Can a chicken farm be “POP”? Why not. The interior project conceived and designed by the Visual Display studio for the shop of Fattoria Sant’Eliseo is a hymn to freedom, creativity, color, and of course nature! but in an absolutely unconventional way, and there is a reason why.

Project Name: Fattoria Sant’Eliseo
Studio Name: VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company
Photography: Camilla Bach

Fattoria Sant'Eliseo by VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet5
©Camilla Bach

Everything started with the payoff of the Free spirit farm – also studied by Visual Display together with the brand concept and identity – to represent this special farm (really a few in Italy so special) where many various rare and particular species of hen, that produce “rainbow eggs”, are free to graze on the company’s hills. These unique eggs can be pink, blue, brown, green, white, red, and even black, whose production ends up in the kitchens of the best restaurants in Italy and beyond.

Fattoria Sant'Eliseo by VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet7
©Camilla Bach

Visual Display conceived and design the representative space of the farm, giving shape to the philosophy, culture, and spirit of the owner and founder Mr. Daniele Riva, who defines himself as an “Unconventional Farmer”. A place where you can tell the excellence of the restaurant and food world. It is therefore not just a shop, but an informal and pleasant place for meeting and inspiration that expresses the whole creative soul and free spirit of the farm.

Fattoria Sant'Eliseo by VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet8
©Camilla Bach

It is a versatile and multifunctional space that can change according to needs; it is wrapped in neutral-colored architectural finishes (a micro-terrazzo floor and textured walls) that are a reminder of the natural world; at its center colors and shapes come to life, with a large mirrored PVC curtain with a curved pattern that separates it, delimiting the office station from the living area, opening it brings it together. The mirroring material reflects and distorts the surroundings, creating an interesting effect of colors and shapes in motion. Inside, various objects animate the space, each with its own peculiarities, creating a series of special and unexpected situations.

In the foreground, already visible from the outside through the large windows, there is a seating area with an outdoor inspiration: a sofa with a metal structure, whose colors and materials are a clear reference to birds, a vintage designer armchair and two tables that play on the contrast between mass and lightness.

Fattoria Sant'Eliseo by VISUAL DISPLAY Brand + Interior Design Company - Sheet9
©Camilla Bach

Next to the living room there is a custom meeting table surrounded by blue Klein seats; on the wall there are two glossy purple display elements in which books, paintings and small objects find place. Behind a high arch, with a metaphysical flavor, there is a completely green service area; alongside, another niche with the same shape, serves as an additional exhibition space An entire wall of the space is dedicated to the story of the philosophy of the business, with a screen that projects live images from the farm; hanging, posters, photos and paintings by the author.

Shop address: 51 Ciro di Pers street, 33030 Majano (UD), Italy

Interior design project by: Visual Display S.r.l. [interior, identity, stories] – Udine, Italy.

Visual Display is a creative company specializing in space branding and interior design for retail, hospitality, bar & restaurant, exhibition, and workplace. With some special interior projects dedicated to private homes or villas. The mission of Visual Display is not only to design beautiful interiors but places where people feel good and fully enjoy the space that surrounds them. [] 



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