Architecture is an aesthetic, promising, and varied course that college students should take up. This is a great course to take especially if you are studying abroad. Studying this course abroad will enable you to learn about the different construction styles. It will also open doors to lots of employment opportunities. However, a college education can be a heavy financial burden. Despite your willingness to study architecture, these costs can prevent you from enjoying the benefits that college provides. This is where architecture scholarships come in.

The best universities for architecture help bright college students get an education and land their dream jobs. Since most individuals take this course at the postgraduate level, most of the scholarships available are ideal for Ph.D. and master’s courses. In this article, we have compiled a list of the top architecture universities with scholarships in the world that can benefit international students. With the best colleges for architecture, you’ll enjoy the learning process.

1. Sherwin E Small Endowed Scholarship

This is one of the best architecture scholarships in the world. The Illinois Institute of Technology offers it to its college of architecture. Undergraduate students who are studying architecture in their junior are eligible for this scholarship. To get financial help, you need to show proof of financial need and display creativity. If you are planning to study architecture abroad, this is one of the best scholarships for you.

2. Rotch Traveling Scholarship

This is a design scholarship competition where winners receive a six-month paid trip to any learning institution of their choice in the world to study. You need to seek help from scholarship essay writing service to win and enjoy all the financial benefits. A student who hires online writing service writers and essay experts always have an upper hand. If you manage to get this scholarship, you are required to submit your itinerary and study focus documents to get approval. After receiving the approval, you can start your six-month journey. You’ll be required to record your experiences in a journal or blog as you travel abroad. With these records, you’ll always have a memory of your adventure. The amount that you’ll receive is $40000. To get this prize, you have to win the competition and showcase your imaginative capacity. This is one of the best scholarships in the world.

3. Architecture International Excellence Scholarship at the University of Salford UK

To get this scholarship, you have to be a member of the University of Salford. This learning institution is located in Manchester. This is an ideal place for architecture lovers because it has a wide range of architectural styles that date back many decades. Students from every country can apply and get this scholarship. You have to be enrolled in the learning institution as an undergraduate or postgraduate and have confirmation of your admission together with the relevant documents.

4. Faculty of Engineering Excellence Funding for International Students in Scotland

Scotland is home to the University of Strathclyde and it offers the faculty of engineering excellence funding to international students across the world studying architecture. This financial help is available to undergraduate and postgraduate level students in the university. To be eligible for this scholarship, you need to score an average of 6.5 on your IELTS exam. The scholarship offers 4000 euros plus 1500 euros extra every year. Studying architecture in the United Kingdom has lots of benefits including hefty salary packages.

5. Postgraduate Studies in the Field of Architecture – DAAD Scholarships

This is an amazing scholarship architecture that you should consider applying for. It is available to architectural students pursuing a master’s degree at any German public university. The scholarship includes a monthly stipend of $1000, travel allowance, study allowance, and health insurance. If you need extra money, you can get additional monthly rent or an allowance for your family members. The scholarship offers a wide range of language classes to enable students to learn German. It is an amazing deal that international students should consider when choosing a higher learning institution.

6. Build Abroad Scholarship

Build Abroad is an organization that was founded with the aim of volunteer construction. The scholarship that it offers enables young architects to understand and get close to building projects in Nepal, Costa Rica, and Peru. Applicants are required to write a statement about volunteering and international travel. If you get selected, you’ll be given a work project from the organization with all paid expenses. You only need to write 300 to 600 words to enjoy this experience.


Architecture is an awesome course that you can study in college. You will have an amazing experience learning about different construction styles and structures. While it can help you transform the world, it is an expensive course. However, don’t let these extravagant tuition costs stop you from pursuing your dream. These are the best architecture schools in the world that you can apply for scholarships and get an opportunity to study in the college of your choice. All you have to do is go through the requirements and do your part in the best way possible.

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