiana Bilbao and completed in 2016.

40. House on the Flight of Birds | Futuristic Homes

Futuristic Homes - House on the Flight of Birds
House on the Flight of Birds ©Iwan Baan

The single-family house designed by Bernardo Rodrigues in 2010, is located on St. Michael island, the Azores, Portugal. Taking into consideration the specific environmental characteristics of the location, the design enables the family to stay connected with the outside while being protected against the weather conditions. 

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