Architecture is a profession known for planning and designing. When we say architects, the first and probably the only thought we get is they plan spaces and design them aesthetically to please our eyes. But the profession has more than what meets the eye. One can only understand the profession’s depth once one starts studying intensely about it. So here in this article, you will get a brief introduction to the profession and an architectural knowledge beyond just planning and design.  

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Architects are well known for seeing things beyond limits. The vision is what differentiates them from the rest. They see the world from a different perspective which makes them highly appreciated. This quality helps them be open about various things in life. This open-mindedness allows architects in multiple fields unrelated to architecture itself.  

They are well known for building our physical environment, but the field is way beyond that. They also shape our vision of the world and ourselves as a culture. While studying architectural knowledge, one learns many other things apart from design, such as analysis, graphics, research, writing, journalism, etc. Studying these aspects helps them be better in fields other than architecture.   

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While designing a project, it is crucial to understand the history and background of the site and its surroundings. They have to research the area and its environs. The design is based on these results. They have to analyze the availability of materials, the vehicular movements, the site study of the closest amenities, etc., making them better at analysis and research. And this makes them better in fields like research and analysis as well.   

Architects learn a lot of software while working on projects or during educational courses. It is a competitive field that uses technological support, and architects must be constantly aware of the technological trends in the area. This makes them experts in graphics and technology-related backgrounds and thus makes them suitable for fields like web design, graphic design, software development, etc.  

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The field requires architects to meet with clients one-on-one, explain and resolve their doubts. This makes them better at communication; thus, they are compatible in areas where communication and client engagement are critical.  

Apart from all these, architects are the best at management. Through the course of architecture, one learns the importance of time management and project management. And this continues even when one starts their practice. This quality is the most expected in any other field. Thus, the profession allows them to manage time and others better than anyone else and helps them with inefficient communication.   

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They have to work in teams most of the time from the university level, which makes them good at team works. It also makes them better team managers and helps tackle problems that generally arise during team projects and group work.  

Since architects constantly travel to different cities, they gain a deeper architectural knowledge of the cities in which they live and travel. Their perspective of the cityscape and its culture always differs from the general people’s. Better knowledge of the city makes them better travellers, tour guides, or experts. Their understanding of the built environment and the city’s heritage structures helps them be better at heritage management. They learn about the history of architecture throughout the architectural course, and thus they are better at fields that support heritage conservation and understanding.  

One of the essential qualities that an architect must have is being better with their words. May that be art or writing. Architects must be able to express themselves to others, making them good writers. They either put their thoughts in words or express their ideas through art. This helps them be best in fine arts and journalism, which may or may not be related to the field of architecture.  

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Architects are constantly working around a thin thread. One cannot be sure when a mishap will happen, and architects always have to be prepared for that. The design could fail or have arguable issues at any time with either the client or the technical experts. But the architect always has to be present-minded and come up with the solution to the said problem almost immediately with a good architectural knowledge. This makes them unique and better at problem-solving. This quality is required in nearly every other field, making them better than others.   

Lastly, the quality that architects are most known for – is design. Architects have a unique quality to look at spaces from a different perspective and analyze them better than others. Their understanding of the spaces and ability to transform them is impeccable. And this quality alone makes them better at planning; not only spaces but even products, furniture, and sets. They can be a good product and furniture designers and also better-set designers.   

To conclude, architects are capable of more than just designing buildings. They are capable of other skills such as analysis, critical thinking, communication, writing, expressing, management, etc. And this knowledge makes them better at many fields other than architecture, such as graphic designing, set, product and furniture designing, journalism, heritage management, etc.  


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