Ever wondered why home is so important to us? It aids reflect every choice, change, and important milestone in our lives. Hence, finding the home of your dream is a pretty exciting yet exhausting journey. It is not easy to call a place “home”. Through everyday behaviour and both conscious and subconscious choices, it is not only a place to relax and enjoy your time but also an indication of what you value and how that can change. If you look around your home, practically everything there is what it is and where it is because of something you did.

Designing your own home can be a pretty difficult process. Some people choose to go for an interior designer for many reasons, for instance, to avoid problems and sometimes the inability to imagine or determine the style of the home of their dreams, etc. Sure, you would like your home to be a special spot that is just yours, no matter how big or small the space. It is the things you surround and adorn your private space with that make it special. Therefore, if you make up your mind to go through this journey and enjoy decorating your own home and put your signature, here are some principles that are important to account for the right interior design:

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Unity in diversity: Every piece of furniture, colour, design, and texture must work together in consistency despite each holding its appeal.

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Unity in diversity between colors and textures _ ©https://www.designcafe.com/interior-design/1bhk-interior-design/

Balancing and Harmony: Interior design is finding the balance between colour schemes and objects, which influence aesthetically pleasing to our senses. Balance has many forms, whether it is symmetrical, asymmetrical, or radial.  

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A perfectly symmetrical gallery wall_©https://www.designcafe.com/guides/all-about-symmetrical-balance-in-interior-design/

Finding the rhythm: Like any other art form, interior design must also follow the fundamentals of rhythm and style and its diversity.

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rhythm in interior design _©https://www.designcafe.com/guides/all-about-symmetrical-balance-in-interior-design/

Creating the emphasis: You have to choose a focal point in your space that holds it all together, whether it’s objects, colours, patterns, and textures.

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The focal point in Indian homes incorporates an “aangan”_ ©https://www.nobroker.in/blog/1-bhk-interior-design-ideas/#design-principles-that-matter

Proportion & scale: Objects must be in contrast with each other; for example, if you hang a large size frame, it shouldn’t be more than 2/third the size of the couch below.

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The  proportion between the large art frame and the couch below_©https://treehouse.co/us/blog/5-gorgeous-ideas-for-bohemian-style-interior-design.html

While these principles are important and will guide you through the process of designing the home of your dream. 1 BHK home is hard to contain every piece of furniture you want in your home as it usually has an area of 400 to 650 square feet. Although the limited square footage makes it challenging to accommodate multiple functions and suitable storage, with smart planning, designing an efficient 1-BHK home can be possible. These tips can help you to create a well-designed home full of personality, style, and functionality:

Tip: Use Neutral Colors

Painting is the easiest and best way to make a space look higher, brighter, and spacious, as well as give your home a calm and peaceful vibe. You can go for the neutral colour for three walls and keep the bolder colours for accent walls. The combination of neutrals and bold colours lend a soft and clean touch to your home and makes it feel clean and fresh.

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neutral wall paint_©https://interiordesignideas.web.app/simple-1-bhk-room-interior-design-ideas.html

Tip: Pick Convertible Furniture to Save Space

Multifunctional or convertible furniture can make your 1BHK home seem spacious and uncluttered. There are several sleek and elegant convertible furniture options, for instance, a sofa-cum-bed, that you can roll out when needed. You can invest in a drop-leaf dining table that you have to pull out only for meals or a fold-down work desk. It will save you a lot of space in your 1 BHK home.

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Drop-leaf dining table _©https://www.godownsize.com/cheap-space-saving-furniture/

Tip: Optimize Storage by Turning Wall Niches into Storage Space

Take benefit of wall niches to make the best of your 1BHK home interior design on a low budget. If you have a floor-to-ceiling wall, install a cupboard for ample storage space. You can go for converting your headboard into niche storage or as a display space for plants and decoration.

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Headboard storage _©https://www.houzz.in/photos/brahegatan-28-phvw-vp~118483506

Tip: Eliminate Solid Walls

Alternatively, partition walls and a practical way to make the space uncluttered and open. Partitions have several options, whether in materials, patterns, and design.

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Opening shelves as a partition designed by Jannat Vasi Interior Design _©https://www.houzz.in/photos/pop-art-home-phvw-vp~163242184

Tip: Add Mirrors

Mirrors can make your home create the illusion of a larger space. You can place it behind the chairs on the floor or hang it on a wall.

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Mirror rested on the wall beside the couch _©https://sawdust2stitches.com/how-to-build-large-floor-leaner-mirror/

Tip: Mezzanine Bed Box for Adding an Extra Space 

The mezzanine bed box is a great idea if you want to have more space and take the most advantage of your place.

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Mezzanine bed box _ ©https://www.wdmws.com/?product_id=219400978_89

Tip: Consider an Open Layout

This idea can add spaciousness and allows adequate circulation space in your place.

open kitchen_ https://www.designcafe.com/blog/home-interiors/1bhk-interior-design-ideas/

“Home” is more than just a place; it is a shelter, a safe one where you can take a break from life’s roller coaster. Designing your home is a long journey. Therefore, you must celebrate every small nook and corner of creating a place you feel you belong. Hence, adopting “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” in designing your interior is the key to having a peaceful and well-designed dream home. Your journey of designing your dream home will pay off when you feel like every piece of furniture tells a story about you and describe you in one way or another.


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