Architect Salary in India:

Architecture, as a profession, has witnessed its highest pace in evolution in the past decade. The reason for this, was the increase in population, rapid flow towards urbanization, and advancements in construction technology. A need for a ‘proficient perspective’ towards upcoming infrastructure, as well as correcting and preserving the existing infrastructure was felt. An ever-increasing demand for professional architects and their expertise increased the popularity of the profession amongst aspiring individuals.

Architect Salary in India - Average Salary in Indian Architecture Studios

Architecture is the second largest industry in India, and hence provides a lot of opportunities to those interested. Its wide spectrum covers not only structural and construction bases, but also has other branches like Product designing, Architecture journalism, Project Management, Art direction, etc.

Architects can work in both private as well as government sectors in India. Apart from the monetary benefits, architects are also provided with medical benefits (policies differ according to different firms and studios). The monetary benefits of an architect in India are widely dependent on the following factors:

  1. Experience
  2. Designation of the Employee
  3. Education/ Degree
  4. Location


  1. Experience

The average salary of an architect is in direct proportion to his/her experience. The more experienced one is there is a definite increase in their salary.

  1. Designation of the employee

The concept of pay structure here is similar to that of experience. The average salary of a Junior architect ranges from ₹15,000 to ₹ 30,000 per month, depending upon the scale of the firm. This amount increases as one is promoted or appointed at a higher designation. The mean pay scale may increase to ₹75,000 – ₹ 1,25,000 per month.

  1. Education/ Degree

This analysis is from a broader perspective. An employee with a Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture (B.Arch.) gets approximately 1 lac to 10 lac per annum, whereas the pay scale of an employee with a Master’s degree in Architecture (M.Arch) ranges from, 4 lac to 16 lac per annum.

The amounts mentioned are rough pay scales across the nation and may vary according to the private organization and studios.

  1. Location

The location of the Design Studio or the organization might be considered as a criterion for variation in the pay scale of an architect. The pay scale of an architect working in a metropolis may be greater than the architect working in smaller towns. This criterion only holds, when considered in conjunction with the scale of the studios and also the projects.

In India, the current architecture scenario consists of large-scale architecture organizations (both private and government) and architectural firms to small-scale private studios and firms. The average pay structure varies across the country.

An analysis of some of the firms around the country and their information and pay structure is mentioned below.

1. Architect Hafeez Contractor | Architect Salary in India

Location: Mumbai

Architect Hafeez Contractor is one of the top architecture firms in India. With Ar. Hafeez Contractor as a founder and principal design architect, AHC, today is the leading design consultancy in the country. AHC has designed and completed various projects from Public infrastructure to town planning, from large-scale real estate to hospitality projects. Some of the prominent projects by AHC are DLF Ericsson, Gurgaon, D.Y. Patil Stadium, New Mumbai, Topsia Kolkata, etc

AHC being a large-scale consultancy has a staff of over 550 people. These include 24 Associates, over 150 senior and junior architects, 5 project managers, etc. The team also consists of interior designers, Draughtsman, and interns.

The average pay scale of an architect at AHC ranges from 2 lac per annum to 9 lac per annum based on the experience. Payscale for a senior architect might vary from 4 lac per annum to 50 lac per annum based on experience.

2. C.P. Kukreja Architects

Location: Delhi

One of India’s top firms, C.P. Kukreja Architects, is an award-winning architecture firm. It is well known for its innovative and sustainable design techniques. They are proud recipients of ‘Most Innovative Architectural Design firm of the year 2018’. The firm has worked on various projects including institutional, commercial, etc. Some of the iconic projects include India International convention center, New Delhi, Finland Embassy, New Delhi, etc

Over 200 employees are working for the firm.

Their pay scale ranges from 6 lac per annum to 32 lac per annum.

3. Morphogenesis | Architect Salary in India

Location: Mumbai

One of the greatest and leading firms in India. Morphogenesis is based in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Bengaluru. It is an award-winning firm with more than 110 International and National Awards. Their projects spread across 8 countries around the world. The type of projects varies from, commercial, residential, hospitality, commercial, etc.

The average pay scale for an architect at Morphogenesis is 6 lac per annum to 20 lac per annum according to the experience and designation

4. Somaya & Kalappa Consultants | Architecture Salary in India

Location: Mumbai

Somaya & Kalappa Consultants or SNK is one of the most diverse and iconic practices of the country. They are known for their innovative designs. The prominent ideology of the firm is that of inculcating sensitivity inside the design. Their prominent works include Rehabilitation of Bhadli Village, Kutch, Gujrat. The pay scale at the form for an architect ranges from 2 lac to 5 lac per annum.

5. ARK Reza Kabul Architects | Architect Salary in India

Location: Mumbai

ARK Reza Kabul Architects was founded in 1988, by Ar. Reza Kabul. Its headquarter is in Mumbai, with branches in Pune and California, USA.

