With a plethora of articles written about the deterioration of job opportunities, we architects now roll our sleeves and tackle post-pandemic issues like a ‘knight in shining armor.’ People have now realized the imperative role architects and nature play in the background. Well, here comes the role of landscape architecture as a whole. 

Future of landscape architecture as a profession (post-pandemic) - Sheet1

Parks, squares, and other open-air urban resources regarded as impotent, at last, are perceived as necessary. So are the driving forces behind them. Since the beginning of the pandemic, landscape design has gotten one of the only handful zones for cautious idealism inside the more extensive design, unlike other related professions. 

The role of landscape architects is quite imperative in the rudimentary planning stages of any project—in designing with conscious thought rather than just band-aids to the disrupted structure of open spaces. 

Some major factors to be taken into consideration are: 

1) advocating natural surroundings preservation; 

2) battling environmental change; 

3) pushing for dependable urbanization and restricting spread, and 

4) supporting urban farming.

Future of landscape architecture as a profession (post-pandemic) - Sheet2
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So what are the opportunities? Where does one sign for this? Relax, the answers lie closer. 

Landscape architecture perceived as a two-year post-graduation course in India is the in-depth study and understanding of ‘landscape’, both man-made and natural. The course centers around the strategies used in designing for the improvement of land and structuring the outdoor condition, particularly planning parks or gardens which orchestrate with structures and streets. 

The fundamental qualification required for the compatibility of the course is to have a certification of B.Arch or some other equivalent degree, undertaken from a recognized college. Qualified up-and-comers are given confirmation based on their achievement in the last passing test and a significant passage test, for example, GATE, CEED, TANCET, AMU M.Arch. Placement test, CEPT, and so on. 


Countries like the 

  • The United States, 
  • Netherlands, 
  • Canada, Australia, 
  • India, 
  • Japan, 
  • China 

are best for pursuing this field. 

Various Institutes in India offer this course. Renowned institutions offering this course in India are: 

  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT)
  • National Institute of Technology (NIT)
  • School of Planning and Architecture
  • Sir JJ College of Architecture
  • CEPT University

Internship options are quite open for students keen to pursue this subject. One can easily opt for this option as there are a bunch of ads available through an online platform. Platforms like Udemy, Coursera, Alison, and Class Central are best known for learning. Courses like

  • Landscape Architecture and Site Planning – Basic Fundamentals
  • Asian Environmental Humanities: Landscapes in Transition
  • Fundamentals of Garden Design
  • Green walls and green roofs
  • A Business Approach to Sustainable Landscape Restoration

Potential jobs for landscape architects are: 

Landscape Architect 

  • Required A Bachelor’s degree from a four-year college or University in Landscape Architecture or experience equivalent.

Senior Landscape Architect 

  • Senior Licensed Landscape Architect who is creative and an innovative team member with cutting-edge design strength for a range of project types. Mentorship of junior staff. 

Landscape Designer / Senior Landscape Architect

  • Senior Landscape Architect: You are a registered Landscape Architect and have 5+ years of professional experience in residential landscape architecture. 

There’s a huge scope for landscape architecture in the post-pandemic situation. So, aspirants can come up with their unique skills and make our society a better place to live in! 


Sharayu, name of a holy river siding edge of Ayodhya is unknown to many yet exists with significant gravity. A metaphor to this fact is conscious architecture.Being a third-year architecture student pursuing an interest in writing, reading, cosmology and mythology, she aims to augment awareness for the same.