Sebastian Bergne is a popular British Industrial Designer famous for making everyday objects. He uses his essential and human approach to design, which is very unique. Sebastian Bergne designs products for restaurants, retailers, and individuals. He has a team of designers, with whom, he works as an external Industrial design facility for international brands. After graduating from The Royal College of Art in 1990, he set up his design studio in London. 

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Additionally, he set up his commercial studio in London the same year, and then a second in Bologna Italy. His products range from corkscrews to frying pans and kettles to pencil dice. His wide variety of clients includes Epson, Authentics, P&G, Swarovski, Vitra, Lexon, and so on. Bergne received many awards in his career, including awards such as Red Dot, iF Product Design Award, and Design Plus. 

Below are the 10 famous products by Sebastian Bergne. 

1. Iron By Slide | Sebastian Bergne

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Dimensions: 1210 X 920 X 450 mm
Material: Polyethylene
Family: Iron

The concept behind this product is that a symbol of strength and structure has been bent by the power of the creative mind. This bench balances a discrete form in a minimal way. However, it gives a strong sculptural presence when it is used. 

2. Volta ® by Play+

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Volta-« by Play+_©

Dimensions: 650 X 510 X 380 mm
Material: Fireproof sofficel, covered in washable self-extinguishing and water-repellent ecosoftx, removable cover
Family: Volta ®

This armchair can be used in different ways. The peculiar ashlar shape allows the chairs to be arranged in a semicircle. This creates an amphitheater seat or an arch. The chairs are designed in such a way that they are rotatable at 90 degrees.

3. Curl by Luceplan | Sebastian Bergne

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Curl by LUCEPLAN_©

Dimensions: L210 X H 260 mm
Material: Injection-molded polycarbonate
Family: Curl

This table lamp is one of the most unique products by Sebastian Burge. The design expresses Bergne’s complex thinking in which he balanced proportions and a natural sculptural presence. It contains a special LED module that performs a variation of the temperature of white light. There is also a switch at the center of the base that has a dimmer function.

4. Double Shelf XL by Tolix

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Double Shelf by Tolix_©

Dimensions: H255 X L650/990 X 215 mm
Material: Aluminum
Family: Double Shelf

Sebastian Bergne made use of two aluminum trays that slide into the other. This shelf can be enlarged or shortened by a gentle pull and push while it is still fixed to the wall. It is suitable for carrying books, music collections, or small decorative elements. This shelf gives a distinctive decorative element to the living room.

5. Flap Desk by Tolix | Sebastian Bergne

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Flap Desk by Tolix_©Pinterest

Dimensions: L1050 X P570 X H750 mm
Material: Steel
Family: Flap Desk

Tolix furniture is now an icon of industrial esthetics due to its solidity, progressive design, and great built quality. This flap desk has a convenient size for small spaces. It can store documents and pens out of sight, underneath its two flaps. The desk also has a hole in the back for cables.

6. Simple Peg Coat Hooks by Tolix

07_Simple Peg Coat Hooks by Tolix_-¬Pinterest
07_Simple Peg Coat Hooks by Tolix_-¬Pinterest

Dimensions: H180 X L345 mm
Material: Metal
Family: Coat Hooks

This is one of the famous products by Sebastian Bergne that combines industrial aesthetics, built quality, and great flexibility. The modular design allows the customer to combine many elements together to create an artistic multitude of hooks. The coat hooks consist of hexagonal elements, giving a decorative interior design feature. 

7. 2D Stool and Table by Smarin

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2D Table and Stool_©

Dimensions: Varies on Demand
Material: Oak
Family: 2D stool & table

Another one of the notable products by Sebastian Bergne are these 2D stools and tables by Smarin. They will be hanged on the walls most of the time. However, when needed, they can be quickly assembled using magnets. After assembling, they become a 3D object, strangely different from its 2D counterpart.

8. Square by TOG | Sebastian Bergne

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Square by TOG_</span><b>©</b><span style="font-weight: 400;"></span>
Square by TOG_©

Dimensions: H800 X W530 X D500 mm
Material: Aluminum, plastic, wood
Family: Square

Each chair can be selected or customized by the customer with a few key elements. This allows the customer to create their unique or standard products. This is a stackable chair available in many colors and materials. Square by TOG is ideally suited for gardens, restaurants, and cafes.

9. Coat Rack by Tolix

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Coat Rack by Tolix_</span><b>©</b><span style="font-weight: 400;"></span>
Coat Rack by Tolix_©

Dimensions: H1680 X L520 X P470 mm
Material: Metal
Family: Family Tree

This distinctive coat rack has a unique three-sided shape. It has an effective way of adding decorative elements to the entrance. This coat rack has six hooks, which means that the whole family can hang up their coats and belongings.

10. Umbrella Holder by Tolix | Sebastian Bergne

<span style="font-weight: 400;">Umbrella Holder by Tolix_</span><b>©</b><span style="font-weight: 400;"></span>
Umbrella Holder by Tolix_©

Dimensions: H580 X L415 X P365 mm
Material: Metal
Family: Family Tree

This product by Sebastian Bergne combines the quality of metal and finishes it with a simple and contemporary design. This makes it a long-lasting and versatile product. This umbrella holder by Tolix uses the brand’s signature sheet metal manufacture and clever designs to ensure less wastage of the materials during production.

Through these products, we can say that Sebastian Bergne leads a process of making everyday products special. He works within the constraints of appropriate manufacturing techniques that allow him to design products that are engaging for the design. His studio has a solid background in traditional product developments that gives his studio the grounding to engage in more individual and less product-based design activities such as bespoke development and design strategy. 


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