The Covid-19 pandemic changed lifestyles drastically, making them more sedentary.  People were confined to their homes and work from home was implemented. Students hooped up in their rooms attending online classes and adults hooked onto screens very well lead to bad posture and poor eyesight. The best solution is an office desk to create an environment required and fit for work. Depending on the needs and purpose different types of office desks can be set up at home to continue working efficiently no matter the situation or time. 

Here are 15 home office desks:

1.Writing Desk | Home Office Desks

Writing desks are one of the most basic types of office desks. It provides a platform to arrange just what you need to complete a work task. This type of office desk can be positioned almost anywhere in a home to make a small office bubble.

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WritingDesk_Nathan James

2. Shell Desk

This is a desk you usually see at corporate offices that can just as well be used at home.

The design of this office desk is self-explanatory, it is the outside of any ordinary desk. It consists of a top and two sides. There is ample space behind the desk to arrange materials like books, binders, etc, or install other shelves if needed. This helps hide any unwanted clutter.

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3. Executive Desk | Home Office Desks

If you want to feel on top of the world while you work this desk is for you. An executive desk will upgrade your home office as it provides a spacious work surface and has lots of storage room for files and books. These desks should be placed in specific areas as their surroundings need to compliment them. Generally, it is placed in front of an equally imposing bookshelf and chair.

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4. Foldable Desk

Foldable desks allow users to dismantle the work atmosphere as and when needed. They provide a sturdy work surface without occupying too much space. Foldable desks come in various sleek designs that adapt well to homes. Some of us can’t stick to one room to work or study. This is efficiently solved with the foldable office desks. They can be assembled anywhere and put away effortlessly.

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5. Standing desk | Home Office Desks

Sitting all day can destroy posture and stiffen up muscles. Standing desks are great to allow different stances while attending an online meeting. These wooden standing desks help you to maintain the optimum posture. Instead of high chairs, desk cycles are a smart alternative to break a sweat while attending a long lecture. 

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6. Floating desk

When you have limited floor space and small workspaces, floating desks will provide the perfect workplace. With little installation time and few parts, a floating desk is an easy option for anyone. Even when considering the budget, they are quite affordable.  The desk itself is a piece of art when compared to an outdated slate resting on four legs. 

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7. Ladder desk | Home Office Desks

A ladder desk or a leaning desk is perfect to keep in your living room, bedroom or office. It is so compact and helps maximize limited spaces. A slender design that takes advantage of height to arrange plant souvenirs or anything that suits you.

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8. L-Shaped desk

Empty corners can be so frustrating and L-shaped desks are made to fill them. These office desks provide not one but two workspaces. This helps organize home offices. These L-shaped don’t compulsorily need corners but are perfect for creating spaces. The L-shaped creates a corner to space thus making it more dynamic

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9. Height adjustable desk

Some design of the height adjustable desk is ideal for work that requires drafting and many artists. These office desks are suitable for growing kids so they can adjust the height of their desks to their comfort. This desk can also be used as a standing desk.


10. Pedestal desk | Home Office Desks

A vintage pedestal desk would remind anyone of mystery movies that had treasure maps hidden in bureau desks. A pedestal desk rests on two pedestals that could be drawers or shelves. For smaller spaces home offices can be created with a pedestal desk. This office desk provides an orderly study.


11. Overbed desk 

The overbed desk is an angel for those days you just can’t get out of bed. Initially, these desks were found commonly in hospitals, but now they are also used in homes to allow undisturbed work from home. Another advantage of overbed desks is that they are easily portable.


12. Secretary desk

Secretary desks date back to the 18th century. The key factor of a secretary’s desk is the upper board that folds down to create a writing surface. This board hides the small shelves and drawers that are on top of the secretary’s desk. The secretary desk provides functional office space with just enough space for everything.


13. Honore Desk | Home Office Desks

The Honore Desk designed by Pierre-Francois creates a discrete yet functional workspace. The design is very modern and suits any elegant atmosphere. The piece on the desk covers a box in which gadget wires can be hidden. It is a futuristic and minimal take on the traditional secretary desk.


14. Trestle Desk

A trestle desk is ideally a desk that rests on two legs instead of four. The two legs are called trestles. It has the right amount of space to keep a laptop and do work. It calms down the stress from all the office load with its simple and cozy design.


15. Armoire Desk | Home Office Desks

Somewhat similar to the secretary desk, the armoire desk is purposed to hide all the office work with its environment. It is perfect to clean-up all the clutter because all you have to do is close the armoire and voila! It’s a wardrobe.


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