Modular furniture is often related to commercial or retail spaces. This article proves the versatility of Modular furniture with 10 examples to state the case. Modular furniture is a predefined, well-designed furniture unit that can be combined and modified in different ways to fit a space.  Typically modular furniture can be fitted with other furniture to create something of standard which is also unique. This is often observed in offices or retail spaces where space is limited. Modular furniture is often used by repeating or arraying similar furniture to serve the purpose. The design of modular furniture can be credited to the American furniture designer Harvey Probber, who pioneered in the design of creating modular seating in the 1940s.

1. Plush Hour | The Deep Tuft Sofa | Modular furniture

The now iconic tufted sofa design can be credited to the late Harvey Probber. Often seen arranged along the dimensions of the space to form an L-shape sofa, the deep tuft sofa is a huge success in modular furniture because of its versatility. The design of the modular sofa which is often seen in living rooms and reception lobbies is dated back to 1972. This particular design by Probber uses urethane foam to create an exaggerated version of the tufted seating synonymous with luxury cars. The deep tufted sofa is often sold as different elements which are later connected to form a sofa along the room.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet1
Deep Tuft 2-seater sofa_
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet2
Deep tuft – corner seat_
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet3
Deep Tuft – Arranged–deep-tuft-2020-0003-ClassiCon-deep-tuft-sofa-roattino-floor-lamp-1-photo-elias-hassos-349be6.jpg?v=1582124189

2.  Modular Timber Infant Cradles

The popularization of modular furniture has given way to the creation of transformable and reusable furniture designs. ‘From Cradle to Cradle is a design oriented toward toddlers, where it eliminates the service of cribs only for a single stage of growth. Unlike the other cribs on the market, this modular furniture can be used by babies from 6 months until, children of two years old. This modular furniture is designed to accommodate the growth of a baby through its transformable usage. It can then be converted into 2 chairs when no longer in use. This is a smart and sustainable approach to cradle furniture design. 

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet4
From Cradles to Cradles – the entire set_Modular Timber Infant Cradles : From Cradle to Cradle (
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet5
From Cradles to Cradles – crib_Modular Timber Infant Cradles : From Cradle to Cradle (
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet6
From Cradles to Cradles – BASINET  Modular Timber Infant Cradles : From Cradle to Cradle (

3. Seiton –  Modular storage system |

Modular furniture is a great addition to spaces that need maximization in terms of storage. It elevates the space while adding great functional value. Designed by studio OEO, Seiton is a multi-utility storage system designed for residential and commercial spaces. This system is flexible and the arrangement can be customized by the user. The design focuses on maintaining its aesthetics while retaining its functional properties. Not only is this a storage system, but it can also be used as a room divider, against the wall as a stand, etc.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet7
Seiton –  Modular storage system_
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet8
Seiton –  Modular storage system
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet9
Seiton –  Modular storage system as a room divider_

4. Blushing Bar – Modular bar

The ‘Blushing Bar’ is an item of multipurpose stand-alone bar furniture that can be used in residences and restaurants. This unique modular furniture maintains a natural aesthetic and is crafted using dyed American red oak. Designed as a collaboration between architects Chan + Eayrs and the Sebastian Cox design studio, the Blushing Bar is curated to be efficient for bartenders and has built-in storage.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet10
Blushing bar
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet11
Blushing bar
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet12
conceptual sketch

5. Meta  – Modular seating | Modular furniture

Modular seating has improved the collection of public furniture making it easy to modify it based on the spatial requirement. Dune, a New York-based design studio, designed Meta to be a set of modular seating that can be customized based on its need. It consists of geometric units that use plywood and steel frame with upholstered seat pads and Corian surfacing. The units can be arranged in various patterns and hence is easily transformable.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet13
Meta-Modular seating
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet14
Meta-modular seating bench
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet15
Meta-modular seating

6. Pie Chart – Modular table

Modular tables are often used in designs with minimal space. They are transformable, expandable, and versatile. Modular tables are often seen in tiny homes where tables aren’t used widely.

Hierve is a Mexico-based design behind the design of Pie charts. Made using wood, the Pie chart comes in the form of circles –  semi-circle, quarters, etc, which can be assembled and transformed based on the need. It is easy, uncomplicated, and aesthetic.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet16
Pie Chart – Modular table
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet17
Pie Chart – Modular table
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet18
Pie Chart – Modular table

7. Skid Sliding Bunk Bed

The concept of modular furniture has made its way into the design of kids’ furniture due to its compatibility and flexibility. Designed by Nidi, Skid is a sliding bunk bed and is perfect for saving up space. Its consists of two beds, where the upper one is towards the wall and the bottom bed are tucked into a drawer that can be pulled and used when necessary. When not in use it converts into a desk.

This eliminates the need for two separate pieces of furniture – a bed and a desk.

10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet19
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet20
10 examples of modular furniture - Sheet21

8. CatScapes Cat Shelves – Modular pet furniture

In this modern age, furniture is not limited just to humans, with an increase in pet care retail designers is coming up with innovative pet furniture. CatScape is a company that specializes in furniture for cats which includes a bed and adjustable platforms for cats to jump and play around. This unique furniture saves ground space as it can be attached to the wall.

CatScape – Cat shelf
CatScape – Cat shelf
CatScape – Cat shelf  Modular Wall-Mounted Pet Furniture : cat shelves (

9. Penelope – Modular wardrobe

With growing wardrobes, Cupboards fail to make ends meet. Superlife – a swiss company has curated a design for modular wardrobe hanging racks. This takes up way lesser space than a traditional cupboard would and it fits perfectly into any space because of its transformable quality. Each part of this furniture serves a unique purpose making sure that every inch of it is useful.

Penelope – Modular wardrobe_Adaptable Wireframe Wardrobes : store and display clothes (
Penelope – Modular wardrobe Adaptable Wireframe Wardrobes : store and display clothes (
Penelope – Modular wardrobe  Adaptable Wireframe Wardrobes : store and display clothes (

10. HUBB – Modular office furniture

HUBB is a collection of flexible, customizable furniture designed by Dutch design firm Mecanoo in collaboration with furniture manufacturer Gispen. It is curated for commercial and institutional spatial needs as it can be customized to any space. It flows seamlessly into the background and blends effortlessly into the design.

HUBB – Modular office furniture – elaboration  HUBB – Learning Environments (
HUBB – Modular office furniture  HUBB – Learning Environments (
HUBB – Modular office furniture_

































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