It is an award-winning firm. It is one of the few firms specializing in High- rise architecture in India. Transcon Triumph, an award-winning high-rise project by ARK, is a residential high-rise building in Mumbai and also an iconic design by the firm.

An estimated salary by ARK Reza Kabul Architects for the employees based on their experience is 2 lac – 7 lac per annum.

6. HOK

Location: Mumbai

HOK- Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, is a global architecture firm, with its base and headquarters in the United States of America. HOK Mumbai, its first branch in India was established in 2008. It is one of the iconic firms in India. Lavasa Hill Station Master Plan and Design Guidelines, Moss Valley in Pune, a privately planned city is a prominent project by the firm.

The average pay scale of HOK Mumbai is 18 lac per annum to 23 lac per annum, according to the experience and designation of the employee.

7. Sanjay Puri Architects | Architecture Salary in India

Location: Mumbai

Sanjay Puri Architects, an award-winning architecture firm based in Mumbai.

The principal architect, Ar. Sanjay Puri is one of the iconic architects in India. The firm has received numerous prestigious awards from around the world for its vibrant and brilliant projects. The variety of projects designed by the firm consists of township planning, hospitality projects, retail projects, etc The firm is well known for its innovative design techniques and aesthetical treatment.

The total staff at Sanjay Puri Architects is 72 people. The average pay scale at the firm for an architect is approximately 2 lac per annum to 10 lac per annum, concerning the designation of the employee.

8. Abha Narain Lambah Associates

Location: Mumbai

It is one of the most iconic firms in India. It specializes in architecture conservation and building restoration. The firm is a nine times proud recipient of the prestigious UNESCO Asia Pacific Awards for conservation projects.

Some of the famous projects include The Royal Opera House, Mumbai, Raj Bhavan, Kolkata, Le Corbusier’s Capitol Complex, Chandigarh, etc

The average salary in this firm is 4.5 lac per annum. It ranges from 2 lac per annum to 7 lac per annum according to the designation and experience.

9. Malik Architecture

Location: Mumbai

Malik Architecture is an award-winning and leading firm in India. Their projects are diverse covering almost every aspect of the construction and design sector. Their projects include master planning, Hospitality, educational, cultural, commercial, R&D, etc. Malik Architecture has a unique design ideology which is reflected in their design, a combination of Ecology and spirit or tranquillity.

The rough estimate of the pay scale of an architect with 10 to 13 years of experience is 12 lac- 18 lac per annum.

10. Akshay Kaul and associates

Location: Delhi

Founded in 1995, the firm specializes in landscape and urban design, design of heritage sites, etc. They have projects across India, North America, and some parts of Europe. The most iconic project includes Raas Jodhpur.

The average salary of the employee is 2 lac per annum and more according to the experience.

11. Studio Archohm | Architect Salary in India

Location: Noida

It is an award-winning firm, with offices in Noida, Mumbai, Lucknow, Libya, and the Netherlands. They are known for their socially responsible and contextually responsive approach towards designing. Their works include commercial infrastructure, master planning, mixed-use, urban design, institutional, cultural, etc.

The pay scale is approximately 3 lac per annum to 7 lac per annum for architects.

12. ARCOP Associates Private Limited

Location: Delhi

ARCOP – Architects in Co-partnership, is an architectural firm in India.

It was founded in Montreal and established in India in 1970. They have a diverse portfolio with different types of projects like residential, educational, institutional, cultural, industrial, and hospitality.

They have projects across India and some parts of the middle east.

They have around 200 employees currently working for the firm.

The average salary for an architect is 5 lac per annum to 10 lac per annum.

13. 99 Studio | Architecture Salary in India

Location: Ahmedabad

One of the top firms in the city. It was founded in the year 1999, by Mr. Jinesh Dhruv. They have evolved from a small practice to a gigantic architecture and interior firm in Ahmedabad. Their projects include, mix development projects, private bungalows, commercial towers, etc.

The pay scale is an average of 3 lac per annum.

14. Earthscape

Location: Ahmedabad

Earthscape is a contemporary and fresh design studio, based in Ahmedabad and Mumbai. Their ideology is to provide comprehensive design and management solutions. They specialize in landscape planning, landscape architecture, and master planning. The pay scale can be roughly estimated as 3.6 lac per annum on average.

15. Design DNA | Architect Salary in India

Location: Chennai

It was founded in the year 2009. It specializes in residential, corporate, and hospitality architecture. Apart from Chennai, they have branches in Bengaluru and Hyderabad. Their designs reflect their ideology of prioritizing the users and individual requirements, with a promising outcome of beautiful space, irrespective of its scale.

An estimation of the average salary of an architect is around 2 lac per annum.


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