Architects Magazines – Architecture is known to be a field of modernization that is true in being known as a timeless and everlasting journey of knowledge and its application. The domain of architecture is one of the few that grows along the trail of eras. 

Architecture is a plethora of possibilities that are to be explored and experimented with, as the field itself yearns for endurance that has a perpetual impact on the imminent cultures.

The Latest Dynamism on The Architecture Front Through the Looking Glass of Publications

The world of learning doesn’t predispose between professions, so if you are an architect, designer, or just a design enthusiast, or even a complete novice to this field, publications truly help in keeping oneself apprised of the neoteric designs in the field. On a simpler note, these publications aren’t just a coveted means of keeping in style, they become of relevance in terms of highlighting contemporary designs along with harmonized aesthetic content.

So, here are the top 10 picks for ‘must read’ Magazines that should be on every design bibliophile’s list.

1. Archdaily | Architects Magazines

Location: Santiago, Region Metropolitana
Genre: Architecture, Design
Reach: International

Considered as one of the world’s largest architecture platforms that have massively boomed over the past years for its salient project and features as well as user-friendly modes of data distribution. It is a media page that dedicates to cutting-edge projects and up-and-coming trends in the field of architecture. Just as the webpage name suggests it is a daily dosage of architecture that is desirable for everyone in this society. 

This is one of the most sought out architecture webpages by architects, students, and even just plain enthusiasts for their diverse and sought-out projects. A single click away, the website is an open portal to the undiscovered and impending architecture masterworks.

10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet1
Archdaily Webpage- Photo by Vismitha Yaji

2. Dezeen

Location: London, UK
Genre: Architecture, Design, Interiors
Reach: International

A worldwide popular mega-site for designers, Dezeen has been established as one of the biggest global online pages for architects and has remained at the top for the past few years and continues to deliver the hottest trends and news. One of their major facets is to be nominal and candid about the current scenarios in the architecture fraternity. 

Dezeen is a sought-out webzine that provides news, trends, and the latest colossal projects in the market.

10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet2
Dezeen Official Webpage- Photo by Vismitha Yaji
10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet3
CAVACIOCCHI.R(2021).Dezeen Magazine[Photograph]

3. Architectural Digest | Architects Magazines

Location: USA, Regional Based
Genre: Architecture, Design, Lifestyle
Reach: Regional

A magazine that pleases the readers with on-point articles based locally as well as internationally. The magazine uses visual aid that thrills architects and customary readers too. The narrative of the magazine is direct and centers around the common perception of space and well-being. 

As the main motto of the magazine is to engage the audience, every article is a visual-aided journey narrated in the perception of how it has changed the architecture commune. The conclusive outcome is to gather analogous thinking cliques to create a broader and well-versed society. Architectural Digest, is not just fragmented to the design-related aspect, but also the lifestyle it sets in for the fraternity.

10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet4
Architecture Digest Webpage
10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet5

4. Domus

Location: Rozzano, Milan
Genre: Mainly Architecture and Design, Interiors, Sustainability
Reach: Regional Based, International

Mainly based in Italy, the magazine is within reach via offline and online modes. Its visionary outlook is to put on view the prescience of architecture and foresee its evolution henceforth. The publication visualizes not only the growth in the professional forefront but also publishes many articles connecting travel and urbanism

The articles usually are tailor-made based on the regional ethos as well as international perspectives.

10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet6
10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet7

5. Icon | Architects Magazines

Location: London, UK (Main Branch), Shanghai, Glasgow, Cape Town
Genre: Architecture, Design
Reach: Mainly Europe and certain specific countries

The British magazine has been prevalent towards the architecture community majorly in Europe and parts of Asia and Africa. The iconic magazine is accessible digitally as well as through subscriptions. The magazine covers the recent trends and sets forth the up-and-coming news in the profession. 

The publications widely advertise profound architect-led interviews and in turn dedicating even a media platform for people to raise their ideas and outlooks. One of the highly pursued magazines not only limited by architects or designers but looked for even by fashion icons.

10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet8
Fouillet.F (2019). Icon Cover from the Collasal series [Photograph]
10 Magazines architects/designers must read to keep themselves updated - Sheet9
Fouillet.F (2019). Icon Cover from the Collasal series [Photograph]

6. El Croquis

Location: Madrid, Spain
Genre: Architecture Journal
Reach: Europe, Asia, Australia, America

As a magazine that holds the crown of the most prestigious journal of Spain, it is renounced as a widely subscribed hardcover magazine that is distributed internationally and covers more than 1000 issues already. The journal compiles into various volumes each dedicated to many of the Pritzker Awardees; Rem Koolhas, Alvaro Siza, Rafael Moneo, and so on many other awardees have their dedicated volumes and are considered to be their oeuvre complete.

