With every New Year, hops in the celebrated trend of goal setting and aiming for something new and better, looking forward to the enhanced version of you. A similar case can be seen in many creative fields around us. New Year is the time where new fresh ideas are at their inception. These ideas may be put forth previously but adapted in most creative ways, or, simply new ideas fighting to mark and prove their position. Here are a few such ideas that work as a base to form 10 new trends in the field of architecture for this coming year.

1. Green buildings: beyond solar panels | New trends

With the overall climatic situation at concern, the architects are contributing towards caring for the environment by adopting new building technologies in combination with the passive methods,  to design sustainable structures. Green buildings are getting a new look in terms of different strategies, such as a sustainable material palette, which includes local materials, reducing transportation costs and energy consumption for the same. One of the prominently known techniques, green roofs, the roofs with plantation is to be considered as the trend-setting feature for this upcoming year.

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2. New material palette: Steel structures on the rise

One of the most efficient design materials, steel is to be seen in many upcoming landmark structures. The material which is used as a combination material in conventional Indian architecture is now set to take the limelight. With its properties of efficiency and sustainability, steel is the new preferred material by many in the field of architecture. With its speedy construction technology, it also stands out as a cost-effective material. Said so, 2021 has to offer us many small and medium scale structures in this palette. 

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3. Minimalism is back in town | New trends

Got bored with the huge concrete framings and the half brick thick parapets, not to worry, this New Year we are to get a treat from the creative minds, as minimalism is back in town. As discussed, with the new construction typologies, many architects are moving towards getting the meaning of their work through the core and basics of the design.

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4. Redevelopment: losing the real city essence?

One of the trends which make us stop and think about the development patterns, and whether we are willing to continue it, is redevelopment in many of the cities. With the industry experiencing a boom in redevelopment, this stands third on the list of top trends for 2021. This boom yet makes us reconsider the losing scales and community essence. A trend may not be that healthy if exploited in extreme manners, with aiming for profits as the end goal.

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5. Gated townships on a rise: hello new architectural characters at every block | New trends

In relation to the previous topic, this trend is allowing us to witness varied architectural characters, such as European one, typical material saving one, the one with making more profit type or any such, at a huge scale. But the question is do we really need micro cities within our own city, which is placed within kilometres’ distance. This trend of individualism is definitely on a rise for 2021, but it’s up to the end-user to really give it aesthetic approval. 

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6. New social spaces

With the smart cities project on the rise, many public spaces got the spotlight, as a remarkable impact of them was seen in overall intangible development aspects of the cities. The designed as well as the rectified public areas allowed people to interact and connect. This might have been on the decrease for a small period due to the pandemic, but still, in the long run, they are of really good benefits. So to have healthy social spaces, the smart cities projects are in line to offer it all in 2021.

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7. DIY landscape project

With the lockdowns in place, many of us got a chance to explore hobbies. With a range of social media offering tutorials, the DIY landscape projects got a head start. This trend was appreciated by so many that it marks as an important one in 2021. The trend got highlighted as it allowed getting the essence of ourselves in the project, giving a sense of belonging. So keep your gardening equipment handy as DIY landscapes are something you can’t really escape for 2021. 

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8. Series of new facades | New trends

With dynamic forms coming forward, thanks to the softwares which make it easier to be managed on the construction scale, a similar series of façade development is on the rise. Modular panels were a concept introduced quite back for interior design, but this new format is marking its presence in the exteriors as well for the upcoming projects. It’s a well-adapted technology as it’s an easy installation method and provides a customized look for the structure.

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9. IGBC ratings 

The IGBC stands for Indian Green Building Council, is the first-ever rating program developed in India. The rating system has been developed based on materials and technologies that are currently available. This rating system would facilitate the development of energy-efficient, water-efficient, healthy, more productive, environmentally friendly factories (Council, 2015). Based upon the national standards, this program is adopted by many leading architects and developers and is to be seen for most of the new upcoming developments of 2021, allowing architects to contribute towards sustainability in their unique way.  

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10. Amenity spaces defining a character | New trends

With many townships having a set character to the major massing, the amenity spaces are looked upon by the architects to experiment with architectural language. Making these clubhouses and spas a masterpiece not only garbs one’s attention but also sets a masterpiece in the overall campus. So get ready to have an aesthetically exciting workout experience in 2021.

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Sanjana is a young architect with keen interest in place making and urban theories. It's the stories of the spaces and it's expressions, which got her exploring the field of journalism.