Fashion Design is the craft of joining plan standards alongside feel and attire developments and giving normal excellence to dress and its extras. This field isn’t simply restricted to planning garments, however, it additionally reaches out to dress embellishments, gems, and footwear too. The act of fashion designing has been seen since the days of yore. It has advanced to be quite possibly the most innovative field in this time having a colossal vocation scope in the future as well. 

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Evolution of Fashion Design

To get into any field one should have to comprehend the foundation of that individual field. In this way, understanding the advancement of design additionally becomes important. The fashion has consistently been at the center of attention for a long time. In prior days, it had been viewed as a superficial point of interest in the public eye. Privileged individuals dressed intricately and stunningly, while the poor couldn’t bear to put on something else as per design. From having a palla overtook to wearing torn shirts for ladies, and wearing a robe over tunic to wearing pants for men, the style has progressed significantly down the line. Purchasing from corner stores to shopping on online stages, the pattern has changed. Gucci, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Prada have become brand names in this industry.  Adidas, Prada have become brand names in this industry thanks to their increase brand awarenes and products created with beautiful machine embroidery designs.

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While examining the start, fashion design is overall considered to have started in the nineteenth century with Charles Fredrick Worth, who was seen as the essential plan originator to have his name sewn into the pieces of clothing that he made. Worth’s success was with the ultimate objective that he had the choice to direct to his customers what they should wear, as opposed to accepting them as earlier dressmakers had done. The term ‘couturier’ was first used to depict him. 

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Career Scope in Fashion Designing

Being perhaps the most imaginative and arising fields, the fashion design industry additionally has a ton of vicious rivalry and difficulties. In any case, the extent of fashion designing isn’t just restricted to India yet one can secure great position openings abroad too. After one has completed their style planning course, they have countless freedoms before them. They can either join any design house or assembling industry or fare unit for paid positions, or they can even dispatch their name on the lookout.

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There are many fields one can select subsequent to finishing their style planning course. Some of which are – 

1. Fashion Designer – 

A  fashion architect is the point of convergence of any design industry. They make new items concerning the most recent patterns winning on the lookout. They go to enormous occasions identified with style and plan as career expos, design presentations, and so on.  

2. Fashion Illustrator –

A  fashion illustrator artist makes representations of what the fashion designer wants and clarifies. 

3. Fashion Stylist – 

A fashion stylist doesn’t plan or cause garments rather they make looks. Organizing with customers they search for them according to the occasions. 

4. Fashion Coordinator – 

A fashion coordinator isn’t identified with the planning system rather they deal with the advertising approaches and their courses of action. They are answerable for publicizing items, arranging style shows, and so on.

5. Fashion Consultant – 

A fashion consultant presents suggestions concerning the advancement of an item. They should know about the vogues and changes in the field and should realize the planning system also.  

6. Fashion Merchandiser – 

A fashion merchandiser is fundamentally answerable for promoting. They are needed to break down the past and the most recent vogues and the deal information. They gather information from purchasers and directions with planners and the creative group for the advancement of items that meet the market necessities. 

Aside from this load of standards, one can likewise go for style writing for a blog, retail the board, material planning, and some more. Sky’s the limit! 

Qualifications and Skills Required for Fashion Designing

For getting into the field of fashion design, one is required to have an undergraduate degree in fashion designing. 

Curriculum – 

  1. Associate Degree Programs – This course is of 2years that furnish understudies with major and specialized plan abilities, like fitting, sewing, and fundamental design speculations. 
  2. Bachelor’s Degree Programs – This course is of 4years and will in general offer more broad vocation preparing, consolidating specialized coursework with creative and applied directions. It might likewise incorporate style drawing, 3-D plan, shading hypothesis, materials, CAD, a design business, and portfolio show. 
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Skills – 

Aside from the proper preparation, the fashion designer should have a solid limit with regards to inventiveness, including a talent for shading, material subtleties, and style. Drawing and PC drafting abilities are important for style portraying, and information on sewing, and fitting are needed for disclosing the plan interaction to producers. Managers likewise will in general incline toward a fashion designer with retail or deals insight, which they can apply to the advertising part of their occupation. A fashion designer additionally needs to have solid correspondence and joint effort abilities as well.

Top 3 Countries to Pursue Fashion Designing

The UK – 

London is the core of the design world and houses numerous renowned schools of style. Concentrating in London, one acquires the chance to encounter working in the business just as day by day motivation from the city’s energetic workmanship, theater, and music scenes. The normal compensation of a fashion designer in London goes from £43,568 – £75,069 (Rs. 44,83,225 – Rs. 77,24,734) every year, and £29 (Rs. 2,984) every hour.

Italy – 

Italian style has had pride of spot for quite a long time and stays a standard industry. Concentrating in Italy, one additional experience with a portion of the conspicuous design houses and makers on the planet. Milan’s style week is one of the “Large Four” in the design world, and the city homes are the absolute best design establishments on the planet. The normal compensation of a fashion design in Italy goes from €37,752 – €65,048 (Rs. 33,05,159 – Rs. 56,94,904) every year and €25 (Rs. 2,188) every hour. 

Singapore – 

Singapore is the passage between the east and the west, and in any event, being a little country, it has a major design sense. Its fashioners are continually contending to be awesome. Concentrating in Singapore, one discovers various freedoms to investigate arising styles, work cooperatively, and discover their specialty in the interesting universe of design. The normal compensation of a fashion designer in Singapore goes from SGD 57,093 – SGD 98,372 (Rs. 31,27,368 – Rs. 53,88,497) every year, and SGD 38 (Rs. 2,081) every hour. 

Aside from these main three nations, nations like the US, China, France, Spain, Israel, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, and so on additionally give an extraordinary chance to mold creators to develop.

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Five Online Courses for Fashion Designing

  1. Fashion as Design – It is a 20 hours free course available at Coursera.
  2. Sustainable Fashion – It is a 5 hours free course available at Coursera.
  3. Sketching for Fashion Design – It is a 32 minutes course available at Udemy for Rs.455.
  4. Pattern Making in Fashion Design – It is a 42 minutes course available at Udemy for Rs.455.
  5. The First Step of Fashion Design – It is a 57 minutes course available for free at SkillShare.


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