Sustainable Development Goals

The sustainable development goals aim to create a world where people and the planet are in peace and prosperity for present and future needs. The United Nations adopted the 2030 agenda for sustainable development goals in the year 2015 in New York. The plans they had set to achieve were mainly to end poverty and hunger.

There are mainly 17 sustainable development goals urgently needed for society and both developed and developing countries in a global partnership. They recognize the need for zero poverty, to reduce hunger, and to serve the excellent health and well-being of the people—the provision of quality education and gender equality in almost all aspects. The requirement is to provide clean water and sanitization for all human beings. To make an effort to bring affordable and clean energy for all, irrespective of their background. The need for decent work for all and the economic growth of countries is an equally important goal to achieve. To increase industry innovation and infrastructure and reduce inequalities. 

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The world will be a better place if we, the people, strive to help each other in this dire situation. The upcoming generations will cherish the fruit of what we do in the coming years. None of this will be able to strike out all the goals set to achieve a sustainable development scheme of this ambitious scheme if we all don’t work as a team. This is not for one or two countries but for the whole world’s turnover.

The goals set can take years of hard work. Economic growth is one of the critical elements that can start making it a better place to live. If there is an increase in economic development, then there is a chance to make the world a better place to live in. Countries such as China and India have a massive population rate. Therefore, the increase in their economic rate each year will help add to the little contributions to shaping the planet with time and achieving global goals. Still, there is doubt whether this will be the solution for all the seventeen sustainable development goals, as it is complicated. An increase in the economical rate helped in the fight against poverty, but it doesn’t seem to be having much impact on trying to reach global goals.

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Sustainable development goals are based on values such as equity and respect for human rights and rely on sustainable financing, industry innovation, and infrastructure. They require a new work method involving intersectoral action by multiple stakeholders. The health systems are entirely staffed and well-managed to protect the users from financial risk. Empowerment of women and respect for each other is one of the goals set on the list.

It is time we realize that GDP is not destiny. We have countries that are underperforming in social progress relative to their wealth. Russia has lots of natural resource wealth but lots of social problems. China has boomed economically but hasn’t made much progress on human rights or environmental issues. India has a space program, and millions of people are without toilets. On the other hand, we have countries performing on social progress relative to GDP. Costa Rica has prioritized education and environmental health sustainability, and as a result, it’s achieving a very high level of social progress. Costa Rica is not alone. From developing countries like Rwanda to more prosperous countries like New Zealand, we see that it is possible to get lots of social progress, that’s important as it conveys two things. To begin with, it tells us that we already have solutions to many but also that we are not slaves to GDP; our choices matter. If we prioritize the well-being of people, then we can make enough to get us to global goals.

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Our mindset should be to work together to end poverty and hunger, move to a cleaner and healthier planet, provide education for young children, and provide reliable energy sources. We also have to ensure clean aquatic living and living on land by decreasing air and water pollution. They have a significant impact on living beings in the world. Suppose we’re going to achieve global goals. In that case, we have to do things differently, prioritize social progress, and believe the global goals will be achieved if we prioritize humans and do not let go of this opportunity to accomplish sustainable development goals for a better living for us and the generations to come.  


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