The Hard-Hitting Reality

To begin with, it is a necessity that one of the most sensational topics have to be addressed. Many people get into the field of architecture for various reasons: passion, no mathematics, no science lessons, some being forcefully pushed, etc. All fine, but the outcome? Half the graduates coming out, literally out of all the fields under the sky, seem to be earning hefty amounts, at least better than the architecture graduates. Sadly, to earn a better livelihood, students step into the master’s program, unaware of the bigger risks awaiting them.  

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Do you need a PG degree in Architecture? 

When a bachelor’s itself was a hectic run, considering a master’s degree is not mere fun, but some serious commitment is required. Only when you are ready to invest the time, energy, and financial resources must you get into one. Plan well in advance if the short-term costs you bear will provide long-term gains. Before enrolling for a master’s degree, ask yourself the following:

  • Are you willing to learn new things and question your current perceptions?
  • Regardless of all the personal changes happening around you, are you willing to devote a year or two and pay rapt attention to the course?
  • Think over if the course will satisfy both personal and professional needs
  • Is it an investment in long-term prospects and career growth?

If and only you can answer these questions, you decide to move the next step ahead. Never take this decision of Masters lightly.

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The Pro’s

Let us begin on a positive note and understand why a master’s degree in architecture is needed in the first place. 

  • Monetary Benefits

As discussed in the beginning, improvement of earnings happens to be the prime reason why umpteen students enroll for a postgraduate degree in architecture. Apart from that, there are various unknown reasons.

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  • New Career 

After completing a basic bachelor’s degree, the pay scale is just below average. The openings are also not that great. So what do you do if you need a new and better career? Masters provide a better opening in terms of all the benefits. It provides better job stability, specialized work areas, and less competition between applicants. If you feel your practical knowledge is a bit lighter and not up to the mark, you can always prove your expertise with the master’s degree to a new employer.

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  • Advancement Opportunities

Advancement changes in workplaces are just a matter of luck at times. There is no space for promotions in architecture firms without a PG degree. Upgradations and better designations can happen in a few firms only with a master’s in architecture. Thus, if you want to make it to the top and move ahead, then understand the value the master’s degree holds in terms of career development opportunities. 

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  • Specialized Knowledge 

The Bachelor’s degree in Architecture is only a stepping stone. It consists of just the basics required to merely sustain in this field. But, amongst all the competitors in the field, how do you stand unique? There is an urge to attain unique skill sets to stand out from the rest of the crowd. A Master’s in architecture can provide us with that. However, that is again a choice since there are two options for pursuing a master’s: a general master’s that will prepare you to lead various allied fields at the executive level and a specialized master’s that will broaden and deepen skill sets. It would make one a subject expert.   

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  • Work as a Team

Until the Bachelor’s degree, it is mostly individual work. But, the master’s in architecture program prepares us not only on a professional front but also personally. Working in a team, the ability to listen to and respect various solutions for the same issue, and developing crucial skill sets like critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication are major benefits of the master’s degree.

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The Con’s

Here’s why the master’s in architecture program is considered to be a nightmare for many. A master’s degree in architecture isn’t easy! 

  • Financial Troubles 

Having completed five long years inside town during the bachelor’s degree (that is how it is mostly for many), a post-graduate degree abroad is a dream for many. But, the problems associated with it are the financial factors that are considered most important. The entire cost of the master’s in architecture program highly depends on the course and institute or University you choose. They can be taken on a lighter note when entrance exams are cracked, and scholarships sometimes reduce the financial burden.   

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  • Time and Sacrifice

This happens to be the deadliest factor that ought to be considered. Out of experience, people say, “Never consider a master’s in architecture degree to be a joke”. And you will feel it when you begin. Dedicate time and energy, and sleep sacrifices are a must. Flexible degree-earning environments will help better concentration and learning.  

Step into the water only if you are ready to drown in the ocean.

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  • Work Experience 

Work experience is something that is seldom addressed. Never venture into any course without prior research. Understand what the course is all about and if you possess all the requirements. Apart from them, work experience is also a must. Work experience helps in understanding the field of interest for pursuing a master’s in architecture degree, as this is necessary to not quit the course mid-way due to lack of interest. Also gives additional strength to survive in the run of the course since the degree is never spoon-fed and is more of self-learning. 

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Enroll for a Master’s in Architecture degree only after extensive research about the goals, skills, and outcomes of the course and not for the sake of doing it. 

A Master’s in Architecture degree is nothing but a wise choice made. 


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Alamu Priya is a budding conservation architect pursuing her final year of masters from SPA, Vijayawada. An avid reader and writer, she believes that words create a profound impact on people and can be used as a weapon to unveil the magic behind architecture.