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In the last decade, Instagram gained popularity among Architects, due to its ability to connect like-minded people around the world and also provided a digital platform through which pictures and short videos can be shared. Networking is a significant part of growing business and getting a client for architects and studios. The growing popularity of Instagram has helped the architects and other professionals to come under one platform, start small businesses and services online, and build a social media presence. 

With time Instagram had also developed itself through the creation of hashtags (it acts as a content sorter, which helps to find the content according to interest), reels (15 to 30 seconds of a short video, got popularised on Instagram after Tick-Tok got banned in few countries), IGTV Videos (long video or recording of the live session can be added to Instagram), Carousels (a post may also consist of 10 pictures placed in slides, this helps the creators to create tutorials with ease), stories (a 24-hour appearing picture or video, which can be shared to maintain a connection between the followers), etc. 

Here is a list of activities through which architects can get benefited through Instagram.

1. Get daily educational updates

There is no limit to learning about architecture. In architecture school, one gets the idea of the basics and the core concepts but the skills need to be developed on their own. You need to name the skills you want to learn, and you have those at your fingertips.

Here are few accounts handpicked for architects must follow: Architectural Updates and Journalism pages- rethinkingthefuture, zeehtram, blessedarch, letsshowitbetter, sps.creation, architecturechat; Architectural Sketching pages- david_drazil, 07sketches; Architectural Software training pages- thelumionleo, arch_gasm, dissectarchitecture. There are thousands of channels based on your required software and languages, search with the relevant hashtags as per the requirement, and you can directly go to your desired content creator. 

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2. Build a personal and professional portfolio

Instagram is popular among people as a photo gallery and photo-sharing social media platform like Facebook. For architects, the Instagram page can be utilized as a portfolio, for its ability to stack images in a grid and also provide users to customize the page as per requirement.

The customization involves- Adding a profile picture, editing your summary within 150 letters, placing a website link, creating posts and stacking them up; one can also save posts in their private Instagram gallery for viewing in the future. Some of the accounts from which one can get inspiration for portfolio creation are chrisprecht, big_builds, etc.

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3. Create a like-minded community

The Instagram algorithm places the post on the right track so that the post reaches the person with a similar mindset or requirement. Creators may optimize the profile to get more visible in their niche and build a community based on the niche. Creating a community will give the content creator better reach to the people outside the community that results in more popularity and reach a larger audience.

4. Build a connection with people around the world

With the creation of community, keeping engaged with the audiences will result in a better connection among people, a good chance of getting clients will arise, and finally, you can be hired to a company of your dream or sell your service. Though for professional connections LinkedIn is preferred to build a better relationship.

5. Improve social media presence

In the world of digital technology and the market of growing social media platforms, architects need to build social media presence. This will lead to a better connection with people under the preferred niche and get support from like-minded people.

6. Take inspirations from projects around the world

Architects usually prefer using Pinterest for its ability to show a large number of similar images and also staking them up with ease. Instagram can also be used similarly, the images that are needed to be saved can be put in a private gallery with stacking in a particular folder. Here are some of the pages on Instagram that might be followed by architects for inspiration are architectanddesign, amazing.architecture, architecture_hunter, etc.

7. Build a personal brand

Architects may easily build their brand to build social media presence, share the knowledge and values within the community, share works, and sell services too. Building a personal brand requires time and a few steps like finding one’s niche, creating posts, understanding the audience, selling products and these will lead to community formation.

8. Be updated with daily architectural development

Instagram is also a great source to get the latest architecture updates and to learn new skills. Spending a few minutes a day on Instagram will update you on what’s latest trends and other facts. Some Instagram pages like zeehtram, blessedarch, letsshowitbetter, sps.creation, etc., provide daily updates.

Instagram has opened up a market for architects, and a large competition exists in the market too. We all are in the golden age of technology and we all must upgrade ourselves with the developing scopes and get the best out of everything around us.


Souktik is a creative architecture student with a passion for architectural designs. He loves to research extensively on every field and shares his thoughts through visual illustrations. He is also an honest, kind-hearted person and an all-rounder.

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