Showering and bathing are the most basic activities concerning the maintenance of hygiene. One may treat it as a mundane task or strive to elevate the experience into a more luxurious one. Shower panels consist of a single system to find out more consisting of various functions, fulfilling this requirement while providing the bathroom with a sleek finish, without compromising on functionality. They are available in a variety of designs and colors, are easy to maintain, and are a great addition to any bathroom. Some interesting best shower panels are illustrated below.

Jaquar blak

This 1500* 200 mm panel features three adjustable vertical jets and has a stainless steel body. Costing 44,000 rupees it has a movable top shower and hand shower with a flexible hose. The jaquar blak also has a Thermostatic mixer with a diverter and minimum water pressure of two bars. Its sleek, black finish makes it fit on any bathroom wall

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Jaquar blak_©jaquar

Jaquar shinny

If the pesky fingerprint impressions on the stainless steel finish bothers you, the jaquar shinny is the perfect find. An anti-fingerprint, stainless steel body is its trademark, and has a movable ABS top shower. The 41,000 rupee panel has a Thermostatic Mixer with a diverter and a Hand shower with a flexible hose. The minimum two-bar water pressure combined with Movable ABS body massage jets makes it perfect for a relaxing shower after a long day.

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Jaquar shinny_©jaquar

Jaquar my home

Costing 14,900 rupees, this shower panel measures 1450*175*60 mm and has a mirror finish, with a stainless steel body. The jaquar my home comes with a Single Lever Diverter and Movable overhead shower. Cheaper than some of its counterparts, it also has an optional hand shower, making it customizable and more affordable, without compromising on a great finish and experience. 

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Jaquar my home_©jaquar

Retro single lever shower panel

Measuring 1420*180 mm, and costing 32,000 rupees, this panel has a stainless steel body with a matt metallic finish. It has a single lever, hot and cold water mixing feature, and a variety of functions. The functions include rain, a waterfall, body jets, and a button spout with a hand shower. One can operate only one function at a time. 

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Toyo- 7129

With a stainless steel brushed matt finish, this panel measures 1500*220*70mm. It has 5 different functions with separate handles for each function, with hand shower, rain shower, and waterfall being the most prominent functions. The panel also has a brass spout, single lever mixer, and inbuilt body jets, and costs 34,300 rupees. 

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toyo 7129_©toyoindia

Toyo- 7136

The fixture has a single-piece stainless steel panel with a golden color and mirror finish. The unique finish makes it cost 38,800 rupees and the panel comes with 6 functions, two diverters, each being 3 way. Two body jets and four mist body jets allow for a memorable experience. the panel also has an LED panel with a temperature display, helping the user level up their showering game

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toyo 7136_©toyoindia

Jaaz nova shower panel

The panel has a stainless steel body, which is brush-finished and has an anti-fingerprint surface. It also has four jets and an embedded rain shower setting. Amounting to 16,149 rupees, the curved and sleek design of this panel adds an elegant look to the bathroom and the versatile color can easily be used in any bathroom

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jaaz nova shower panel_©jazz

Toyo- 7153

This black and gold fixture makes for a unique addition to any bathroom. Costing 30,000 rupees, this panel has Brass Wall Mixer With Shower Set and 3 Functions. It has a single lever mixer and ABS rain shower and hand shower. 

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toyo 7153_©toyoindia

Stainless steel exposed shower panel

This stainless steel fitting has a minimalistic design and costs 15,000 rupees. the simple design makes it low maintenance and ideal for people with busy lifestyles. It is sturdy, durable and quick, and easy to install and wall mount. 

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Jaquar infinity black

Measuring 1500* 200 mm and costing 33,000mm rupees, this shower panel has a black tempered glass body and brass spout. The panel also comes with two ABS body massage jets and a hand shower with a flexible hose. Unlike many of its counterparts, this panel also has the added utility of having a shelf. Its simple finish makes this a versatile fixture. 

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Jaquar infinity black_©jaquar

Aquant divine single lever shower panel

This panel measured 1540*220mm and costs 62,000 rupees. In addition to a stainless steel body and matt metallic finish, it also has single lever hot/cold water mixing facility. It also has several functions such as Rain, Waterfall, Body Showers, and button-spout with hand shower. The flexibility to operate all these functions simultaneously is what makes this panel desirable and unique. 

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Jaaz angel shower panel

Available in two colors, black and white, this panel costs 17,212 rupees and has an aluminum alloy body and matt finish, making it easy to maintain. Measuring 1460*200 mm, it has various features such as a rainfall shower head, chrome-plated hand shower, four jet body massagers with silicon nozzles, a spout and mixer, and a diverter. In addition to all these functions, it also comes with a three-year warranty.  

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Jaaz olive shower panel

The olive shower panel is available in three colors, black, white, and red. It costs 19,305 rupees. Made out of aluminum panels and acrylic sheets, it has a rainfall shower head, eight massage jets, and a spout. The silicon nozzles in the massage jets allow for easy cleaning and maintenance. Whether one requires a subtle panel or a bolder one, the availability of various color options makes this model a great choice. 

© jaaz

Eris cascade shower panel

This 19,755 rupee panel comes with a rainfall shower head, a three-way adjustable massage jet, and a spout. Featuring an aluminum panel body, this panel is available in two colors, black and white. The adjustable massage jets, its most promising feature, allow for a more relaxing shower and make this a great find. 


Eden thermostatic shower panel

The Eden thermostatic shower panel has a stainless steel body and matt metallic finish and costs 58,000 rupees. It has various functions, namely,  rain, waterfall, body jets, spout, and hand shower. Thermostatic hot and cold water mixing combined with the ability to operate various functions simultaneously makes this fixture ideal for any homeowner. 

© aquant

Oculto concealed single lever shower panel

The Oculto concealed single lever shower panel costs 70,000 rupees and has a stainless steel body with a chrome finish and a single lever hot and cold water mixing facility. Various functions like rain, waterfall, body jets, hand shower, and spout combined with the ability to operate these functions simultaneously allow for ease of usage. The flush-to-wall installation system allows for the internal body of the fixture to be concealed inside the wall, further alleviating its aesthetic quality.  


Allure single lever shower panel

Featuring a stainless steel body and matt metallic finish, this shower panel costs 52,000 rupees and has a single lever hot and cold water mixing facility. It has a rain shower, a waterfall shower, body jets, a spout, and a hand shower. All these functions can be operated simultaneously. 


Toyo- 7172(thermostatic)

This chrome-colored shower panel has full brass ABS rain and hand shower. It is equipped with a knob that can be used to set the temperature based on personal preference and season, making its usage very convenient. One can also use the knob to adjust water outlets based on preference, allowing for an easier, more relaxing showering experience. 

toyo 7172_©toyoindia
toyo 7172_©toyoindia

Toyo 7171

This antique brass shower panel is truly the most aesthetically unique find. It comes with a rain shower, a hand shower, and a spout. In a minimalistic world, this antique shower panel will make for a great focal point in one’s bathroom. 

toyo 7171_©toyoindia
toyo 7171_©toyoindia

Toyo 7151

Similar to its counterpart, toyo 7171, this shower panel has a stainless steel body and an antique copper finish. In addition to a single lever mixer, it has a rain shower, a hand shower, and a spout. The antique copper finish makes toyo 7151 another interesting find. 

toyo 7151_©toyoindia

With our days turning increasingly more stressful, a relaxing shower can be the single most important method to ease ourselves, both mentally and physically. Aspiring and striving to enhance such simple experiences leads to an overall, more fulfilling experience, making the selection of the perfect panel an important task. 



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