In the heart of Berlin, pulsating with urban vitality, EcoUrbane Haven emerges as a 240m²
rooftop sanctuary within a storied historical edifice. Conceived by the visionary architects at HAA&D, this project epitomizes the fusion of contemporary design with an unwavering
commitment to ecological consciousness.

Project Name: EcoUrbane Haven / S04
Studio Name: HAA&D
Completion Year: 2023
Gross Built Area (m2/ f2): 240 m2
Project Location: Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg), Germany
Lead Architects: Hagar Abiri
Photographer: Giulia Maretti

S04 by HAA&D-Sheet1
©Giulia Maretti

EcoUrbane Haven is a testament to our aspiration to seamlessly integrate the outdoor and
indoor realms, fostering an atmosphere of luminosity and serenity. The open floor plan
serves as the canvas upon which this vision unfolds, harmonizing functionality with
aesthetics. Every detail, from the sleek black wood cupboards to the gleaming stainless steel island, exudes sophistication.

S04 by HAA&D-Sheet4
©Giulia Maretti

The journey to realize EcoUrbane Haven was not devoid of challenges. Balancing reverence
for historical preservation with a vision of modern living demanded ingenuity. Yet, this
interplay sparked creativity, transforming potential setbacks into opportunities for artistic
expression. Through meticulous planning and precise execution, the project transcended
hurdles, embodying a synthesis of tradition and innovation.

S04 by HAA&D-Sheet6
©Giulia Maretti

Central to the ethos of this architectural marvel is a steadfast dedication to sustainability,
evident in every material choice. We consciously embrace local resources, exemplified by the natural wood sourced from a nearby family-owned enterprise. This choice is not merely
aesthetic; it reflects a deliberate effort to minimize the project’s environmental footprint.
The construction process itself mirrors modern ingenuity, seamlessly blending form and

Eva Jablonsky’s artistic contribution, a monumental painting adorning the space, underscores our commitment to community collaboration. The verdant expanse, crafted with entirely organic elements, seamlessly integrates nature and design, echoing our landscape partner’s commitment to sustainable practices. The skilled craftsmanship of a trusted local carpentry company adds depth to this narrative, showcasing a fusion of quality workmanship and regional partnerships.

S04 by HAA&D-Sheet7
©Giulia Maretti

The apartment’s spatial configuration bears witness to the marriage of form and function.
Every element, from furniture selection to lighting and ventilation, is meticulously curated toenhance the sense of openness and airiness. In partnership with Flos, HAA&D meticulously planned the light layout, recognizing its pivotal role in successful interior design.


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