Devin Booker is an American professional NBA basketball player for the Phoenix Suns. Born in 1996 in Michigan, he is the son of former NBA player Melvin booker. At 22, Booker became the youngest player in NBA history with consecutive 50-point games in March 2019. As with all great players, the basketball cooperates with him before forming the parabola through the basket. He is a young star on the rise. While people recognize him as a basketball player, his house demonstrates an even sharper grasp of physical details and the movement of objects in space. Let us discover Devin Booker’s Desert Oasis.  

Devin Booker sold his old Paradise valley home that he bought in 2017 for $3.45 million. In 2019, he purchased a 5,000-square-foot home in the Paradise Valley for $3.2 million. With the views of Camelback and Mummy Mountain in Paradise Valley of Arizona, this house consists of 4-bed, 4-bath along with a 4-car garage, a dining room with wine storage and a butler’s pantry, a chef’s kitchen, exercise room, private pool, and spa.

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Exterior view of Devin Booker’s Arizona abode_©

Approach to the house | Devin Booker House

The modern single-story home features spectacular views of the Phoenix Mountains Preserve. This drama, that immediate connection with the landscape, attracted Booker in the first place. When one approaches the house, it looks seemingly straightforward, appearing to look deceiving with not much going on. But once you enter and see the pool, the yard, and the adjoining rooms, it reveals the beautiful house. 

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Views of the nearby Phoenix Mountains Preserve from the house_©

The Idea behind the interiors

The NBA player considers himself fortunate to be surrounded by people with great style. Whenever he visited his friend’s homes, he was curious and keen to observe the spaces and interiors and stored all of what he saw in his memory. That curiosity is the reflection in his sleek Arizona abode.

Despite all the praise Booker receives as one of the league’s brightest young stars, his origins are as humble as they can be. When Devin was a kid growing up in Michigan, he used to close his eyes and imagine what his house might look like one day. Excluding the shape or size of the house, the interiors were always the same every time in his imagination. The interiors looked modern with a bit of nostalgia mixed in it. His dream is now a reality with the help of L.A. based firm Clements Design.

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Above an 18th-century Welsh console from Galerie Half hangs a Cy Twombly lithograph_©

The interior styling

The athlete entertains his towering teammates and friends in high style at his expansive home outside Phoenix. Using the existing architectural envelope, Clements and her team designed custom furniture that can accommodate bodies up to seven feet tall, working in collaboration with LA-based Karan Brady Interiors. For his very tall NBA teammates, there are 12 feet long sofas, to comfortably stretch out on and a custom poker table with plenty of leg space. The house is built in a modern architectural style, but Devin did not want to put modern furniture in it. He likes to collect different furniture pieces of the materials he likes and put them in the space. He is very sophisticated with his design choices and has an incredible ability to combine older items that look lived in with modern pieces.

Interior spaces

1.The Great Room | Devin Booker House

Beautiful views of the mountains come in from the great room. The large glass doors open up to Devin’s pool. The coffee table in the center is a big, heavy piece of a granite slab that took a process to bring in. Devin, who is originally from Michigan, grew up around a fire, so his great room features a fireplace below the television, where he prefers to keep the fire on. Fireplaces get used more often than one would expect in Arizona because of its cold winters.

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Moore & Giles suede (sofa), Fox Linton wool (lounge chairs), and Cowtan & Tout alpaca (wingback chairs) were selected by Clements Design for the great room_©

2. Living Room

When Devin has his NBA team over or has an event in the house, the living room is where they tend to meet, watch and play games. It features large sofas that fill up quickly as all his teammates are at least 6’5” tall. Devin wanted the whole space to look inviting, comforting, and grounded. He customized the game table in the living area, which gets used the most when his team comes over. They play Booray, UNO, Spades, and all kinds of games on that table. A bar designed next to the poker table is used hand in hand with the games.

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Organic textures and pale neutral tones fill the living room_©
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A walnut games table is surrounded by vintage armchairs from Lucca Antiques_©

3. Kitchen | Devin Booker House

Devin’s kitchen is placed next to the great room and is very spacious and inviting with two large islands with marble top. He does not cook much, having the food prepared by his chef. The space becomes an area for the people to come into, eat, chill and talk around. 

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On the kitchen counter, Thomas Hayes Studio stools are upholstered in Moore & Giles leather and Keleen Leathers shearling_©

4. Dining

Devin has his family and friends over a lot at his house. He likes to sit down for his dinner in a collective group and not go all over the house with the food. The dining chair and the chandelier over the dining table create a mid-century vibe much likable by Devin. A wine cellar is stuck on the right to the table. Devin has a big obsession with wine, which began with his trips to Napa Valley.

During one of his road trips with his girlfriend, supermodel Kendall Jenner, he visited ‘Roden Crater’, a large-scale artwork created by James Turrel within an extinct volcano. He was astonished by the experience and decided to purchase a signature Turrell LED wall sculpture for his dining room. It is one of his favorite pieces in the house. If one stares at it long enough, it appears like a floating box.

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Black walnut dining table and Pierre Jeanneret armchairs from Galerie Half are topped with a Franz West chain chandelier and James Turrell artwork on the wall_©

5. The Office | Devin Booker House

A vintage Italian leather couch dominates the design of the office. A strange shape desk occupies the bright corner of the room. A piece of art hangs behind the couch, and the materials of the furniture pieces make the area warm and cozy. The office space used to be Devin’s gaming room earlier, it took a lot for him to grow up and transform it into a proper office recently.

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The home office features a vintage Mario Bellini sofa from Wyeth above an artwork by Aythamy Armas_©
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In the home office, a Renzo Schirolli desk, circa 1950, anchors the space. From Lief are these 1940s sheepskin-covered chairs_©

6. The Bedroom

After a long day, Devin likes to clear his head and rest in his bedroom. The textures of the interiors are warm and grounded. The Large windows in the bedroom capture the view of the pool and the mountains behind. Devin doesn’t use the room much other than for sleeping. He gets a custom bed designed, one of the biggest beds he ever had.

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A vintage Arne Jacobsen Egg chair and an African stool from Lucca Antiques decorate the bedroom_©

7. The closet

A large section of the sneaker collection is seen in Devin’s wardrobe. Since childhood, he has been a big sneakerhead and collecting them, from which Converse is his favorite. Some of them are from 1985, which feel like art pieces for him. His closet truly reflects his choices, style, and character. 

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A Detailed Life organized and styled Booker’s closet_©

The outdoors | Devin Booker House

Booker’s expansive car collection occupies the large garage in the house. He is a classic car collector, been a family tradition for him now. He loves to have rides with his friends and have conversations in it. He dreams to get a warehouse one day and expand his collection even more. The backyard has a pool which is often used by Devin for relaxing or for entertainment. The backyard setup looks like courtyard style, where every section of the house faces towards the pool creating a perfect place to spend evenings at. 

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The garage where Booker keeps his collection of cars_©
David Booker with his dog Haven in the garage_©
Pool view, flanked by the main residence and guesthouse_©
Devin Booker in his garden_©



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