Are you considering moving to Bakersfield, CA? This vibrant city located in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley offers a unique blend of small-town charm and big-city opportunities. 

Situated just a short drive from some of California’s most iconic destinations, like Los Angeles and San Francisco, Bakersfield is a hidden gem that’s worth exploring.

This comprehensive guide has all the essential details you need to know before packing your bags and calling Bakersfield your new home. They include.

Cost Of Living

One of the primary considerations when relocating is the cost of living. Compared to other cities in California, Bakersfield has one of the lowest costs of living in the state. 

For instance, a gallon of milk averages out at approximately $3.50 while a high-speed internet package can cost around $50 per month. Utility bills such as water and electricity are also reasonably priced. The average monthly electric bill for residents adds up to around $100.

According to the Council for Community and Economic Research (C2ER), Bakersfield’s cost of living index is 94.9 which is considerably lower than the national average benchmark set at 100! 

This means that the overall cost of goods and services in Bakersfield is nearly 5% lower than the national benchmark.

Housing Options

When it comes to housing options—Bakersfield offers an extensive range of choices including cozy single-family homes or snazzy apartments with modern vibes. 

The median home price in Bakersfield is roughly $300K which makes it far more accessible and affordable than many other Californian markets. Rental prices are also fairly inexpensive. 

You can expect to pay around $1,000 per month for a one-bedroom apartment.

Furthermore, the real estate market in Bakersfield provides families with an assortment of living choices that cater to different budgets and lifestyles. 

If you have been long eyeing the American dream of homeownership, then Bakersfield is just the place for you. 

The city offers spacious single-family homes equipped with big yards and usually, they are priced much lower than those found elsewhere in other states. These houses typically range from $250K to $450K but can vary based on specifics like size, location, and amenities offered.

And if you love the convenience of living in an apartment — fret not! Bakersfield has seen a surge in well-furnished complexes that include amenities such as fitness centers, pools, and community spaces. 

On average, these rental units can be found for $800 to $1,500 per month.

Crime Rates

According to FBI reports Bakersfield’s violent crime rate is roughly 5.8 per 1,000 residents. This figure is slightly higher compared to the national average which stands at 4.0 per 1,000 residents. 

However, property crime rates in Bakersfield are approximately 27.5 per 1,000 residents, which is lower than the national average of 27.9 per 1,000. 

While these statistics may seem concerning, it’s important to note that Bakersfield has taken proactive steps to address crime and improve public safety. 

The city has implemented various initiatives, such as community policing programs and neighborhood watch groups, to foster a safer environment for residents.

When moving to Bakersfield, it’s a good idea to look into the different neighborhoods and the crime rates that come with them. Some places, such as downtown and eastern Bakersfield, may have higher crime numbers than other parts of town. 

Don’t worry though. By keeping an eye on your surroundings and taking the right precautions you’ll be able to fully enjoy your time in Bakersfield.

Economy And Job Opportunities

As far as the economy is concerned, agriculture, oil, and energy rule this town with companies like Chevron being a major employer along with Bolthouse Farms and Kern County just to name a few. 

However, the job market is quite broad here offering positions in healthcare, Education, and retail, among others.

Overall, Bakersfield’s diverse economy and various industries ensure that there are ample job opportunities for individuals with a wide range of skills and experience levels. Whether you’re seeking a career in agriculture, energy, healthcare, or another field, Bakersfield’s job market offers compelling options for those looking to relocate.

Outdoor Activities

It is now time to discuss what everyone’s here for. The outdoors! Bakersfield is surrounded by natural beauty and recreational opportunities. For instance, the Sierra Nevada mountains, which are a short drive away offer hikers, climbers, and campers so much to see and do.

The Kern River is another great place to go. With it being one of the only large rivers in California that stays open year-round, it attracts all sorts of water sports enthusiasts from rafters to anglers.

For sure, this river is a popular spot for outdoor enthusiasts. During the warmer months, you can swim and superbly fish here. You can also go whitewater rafting if you are up for some adventure. If that’s not enough, there are hiking trails everywhere like in the nearby Sequoia National Forest.

Bakersfield also has an impressive network of parks and recreational areas, like Panorama Vista Preserve and the Bakersfield River Walk that are well taken care of. These spaces offer ample opportunities for leisurely activities such as picnicking, birdwatching, and peaceful strolls so residents can truly take in nature’s beauty.

Culture And Community Life

When it comes to culture and community life, Bakersfield knows how to showcase its goods by hosting several annual events, such as the notably known Bakersfield Music Festival and Kern County Fair where art, music, and cuisine are displayed locally throughout various performances.

The people of Bakersfield take pride in their cultural heritage with a deep appreciation for traditions that have shaped their city over time. The aforementioned Kern County Fair – which rolls out carnival rides, and livestock exhibitions – serves as a much-anticipated event to honor the region’s agricultural roots with an array of local food vendors who set up shop alongside craft vendors.

There are also some community-driven organizations and initiatives that residents enjoy such as the Bakersfield Museum of Art which is a platform for local, and regional artists to show off their work and share it with others. Besides, the Kern County Library system offers cultural events like educational programs and book clubs.

Transportation System

Bakersfield is very well connected. Its public transportation includes buses and commuter rail services, both being effective. 

The city also has easy access to major highways which makes it suitable for those who prefer driving themselves around. However, it’s worth noting that during peak hours, traffic congestion can occur — especially in downtown areas.

The Kern Regional Transit system is the primary provider of public transportation in Bakersfield. 

It offers a network of bus routes that connect various neighborhoods and destinations throughout the city; operating on regular schedules making them convenient options for most residents looking to commute to work or run errands.


One thing for sure is that Bakersfield has a type of perfection that is rare to find. It’s the best blend of small-town charm with big-city opportunities. All those looking for a budget-friendly place to live, and still live in high-quality life should consider it. 

From its diverse job market and education system to its abundance of outdoor activities and vibrant community events, Bakersfield offers something for everyone regardless of age or interest.

As you plan your move, remember to hire professional Bakersfield movers. This will make your transition easier and stress-free. 

With their expertise and resources, the company can help you through the logistics of your relocation so that you concentrate on settling into your new home without a hassle


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