Contained inside two U shaped volumes with a very elongated rectangular base placed at right angles to each other, the villa is on the top of an hill overlooking toward the see.

Project Name: Marbella Villa, Spain
Studio Name: Carlo Berarducci Architect

Marbella Villa, Spain by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet5
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The first volume is placed above the highest point of the area with longitudinal orientation north-south. The second one, orthogonal to the first is below the ground level, underground on the east side and above-ground on the west side, with the south end jutting into the valley ending with a spectacular waterfall generated by the infinity of the indoor pool.

Going up the road the volumes of the villa appear suspended in balance or resting just above the ground without altering the natural morphology.

Marbella Villa, Spain by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet7
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The first volume with an ” extruded “ like U cross section, is supported by two transverse walls and suspended with strong projections on a ground level floor fully glazed and open containing all the living spaces overlooking a large infinity pool. The transverse partitions separate the different areas of the entrance and the study at the eastern end, the kitchen at the west end.

The shading produced by the upper volume together with the opportunity to open the sliding windows on both the long sides allows the ventilation and the natural cooling of  the living spaces making the use of mechanical ventilation and air-conditioning useless.

Marbella Villa, Spain by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet9
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The private areas of the bedrooms and the family living area are contained within the extruded U-shaped volume upstairs. The long faces almost completely closed and the short terminals fully open to the east and west avoid introspection from the public areas, without sacrificing the enjoyment of the views.

The second “extruded ” half-underground volume contains the garage at the north end, the service rooms and a wine cellar below the kitchen, a cinema, a gym area with a spa, ending with an internal pool fully glazed towards the valley that continues outside with a water mirror ending overflowing in a waterfall.

The roof of this volume, on ground level, works as an outdoor dining area covered by sail sun shades and a sun terrace with 180 degree views of the valley towards the sea.

Marbella Villa, Spain by Carlo Berarducci Architect - Sheet3
©Carlo Berarducci Architect

The volumes of the villa are made of a black colored concrete that camouflages the villa presence in the countryside. The pavements on the ground floor, both internal and external, are made in white Carrara marble with polished finish inside and brushed matte outside that reduce the heating of the horizontal surfaces to enhance the light and spaciousness . A natural oxidized teak deking floats over the poll in continuity with the living room.

Reduced section steel frames to maximize the effect of transparency and continuity between inside and outside.

The villa stands out for its strong presence, with elementary volumes that leave wide open views all around, and at the same time it is camouflaged and integrated with the environment.


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