A 3bhk floor plan means three bedrooms, one hall, and one kitchen. A 3bhk floor plan is generally an apartment home. It can also be a bungalow or a tenement, but they usually have other spaces such as a porch, front yard, backyard, and terrace. With the increase in population worldwide, and people opting to live in nuclear families; the concept of the apartment has become very viable. Other reasons for apartments are the lack of land to build low-rise spread cities anymore and the ever-increasing prices of land. After COVID-19, so many people have started working from home and therefore even couples would prefer living in a 3bhk home to have enough room for their workspace. The interior spaces are designed depending on who is living in the house. Several websites help people to develop their 3bhk home design ideas.

The websites essentially create a mood board, a 2D or a 3D model, and provide them with various options to choose from. It helps to form a clear picture of what a client wants that is discussed later with the architect or the interior designer on the project. Several concepts would be incorporated while designing the home. Finding the right mix between practical living and attractive design may be challenging. How can one keep track of everything they need without allowing their possessions to take over the room when they have to cram a lot of living into a little place? A nice technique to prevent the goods from becoming the theme is to have some overarching design concepts for each area or the entire space.

3 Bhk home design Ideas - Sheet1
3bhk home design_©visualizer: Jenny Gamelin

1. Rustic Chic | Home Design Ideas

The antique aesthetic is trendy right now, whether it’s for a barnyard wedding or as a 3Bhk home design concept. This is also a terrific motif for pretty much every room in the house since it lends itself to excellent neutral colors that may work well in a variety of settings and cozy accents like distressed furniture or hand-knit blankets that can make any space seem cozier. This might be a nice theme to favor comfort but dislike garish color schemes or bold patterns (4 Theme Ideas for Your Apartment Decorating Scheme | BetterDecoratingBible, n.d.).

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rustic design schemes_© Laura Hull

2. Paint It White

White walls aren’t only a fad for tidy, light places; they are also a 3Bhk home design technique to open up a space. It is advisable to stick to neutral color schemes like tan leather, wood, and woven textures when picking colors, retaining highlights that are more vibrant in artwork and décor. If the area is constrained, opting for transparent furniture may practically hide the space. Items with sparkling surfaces and a sleek finish, such as those made of glass, Lucite, and acrylic, all give a touch of elegance. For a style that dresses up those awkward nooks without drawing attention to itself against bright walls, combining clear furniture with preferable colors, accessories and natural accents is a better idea (SAVOIE, 2021).

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white wall aesthetic_©David Tsay

3. Nature – Centric | Home Design Ideas

There is a ton of data to support the idea that individuals are generally happy when they reside in locations with a lot of trees and greenery i.e., the hypothesis of Biophilia. By selecting a design theme that emphasizes nature and natural objects, these 3Bhk home designs may be channeled. To add some nature, a selection of indoor plants as well as plants that may survive in window boxes or on the porch is recommended. The quality of fake plants or artificial plants today has improved quite a lot. High-grade artificial plants that mimic genuine plants without the upkeep are ideal for getting the appearance while conserving money, time, and effort. Additionally, indoor hanging plants or supplies can be purchased to create a personal hanging terrarium (4 Theme Ideas for Your Apartment Decorating Scheme | BetterDecoratingBible, n.d.).

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nature centric_©Instagram – Kunis home
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decorating with indoor plants_©Instagram – bohofrisco

4. Playing with Light

Simple, sheer white window coverings in the rooms allow more light to enter and give the impression that the area is brighter in the 3Bhk home design concept. If the ceilings are low, it is advised to pick a pendant light with a white shade that won’t visibly clog the space. Adding visual height makes a place appear larger even without adding extra floor space. Combining an overhead light with other lights at eye levels, such as lamps, scones, and distinctive table accessories. A globe lamp illuminates the room’s darkest corners, while a big mirror draws emphasis to the high ceilings (SAVOIE, 2021).

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play with light_©https://lubbil.ngontinh24.com/article/65-aesthetic-bedroom-ideas-2022-decor-guide

5. Utilizing Mirrors | Home Design Ideas

Utilizing mirrors in closely packed areas is another time-tested interior 3Bhk home design technique. When dealing with low-light situations, huge mirrors ingeniously enlarge the space by reflecting natural light across the room. Use a full-length floor mirror that spans the height of the wall in dim, tiny corridors or in areas of rooms where there is little natural light to create the illusion of more space (SAVOIE, 2021)

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Utilizing mirrors_© https://lubbil.ngontinh24.com/article/65-aesthetic-bedroom-ideas-2022-decor-guide

6. Retro Futurism

This design motif evokes historical predictions. There are several goods with these sorts of design patterns, which include sharp angles and intense colors (such as neon green and brilliant purple) (black, white, and gray). It is a fantastic 3bhk home design concept; especially for places like the kitchen and bathroom. Because contemporary items for these spaces frequently emphasize efficient style, which may give the impression that the space is very sleek and tidy (4 Theme Ideas for Your Apartment Decorating Scheme | BetterDecoratingBible, n.d.).