The main editors were even bestowed with a fellowship in RIBA and are widely interpreted as a beacon of inspiration to young minds by their selective publications. The editorial has also taken the initiative to even compete in an exhibition about housing largely architectural models.


7. Dwell

Location: USA
Genre: Design, Technological Advancement
Reach: International

Dwell has been popular in the US for quite a long period. The publication dedicates its pages to mainly residential improvements and featurette including technological advancements in terms of home safety. The magazine is widely recognized for its unpretentious and meek means of stating the vogues of the latest designs. Its simple and humble show of works gives undivided attention even for an ordinary, run-of-the-mill society. 

The magazine has gained mass popularity even in the media and entertainment industry and has been hinted at on several occasions. This is a publication that is visible on most of the countertops of any kitchen in the States.


8. Detail | Architects Magazines

Location: Munich, Germany
Genre: Architecture and Construction Journal
Reach: International (up to 80 countries)

A professional journal that explores the ideas of futuristic and modern architecture and construction. Unlike the previously mentioned magazines and journals DETAIL provides as the name says details of a specific project, each article precisely speaks about a particular principal feature either like a roof or a column detail. 

Moreover, the article doesn’t just represent the assets of the design with just textual reference but with plans, sections and details again. However, the magazine itself speaks in a more professional forefront and is thus more appealing to the audience from the architecture and construction kinship.

<i><span style="font-weight: 400;">Detail webpage- Photo by Vismitha Yaji</span></i>
Detail webpage- Photo by Vismitha Yaji

9. Architects Journal

Location: London, UK
Genre: Architecture, Design, Media
Reach: International

Considering the uprising of the majority of the young architect fraternity is media frenzy it makes all the more sense to target such zones. The Architect’s Journal is one such webzine that dictates its audience to be more interactive and updated about the design community through other extensions and not just publications. 

The magazine reforms itself through recent news, podcasts as well as keep the readers entertained and updated by bringing in the latest and in trend movies that echo designer aspects. Published by Metropolis International, is the best fit for any upcoming novice to gain popularity for their works.

architect journal_©Alison Brooks Architects Ltd.jpg
architect journal_©Alison Brooks Architects Ltd.jpg
<i><span style="font-weight: 400;">Architect’s Journal official Page- Photo by Vismitha Yaji</span></i>
Architect’s Journal official Page- Photo by Vismitha Yaji

10. Indian Architect And Builders | Architects Magazines

Location: Mumbai, India
Genre: Architecture, Construction, Sustainability
Reach: Regional, International

One of the oldest architecture magazines and placed in the top three in India, The Indian Architect and Builder is the most staple necessity in any architecture school in India. Extensively displaying the works of Indian Architect, the magazine is yet widely distributed to many foreign countries. 

Being an Indian Architect, this journal is a replica in the factual format of Indian Architecture content, regional popularity, and contemporary works that are usually discussed on their ‘The 361˚’ platform.


Architecture- A Promising Arena With Lots of Possibilities Yet to Explore.

As the technology gains an upper hand on every forefront, architecture curbs this idea into its very own façade making its unique facet. The world of readers always thrives as long as the content can be fathomed even by a layman. Magazines have allowed us to explore the unexplored in the comfort of sitting on a chair and achieving the maximum. 

As a designer, the best way to unwind your creativity would be to reconnoiter the world of architecture through the vision of publications. 


VismithaYaji is an aspiring designer and a writer who is currently working in the field of Architecture & Design. She has recently decided to put her passion for writing on the front stage and has been contributing to many on-going competitions and anthologies. Being an ardent fan of motivational quotes, poetry, and designing, she is often seen questioning the current trends in a divergent and unique fashion.She enjoys a philosophical approach to life and is keen on learning and developing new skills. Being a person who has traveled and has often shifted from place to place, she has been able to explore and appreciate various cultures and lifestyles. She enjoys traveling, sketching,anything related to music or movies, and once in a while the rare opportunities of photography. Her approach towards writing is inspired by life and its unexpected turn of events. Most of her works in any field, whichever it may be reflects these ideologies and beliefs. She pushes herself to discover newer approaches in the field of design and create modernistic conclusions.