1.  CMG Headquarter, China

A perspective view – CMG Headquarter

Year: 2012
Type: Skyscraper
Location: East Third Ring Road, Guanghua Road, Beijing, China

2. Casa da Música, Portugal

Facade View – Casa da Música

Year: 2005
Type: Theatre
Location: Cedofeita, Santo Ildefonso, Sé, Miragaia, São Nicolau e Vitória

3. Seattle Central Library

Exterior View – Seattle Central Library

Year: 2004
Type: Public Library
Location: 1000 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, Washington

4. Embassy of the Netherlands in Berlin

A View from the roadway – Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre

Year: 2004
Type: Public
Location: Berlin, Germany

5. De Rotterdam

Front Elevation – De Rotterdam

Year: 2013
Type: Residence, Office, Leisure
Location: Rotterdam (Wilhelmina Pier)

6. 121 East 22nd, New York

A view from exterior – 121 East & 22nd street

Type: Mixed use
Location: New York

7. The Factory, England

Front Elevation – The Factory (Manchester)

Year: 2014
Type: Theatre
Location: Former Granada TV Studios, Water Street, Manchester, M60 9EA England

8. Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Front Elevation – Garage Museum of Contemporary Art

Year: 2008
Type: Art Museum
Location: Moscow, Russia

9. Torre Bicentenario

A perspective view – Torre Bicentenario

Year: 2007
Type: Commercial
Location: Pedregal 24, Molino del Rey, Lomas de Chapultepec, Mexico City

10. Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

An exterior View –  Dee and Charles Wyly Theatre

Year: 2009
Type: Theatre
Location: Dallas Arts District, 2403 Flora Street, Dallas, United States

11. Seoul National University Museum of Art, Korea

An exterior view from the pathway – Seoul National University Museum of Art

Year: 2003-2005
Type: Museum/Gallery
Location: Seoul, Korea

12. Shenzhen Stock Exchange, China

Front Exterior View – Shenzhen Stock Exchange

Year: 2006
Type: Stock exchange
Location: Shenzhen, China

13. Serpentine Galleries, London

Front View – Serpentine Sackler Gallery

Year:  2006
Type: Art Galleries
Location: Kensington Gardens, London, W2, United Kingdom

14. McCormick Tribune Campus Center, US

Perspective View – McCormick Tribune Campus Center

Year:  2003
Type: Institutional
Location: Chicago, US

15. Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, US

An exterior view – Guggenheim Hermitage Museum

Year: 2002
Type: Museum
Location: The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino, Las Vegas, Nevada, US

16. Second Stage Theater, US

A perspective view – Second Stage Theater

Year: 1999
Type: Theatre
Location: Manhattan, New York, US

17. Kunsthal, Rotterdam, Netherland

A perspective view from front – Kunsthal

Year: 1993
Type: Art Museum
Location: Rotterdam, Netherlands

18. Nederlands Dans Theater

Front View – Nederlands Dans Theater

Year: 1988
Type: Dance Theatre
Location: The Hague, Netherland

19. Euralille, France

Exterior View – Euralille

Location: France

20. Milstein Hall at Cornell University

Side View – Milstein Hall at Cornell University

Year: 2011
Type: Student Hall
Location: Ithaca, New York, USA

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