Surface covers or materials have the power to enhance the emphasis on aesthetics. As natural glow and aura leave an impression; the cladding materials play the same role. When one enters the space, Objects within sight are noticed more. Even the view spectrum and perspective are equally important. Tiles and cladding materials impact the user experience because the façade is considered the external skin of the structure, creating an identity in the community. The smoothing texture and light make the user feel more at ease in the space. Tiling is necessary for areas where water is constantly used, such as bathrooms, toilets, and kitchens. The design, texture and types of flooring tiles are as important as the skilled labor required to implement them on the site.

The availability of skilled labor in India is obtainable between 50 and 200 rs per sq ft. There is a variety of natural stones as well as processed stones used in the tiling market. Selection of one from such a wide range is a difficult task for a designer. But the factors of pricing and durability must also be considered while finalizing the tile. The skill lies within the process, where the designer offers the best well within the customer’s budget. 

1. Marble | Types of Flooring Tiles

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet1

The lustrous and polished material is a fine choice for a designer. Marble is available in various regions throughout the Indian subcontinent. With a duration of 25 years and a rich look, it brings out the soul of the room. In comparison with other stones and materials, the prices go high. This bump in price gives the material a Status Symbol in India. But there is a variety of colors and patterns one can find in the marble.  

Price: 200/- to 800/- per SQ FT
Polishing cost: 60/- to 100/- per SQ FT 

2. Vitrified Tiles 

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet2
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Giving the best look well within the budget is achieved through the vitrified tiles. Its durability makes it the most popular tiles used in India. Made from a composition of clay and different minerals at high temperatures. Tiles come with an extra-glazed surface with a minimum water absorption rate. This material is in demand because of its versatile use for internal as well as external use. The availability of the material in patterns, colors, and shapes has captured the heart of people. 

Price: 40/- to 150/- per SQ FT

3. Vinyl | Types of Flooring Tiles

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet3

A modish alternative with affordable cost, vinyl flooring has become one of the most commonly used materials across India. Vinyl has such qualities of stain and water resistance with durability making it more user-friendly. Vinyl is often suggested by designers. It is popular for its easy-to-use application and variety of patterns with shapes and colors available in the market. 

Price: 70-/ to 150/- per SQ FT

4. Hardwood

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet4

High maintenance and high-priced choices symbolize the status of the user. The durable material with caring involved. On the other hand, diversity in shapes and textures is available. Giving the natural wood look cladding highlights the room’s interior. But may also lead to noises, Squeaking, and Creaking with time. 

Price: 400/- to 1500/- per SQ FT

5. Bamboo | Types of Flooring Tiles

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet6

Most commonly seen in Japanese architecture, is a natural cladding material. It is simpler to maintain as well as its resistance qualities make it a sophisticated choice. But the material is most suitable for moderately dry conditions. Climate factor is a must to consider while using bamboo. 

Price: 150- to 300/- per SQ FT

6. Concrete

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet7

Concrete flooring is the easiest to cast but also gives a raw look to the interior. It is a manmade material but stands out in case of durability. Moisture and heat impact gratefully on the tiles, therefore climate factors must be considered. This material is used commonly in Indian houses, with a variety of colors and textures.  

Price: 30/- to 2508/- per SQ FT

7. Granite 

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet5

A naturally occurring stone with a variety of patterns and shapes available. It is considered a sophisticated choice due to its durability and stain resistance quality. The material requires less care but adds additional value to the room. Due to the cooling quality of the stone, its extensive use is visible in India. 

Price: 150/- to 400/- per SQ FT

8. Laminate | Types of Flooring Tiles

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet8

With the popularity of bars going up for the laminate market in India, its price margin is also user-friendly. All the varied range of colors and patterns, it’s gaining rapid popularity. But o the other hand once damaged the only solution is a replacement and not a repair. 

Price: 80/- to 300/- per SQ FT

9. Linoleum 

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet9

An eco-friendly tiling option with cost benefits and a versatile option range makes it one of the popular choices of today. But care and maintenance play an important role, as dents, and scratches can easily damage the surface. 

Price: 80/- to 300/- per SQ FT

10. Terrazzo | Types of Flooring Tiles

20 Types of Flooring Tiles in India - Sheet10

Most of the buildings built 20 years ago must be having passages covered in mosaic tiles. The durable and affordable choice in the residential sector. With advanced technology, these tiles are made better with their resistance qualities. 

Price: 150/- to 300/- per SQ FT

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