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Retro futurism_© James Dawson interiors

7. Big and Bold

Some of the popular trends in the interior design of 3Bhk home design at the moment are using vivid colors and striking patterns. Designers adore the tasteful use of extremely stunning hues and patterns, such as accent cushions in slightly different hues of a vivid burgundy or wall art with a design that differs from the rug but is yet related. The secret is to emphasize being strong and vibrant without going overboard. Bold colors may overpower a space, so start modest and use only a few pieces to serve as the room’s focal points. Consider taking a look at the beautiful realm of color blocking as well. The decision can be made of staying with “strong” colors over “bright” ones according to the choice of the client (4 Theme Ideas for Your Apartment Decorating Scheme | BetterDecoratingBible, n.d.).

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Big and bold_© Greg Natale

8. Rammed Earth

The Earth House will prompt the concept back to earlier examples of sustainable living. The building reduces solar heat gain because of its thick layer of rammed earth. It results in a temperature drop of 7 to 10%. In response to the global climate catastrophe, passive sustainable techniques lessen the need for energy. The three-bedroom house gives a minimalist look with natural features on both the outside and inside. An intentional effort to reduce the carbon footprint at work and home is necessary for climate change. At the core of this 3Bhk home design is the desire to be sustainable and ecologically responsible (A Modern Rammed Earth House That Emphasizes Sustainability [Video], n.d.).

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rammed Earth theme_©http://www.home-designing.com/a-modern-rammed-earth-house-that-emphasizes-sustainability-video
3 Bhk home design Ideas - Sheet11
rammed Earth theme_©http://www.home-designing.com/a-modern-rammed-earth-house-that-emphasizes-sustainability-video_©https://www.re-thinkingthefuture.com/know-your-architects/a3731-15-firms-practicing-minimalistic-architecture/

9. Minimalistic

A haven of tranquility, the cozy minimalist interior has warm, pure white walls, complementing plush furnishings, and soft floor coverings. While maintaining a serenely laconic and understated aesthetic, this three-bedroom home design appears spacious and opulent. One such instance of designing a 3Bhk home is seen in the photographs below, where the living area has an attractive double-height void and a welcoming open concept. The room is illuminated by natural light that gradually diffuses through transparent white voiles from the room’s tall windows. A contemporary Asian tea room is located below the mezzanine level, although it still has a high ceiling above its gorgeous travertine table (Minimalist Home And Haven Of Calm, n.d.).

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minimal_© http://www.home-designing.com/minimalist-home-and-haven-of-calm

10. Boho Theme | Home Design Ideas

These two exquisite examples below of contemporary 3Bhk house design ooze elegance. Due to the addition of earthy, boho-inspired features, these elegant, light-filled spaces also function as welcome areas. Between the more expensive, bigger items, handmade pottery, rustic accent furniture, naturalistic pendant lights, and bohemian carpets provide calm breaks. The luxury of magnificent travertine interludes, in the shape of side tables and coffee tables, kitchen installations, and bathroom fixtures, seamlessly complements and upscales these warm natural components (Blissful Interiors With Boho Notes And Travertine Accents, n.d.).

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living room_©Nurlybek Mukanov
bathroom_©Nurlybek Mukanov
bathroom_©Nurlybek Mukanov

11. French Neoclassical Theme

While contemporary color offers cheerful individuality to 3Bhk house designs, French neoclassical features add elegance. Young families may enjoy daily life beneath a canopy of historic beauty thanks to the vivid juxtaposition created by the blend of classical and modern characteristics. The interiors may be packed with colorful neoclassical inspiration, from open and airy living spaces with exquisite boiserie and vibrant accessories to trendy bedrooms with vivid individuality (French Neoclassical Interiors With Pleasant Pops Of Colour, n.d.).

living room_©Murphy institute of space research
living room_©Murphy institute of space research

12. Color Theme | Home Design Ideas

One of the trending techniques is to divide the color of the wall instead of painting it all in one color. On a low budget, color blocking is a fun and exciting method to give the 3Bhk home, a lively, new atmosphere. Practically speaking, it might also be useful to divide off a portion of the room to make a breakfast nook or a study corner. Choosing a bright color for the ceiling instead of painting the walls in the main color is recommended. Just keep in mind that a darker hue may optically enlarge the distance between the person and the ceiling. Residents of small apartments can consider this as a warning. By using high-contrast colors, a powerful area can be created that feels both welcome and striking. Utilizing two colors that are at the opposing extremes of the color wheel, one for the walls and the other for fabrics, furniture, and accessories, to create a dramatic, well-put-together appearance. A terrific approach to give worn-out furniture a much-needed facelift is to repaint it (Stachowiak, 2022).

color blocking_©Instagram - mindy schroor
color blocking_©Instagram – mindy schroor
painting the furniture_©Instagram - Thecrazydaisycottage
painting the furniture_©Instagram – Thecrazydaisycottage

The above mentioned are some of the ways a 3Bhk home can be designed. Websites such as Pinterest, Interior Design Site, Decorilla Interior Design Website, Home Designing, Elle Décor, and many more can also be helpful. Home design is a subjective matter as it caters to personal requirements. 


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Prashanti is an Architect from India, who is currently pursuing her master’s in Design Research in Germany and got lucky to study in the Bauhaus Building. She is a potterhead and plays guitar. She feels excited and blessed to be able to share her stories through RTF.