Cities have played an important role since the industrial revolution started. People migrate leaving their homes and move to a little shelter to earn their bread. Some people leave their family behind for giving them standard living but at the same time, the family time remains incomplete for the rest of the years. 

So many people who have responsibility on their shoulders have gone through this phase and their experience is worth sharing. Cities are directly compared to dreams if you have a dream then you should be in the city because the city gives not one and two but so many opportunities.

The basic difference between rural and urban areas is nothing but a building with huge height and luxurious infrastructure, and here is the law which we always break and later we have to suffer. We made so tall buildings and structures leaving no space for the environment and now we are facing the consequences altogether. So many trees have been cut down in the name of a building which will provide new opportunities for the betterment of the future. 

But here nobody talks about the environmental impact getting worse day by day. It’s good that the new highways connect so many cities in just a few hours, but who will talk about the wildlife who just lost their home, their shelter. Who will be responsible for disturbing the cycle of the ecosystem?

It’s from yesterday or today, this became a habit from last so many centuries, and now villagers also started adapting the same habit as the urban cities have. 

Yes! It’s true each and every place should get a good literacy rate and infrastructure, without harming the environment and the surrounding.

The need to look at 'cities' instead of just 'buildings' - Sheet1

Nowadays so many architects are interested in working with abandoned spaces or spaces where people generally refer to visit or any hangout space. But somewhere we are forgetting the law of nature. It’s the tree that provides shade and where we get new ideas and a couple of new companies. And not always a designed cafe which we just made a plan to visit. 

The new places are getting designed and are being recognized as new with the city name, whereas the city that was getting planned and gone through so much makeup is recognized as old. The city was once barren land, after a few years few homes got settled down then a colony got settled down then one whole area got its name, the procedure of development started from being nothing to becoming the places of fulfillment. 

There are so many cities yet to be developed along with so many cities getting old and new names. The towns are also getting converted into cities, everyone is seeking for the tagline city, its like city is all you need in the performa and nothing else. Also after the whole settlement of the city is done then there will come a building and the city will start getting addressed with a new name.

It happens usually only a city is getting developed with advanced technology rather than the whole city. The area gets all the luxurious equipment with great and ideological planning, leaving the rest of the undeveloped areas abandoned. Sometimes it also happens like only some of the residential areas are well maintained, and not every residential area. 

We also talk about some city lanes, paving footpaths, streets, one should forget about the slums. Where people live their life to the fullest, calling four walls a treasure of hard work, patience, and persistence. The need to talk about city slums should be a priority, this is the place where the people have seen the city growing from nothing to everything. Utilizing every energy in the building does not make any sense.

The need to look after the city’s historical monument is also necessary which shares the history of the land. It should not get neglected behind the new building.

The culture and the tradition should reflect from generation to generation. Even though how advanced we become. Even after becoming so advanced in technology and infrastructure, it’s an architect’s prior responsibility to maintain the tradition of the city. 

The architecture and style should be seen alive even after so many centuries to the land. The building is where few people can work and it needs certain criteria for people which varies from person to person but it is not applied to the city. The city is where you decide where you are willing to live, work, hangout, and many other activities. 

Redefining heritage is as important as advancing technology day by day, we forget the roots over time. The traditions are getting faded as the years are getting end. We are getting so busy inside one building rather than playing on the open land.

The city is missing its favorite child to come back on the barren land to play football over it, the child who used to get wounded but some wounds are bliss. The child who used to get scolded by parents for coming home wet but the child who enjoyed his childhood playing in the sludge. 

The barren land is now becoming a sector hub, also addressing a building of opportunity. Hope that child will come back one day but now he may not see the city of dreams but a building with technologies.

The need to look at 'cities' instead of just 'buildings' - Sheet2


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