With innovation in materials, manufacturing techniques and evolving style, today the design of bathroom and kitchen fixtures has been elevated to artistic levels. It’s the same with the faucets. With their unique shapes, colors, textures and finishes, they add an elegant and astonishing visual appeal. Combine this with never-before-seen functional advantages, and they become the protagonist of the space.

Project Name: Faucets – Selection, Cleaning and Maintenance
Studio Name: Aman Anand

Faucets – Selection, Cleaning and Maintenance by Aman Anand - Sheet2
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However, such bespoke products need careful selection and taking care of in order to ensure durability and efficiency.

The selection of fixtures is usually made by the interior designer or architect, keeping the overall aesthetic of the space in mind. Explore the various options available vis-à-vis style, material, finish and functional features before you make your selection. There are many attractive shapes and finishes available. And also, energy and water saving features. The functions are mind-blowing too.

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Swiveling detachable spout ideal for the kitchen sink. Or a pull-out spray head included on the spout! Shower jets that give the sensation of immersion in a pleasant rainy experience. And many more.

Gold, bronze and shiny copper accents lend a luxurious vibe to the bathroom. Black chrome, black matt and brushed black chrome bring style and a glamorous mood. And a 22 carat-gold coating that adds a touch of preciousness to the space.

Faucets – Selection, Cleaning and Maintenance by Aman Anand - Sheet6
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Such fine products need periodic care and cleaning more effort than what is included in a basic house cleaning Always follow the installation and maintenance manuals provided by the seller. For example, most luxury faucets need to be installed at a certain water pressure, after making sure that the supply pipes are clean. You may even require to install valves with filter to prevent dirt from reaching the faucet.

The faucets need to be cleaned regularly to avoid limestone and dirt deposits. However, clean them using just water. Follow the instructions about what kind of cleaning agent can be used and in what proportion. And never use abrasive cleaning pads. Residues of liquid soaps, shampoos and shower gels need to be washed off using water then and there. Dirt and limestone can hinder the functioning of aerators over time, so you need to clean them by removing them and holding them under running water.

©Aman Anand

The upcoming faucets will focus more and more on enhancing the experience with striking silhouettes that add a sculptural element to the space, finishes that create a sophisticated environment and delightful performance.


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