A client invests in their project/s, but what if coordination problems with architects, engineers, consultants, and others occur? Who will help to fill the void that is coordination? A construction manager will be the bridge, and a Construction Management career is a correct path to follow. From the making of the pyramids of Giza till today, the five M’s: Men(or women), Materials, Methos, Machines, and Money, are the resources of construction, and to optimize these resources, we require Construction Management. The course centerpiece is to provide the highest quality with a minimum amount, incorporating efficient supervision of projects’ cost, scheduling, excellence, safety, scope, and function. The way Construction Management is steadily increasing, it is believed by the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics that there will be an 11% increase in Construction Management jobs by 2026.

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Evolution of Construction Management | Construction Management 

2500 B.C.

We might not know, but Construction Management has had a relationship with us since 2500 B.C, with one of the most expensive constructions in the world—The ancient Egyptian pyramids. The pyramids of Giza required 1,00,000 laborers, 2.5 million blocks weighing 2.5 tons each, and 20 years of completion; and had management. An ancient organogram (chart delegating and defining roles for everyone) was used under the pressure of the king to complete it before he died. Similar examples are the Great Wall of China, the Aqueducts of Italy, and the Acropolis in Greece.

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1900 C.E.

Construction Management started to be known in the modern world through a simple observation by a mechanical engineer named Frederick Taylor in the early 1900s. He observed a gap between the factory owners and workers, leading to a loss of communication and productivity. Thus, the four fundamental principles of Scientific Management were introduced by him.

At the same time, another mechanical engineer named Henry Gantt introduced The Gantt Chart, which helped the teams to track the schedule and progress of work through a visual tool. Both inventions acted as a great approach and are even used to date.

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1950 C.E.

Critical Path Method (CPM), founded in the 1950s by leaders of the Dupont company, helped to optimize schedules and reduce downtime in their plants. CPM worked in an algorithm that included:-

  1. Listing all tasks for completion of a project
  2. Noting the duration of the tasks
  3. Identifying task dependencies
  4. Identifying project milestone
  5. Creating a list of project deliverables.
  6. Assigning resources to project tasks.
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However, CPM wasn’t digitized for about three decades and was later renamed or converted to Primavera Systems.

1983 C.E.- Till present

Construction Management took a significant focus and was in the best process through Primavera services. The less risk of delays, cloud-based services, mobile accessibility, interactive Gantt charts, and so forth by Primavera have enhanced the construction industries and the requirement of construction managers.

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Career scope

From soup to nuts- The major achievement in life is to grab knowledge/learnings from time to time, to the work we love the most. Construction management might be far away from architecture, civil engineering, cost estimating, and carpentry, but the field helps you to learn projects from the planning stage to the budgeting stage to the production stage. A single path with multidirectional experience opportunities is rare to find.

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From present to future– In any field, a person thinks of a career that provides good options and investment within the next decade. Similarly, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is believed from 2020 to 2030, Construction Management will have a minimum of 51,400 job openings. Why won’t an owner who wants a simplistic approach, saving their time and money, mandatorily look for a Construction Manager?

A great learning journey_©Goodwin & Scieszka
A great learning journey_©Goodwin & Scieszka

From high to very high– The construction managers are provided good salary packages in four (Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia) out of seven continents in the whole world. The top five countries include the USA, Australia, China, Germany, and Japan ranging in their average packages between 25-65 lakhs INR. Such a high pay scale not only keeps your pockets full but helps you to rapidly grow in your field.

Great scope in future_©LeBow College of Business
Great scope in future_©LeBow College of Business

High Expertise— Checked!

High availability of jobs— Checked!

High Payscale— Checked!

Requirements (Qualifications Skills) | Construction Management


  1. Education:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Construction/Building/Project management and Civil engineering.
  • Major companies ask for a Master’s degree in construction management.
  • Diverse knowledge about buildings methods and project management computer software.
  1.   Work Experience: At least two years or more experience in construction management.


  1.   Soft skills:
  • Analytical skills
  • Customer-service skills
  • Business skills
  • Leadership skills
  • Technical skills
  • Time-management skills
  • Writing skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Initiative
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The three best countries for the Construction Management field are:-


Education: Hong Kong Polytechnic University (first in the world)

Construction manager demand: Highest

Salary range(INR): 45-60lacs

2. USA

Education: Purdue University (third in the world)

Construction manager demand: Third highest

Salary range(INR): 45-62 lacs

3. Germany

Education: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (47th in the world)

Construction manager demand: Fifth highest

Salary range(INR): 32-55 lacs

Online Platforms | Construction Management 

In the 21st century, with the help of technology, a person can learn any course’s basic or professional level of skills from online platforms. Similarly, the best online social platforms for Construction Management include LinkedIn learning, Coursera, Classcentral, and Udemy.

Construction Management not only provides the best QUALITY, COST, AND TIME for a project but offers the best QUALITY of knowledge, best COST (salary), and best TIME as a career as well. 

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Anmol Billa is an architect by profession, but he is also a student with a thirst for knowledge. He portrays architecture as a synthesis of art and technology, with a primary focus on the needs of the community. He enjoys upgrading himself regularly by carefully analyzing numerous parameters ranging from context to culture, origins to contemporary life, and accessibility to sustainability. "If my design fails to bring betterment and connectedness to society, I fail," he says.