Design is a vast field with various career tracks for students to pursue. After finishing their Bachelor’s, many often wonder how to step forward. One particular path for students is to apply for a Post Graduate Diploma. Design diploma courses provide specialisation for the specific field, improving the candidate’s understanding and providing them with all the details. The industry’s fundamental needs are introduced to students who must prepare for a rapidly growing sector. If you’re looking to improve on those skills even after graduation, here are some PG diplomas you can pursue as an architect or designer!

1. Architectural Practice

The PG Diploma in Architectural Practice is to train and prepare you for the reality of owning your architectural practice. The course pushes students to analyse the current professional practice and debate their working methods. Topics like architectural management, how the architect and society work together and considering oneself’s future development are taught. The curriculum is structured to inform professional experience, providing students with modules in law, management, and more. As a one-year course, it is widely pursued in the UK. Cardiff University, Newcastle University and the University of Westminister are a few colleges offering this course.

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Architectural Professional Practice_©Jasper Sanidad

2. Landscape Architecture

The Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture (PGDipLA) programme is an opportunity for students to understand aspects of science, design, creation, and management and apply them in urban and rural environments at all scales. Whether a garden or a city, the emphasis is on creating aesthetic, functional and ecologically healthy landscapes. Moreover, the ability to create a diverse design accommodating society’s changing needs is also emphasised. 

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Landscaping Architecture Sketch_©Raymond Jungles

The academic period ranges between universities, from 9 months to a year. This course is widely known and pursued among students with colleges teaching it in the UK (Newcastle University, Leeds Beckett University) and India (Chattisgarh University, EIILM University). 

3. Urban Planning and Development

The PG Diploma in Urban Planning and Development is one of the most well-known diplomas students pursue after their Bachelor’s. With the world’s population rapidly increasing, it is essential that we, as architects, understand and infer the required issue. Urbanisation has created multiple problems, ranging from poverty to unemployment. Thus, this course helps involve students in urban development programmes. The students are taught various urban planning and development issues, such as intensification and population growth, cultural design context, and consideration of issues like climate change and the digital age.

This one-year course, widely taught in India, can be pursued at institutions like Indira Gandhi National Open University and UPES University. 

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Urban Design Sketching_©CBT Architects

4. Construction Management

The Construction Management PG Diploma course readies the students for the challenging role that comes with being in construction by imparting theoretical and practical knowledge. It helps develop abilities like leading a team of consultants, builders and site managers. Students learn to strategise, examine, evaluate and recommend the best management practices across any division, regardless of the sector. 

The course’s objectives are to develop various skills as a construction manager, understand national and international practices, analyse cost, safety, design, operations and logistics issues, and learn to communicate and make ethical decisions effectively. 

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Construction Management_©Carnegie Mellon University

Students can avail this one-year course in various colleges all over the world. Some of these colleges are located in India (Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, IIT Madras), the UK (Robert Gordon University, University of Salford) and Canada (George Brown College, Centennial College).

5. Fashion Design

PG Diploma in Fashion Design is a course ranging from one to two years that gives students in-depth knowledge of the fashion industry and its practices. Students are introduced to basic design principles, including proportion and colour, technical drawings, sewing techniques, garment and clothing details, and more essential topics in this course. Identifying and evaluating historical, present, and future fashion trends strengthen students’ skills. 

As a course gaining popularity with evolving times, abundant opportunities await the aspirants after completing the diploma. This course is taught widely in India, with colleges like Pearl Academy, NIFT, and the National Institute of Design.

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Fashion Design and Illustration_©Clara Groning

6. Interior Design

A PG Diploma in Interior Design brings students extensive knowledge of interior design. From understanding the materials, interpreting floor plans, drawing and design fundamentals, students are taught these and more topics in the diploma. The programme aims for students to be exposed to a multitude of theoretical, design, technical and communication problems. 

Ranging from one to two years, this course is taught in India and abroad. Some Indian colleges providing this Course are Pearl Academy, Vogue Institute of Art and Design, Indian Institute of Art and Design and the University of Mumbai. Colleges in the UK, such as Glasgow School of Art and the University of Westminister, offer this PG Diploma.

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Interior Design by Waterfrom Design_©Kuomin Lee

7. Graphic Design

A Graphic Design PG Diploma introduces students to the professional side of graphics and teaches them to be proficient designers. The course teaches students about typography, layout, images, and colours. Students are encouraged to develop visual concepts for communicating their ideas which have to inform, inspire or captivate the consumer and learn the advancement and developments in the graphic industry. The maximum academic period for this course is two years, and it is a popular course. It’s taught in India (Pearl Academy, CG Animation Academy), the US (Stanford University, Yale University), the UK (University of Edinburgh), Canada (Toronto Film School, Centennial College) and Singapore (Nanyang Technological University).

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Graphic Design_Peter Myhr

8. Visual Communication

The PG Diploma in Visual Communication is a comprehensive course which deals with various topics like digital filmmaking, television production and UI/UX. Students learn aspects of the film industry like script writing, editing, sound designing, and more. The topics range from basics about the equipment, work, and production to law and ethics. It also emphasises the historical, present and future aspects of the industry. This one-year course is taught in India Today Media Institute, Media One Academy, and Jamia Millia Islamia in India. 

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Visual Communication_©Liberty University

9. Environmental and Sustainable Development

This program aims to educate students about the various environmental issues and protective measures. Sustainable development is a core unit of this course, helping students understand the actions that can be taken to favour our planet. The course explains how every human being has to ensure the protection of our livelihood and bring about a better quality of life for all. Students also learn managerial aspects, like framing policies and taking action on matters regarding sustainable development. Taught widely across India, Jawaharlal Nehru College, K.C. Das Commerce College, SAARC Education Academy, and Sibsagar College are some colleges offering this one-year course.

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Use of Skylighting as a Means of Sustainable Design in J. Craig Venter Institute, San Diego_©Nick Merrick

10. Textile Management

A Post Graduate Diploma in Textile Management is a one to two-year course in contemporary design. The course provides students with knowledge about technology, design and management required in the industry. With an in-depth focus on textile design, students learn about dyeing techniques, printing methods, sewing and design techniques, and much more. With practical and theoretical points, students learn about the industry better. It is a widely pursued field in India, with many opting for the course in colleges like Pearl Academy and T Series Stageworks Academy.

Collection of Silk Scarves Inspired by Greece_©Paulina Varregn


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Kaavya Azad is an architecture student passionate about creating sensory harmony and connecting with nature in her designs. Her keen interest in reading, writing and researching led her to venture into Architectural Journalism. You can find her reading books surrounded by her favourite snacks when she isn't working.