American architect Frank Lloyd Wright coined the term “organic”. Organic architecture is the designing philosophy that refers to the architecture that advocates the human psyche with the natural environment. It refers to designing spaces with their natural surroundings while serving the function to their residents.

The organic building responds to the conditions and properties of its site, unfolds from the site as an organism, and provides occupants a connection to their exterior environment. Therefore, each building will be unique as conditions, time, and context will be particular to that site only. You can get an idea by recalling the design of the residence the falling water which Frank Lloyd Wright-designed.

Here is the list of 10 Architects/ Firms practicing Organic architecture:

1. Javier Senosiain | Organic Architecture

If you want to see daily-life things and creatures presented to you in a building form, then you need to see the work of Mexican architect, Javier Senosiain. You will be amazed (pun intended) and surprised! He is inspired by the organic architecture of Gaudí, Hundertwasser, and Frank Lloyd Wright, but is also influenced by the local Modernists such as Félix Candela and Juan O’Gorman. He is famous for his organic architecture for a distinct approach towards design resulting in comment and controversy. Some of his works are organic house, the snake, Peanuts housing complex, Mexican Whale, Satellite complex, and the Flower House.

Organic Architecture - Javier Senosiain - Sheet1
The snake house in Mexico ©Senosiain Archive
Javier Senosiain - Sheet2
The snake house ©Marco Ugarte, AP
Javier Senosiain - Sheet3
Organic house ©Senosiain Archive
Javier Senosiain - Sheet4
Amoeba house ©Senosiain Archive

2. Eric Corey Freed

Eric is an American architect, author, and educator. He is the founder and the principal architect of the architecture and consulting firm “organicARCHITECT”. He is also one of the founders of ecoTECTURE: the online journal for ecological design, which helps advocate the message and education for the people to understand ecology. Freed worked in New Mexico with a former Wright apprentice for a while, which helped him develop the Sustainable Design programs. He works on projects through his firm, along he has also written several books on green architecture.

Organic Architecture - Eric Corey Freed
Santé fehouse © Eric Corey Freed

3. Shirish Beri and Associates

Shirish Beri and Associates is founded by Shirish Beri based in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. He has completed his graduation from CEPT, Ahmadabad. His architecture has been compared with pioneers and masters of organic architecture, namely Frank Lloyd Wright and Nariman Gandhi. Beri designs to achieve unity and harmony within natural and artificial elements. Some of his projects are a lake house, a villa for Mrs. Vijaymala Kadam, Shirish Beri’s cottage, a temple & meditation center for a cancer hospital, Green fingers residential, and St. Xavier’s church.

Organic Architecture- Shirish Beri and Associates - Sheet1
Lake house ©Shirish Beri and Associates
Shirish Beri and Associates - Sheet2
Lake house ©Shirish Beri and Associates
Shirish Beri and Associates - Sheet3
Lake house ©Shirish Beri and Associates
Shirish Beri and Associates - Sheet4
Lake house ©Shirish Beri and Associates

4. iStudio Architecture | Organic Architecture

iStudio architecture is a collaboration of architects based in Thane, Mumbai. The firm strives to respond contextually to the site demands of each project, inspired by the works and philosophies of architects Laurie Baker and Nariman Gandhi, that architecture must be used responsibly because it has an essential impact on every aspect of society. Among various projects, some are the brick house, Hillcrest Bungalow scheme, Mount Litera School, and the blue house.

Organic Architecture - iStudio architecture - Sheet1
Brick house at Wada, Mumbai ©AN clicks
iStudio architecture - Sheet2
Brick house at Wada, Mumbai © AN clicks
iStudio architecture - Sheet3
Brick house at Wada, Mumbai © AN clicks
iStudio architecture - Sheet4
Brick house at Wada, Mumbai © AN clicks

5. Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Kellogg is an American architect and one of the pioneers of organic architecture. Kellogg built various types of buildings which include homes, public buildings, and restaurants. He had a brief meeting with Frank Lloyd Wright that inspired his practices. Kellogg’s architecture is a kind of amalgamation of Antoni Gaudi’s style (in Spain) and the geometric lines shaped by the teachings of Wright (in America). Some of his works are the Lotus House, Wingsweep, the High Desert house, the Onion House, the Hoshino Wedding Chapel in Japan, and Charthouse restaurants.

Organic Architecture - Kendrick Bangs Kellogg - Sheet1
The high desert house designed by Kellogg © Anthony Cotsifas
Kendrick Bangs Kellogg - Sheet2
The high desert housedesigned by Kellogg © Anthony Cotsifas
Kendrick Bangs Kellogg - Sheet3
View from the high desert house’s deck designed by Kellogg © Anthony Cotsifas

6. James Wines

James Wines is an American architect, sculptor, and writer. He has been leading the environmental design and organic architecture. He has managed various architectural projects and research in the field. He founded a multidisciplinary organization SITE (Sculpture in the Environment) in New York. His works include the Ghost parking lot, Indeterminate facade, Tilt building, Forest building, Laurie Mallet House, Museum of Islamic Arts proposal, World ecology building, and Madison square park.

Organic Architecture- James Wines - Sheet1
Forest building ©SITE
James Wines - Sheet2
Forest building ©SITE
James Wines - Sheet3
Forest building ©SITE

7. Bart Prince

Bart Prince is an American architect famous for his organic architecture based in Albuquerque, New Mexico. His early inspiration came from the pioneers of organic architecture such as Frank Lloyd Wright and Bruce Goff. Prince worked with Bruce Goff as an associate architect on Pavilion for the Japanese Art project in Los Angeles.

His works include Dan Scherger and Suzanne KolbergResidence(New Mexico), Whitmore Residence(New Mexico), Steve Skilken Residence (Ohio), and Judy and Stuart Spencer Residence (California).

Organic Architecture - Bart Prince - Sheet1
Prince Home and Studio ©flickr
Bart Prince - Sheet2
Prince Home and Studio ©flickr
Bart Prince - Sheet3
Prince Home and Studio ©flickr
Bart Prince - Sheet4
Prince Home and Studio ©flickr

8. Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect

Robert Oshatz founded the firm Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect, which has designed many commercial and residential projects over the decade. During his earlier career years, Oshatz studied under Frank Lloyd Wright. His projects are built across the U.S and Japan.

His work is inspired by the environment of the site. He uses dynamic organic forms that respect the site and its surroundings. Some of his works are Raleigh woods apartments, Chenequa residence, Miyasaka residence, and Killian residence(Oregon).

Organic Architecture- Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect - Sheet1
Chenequa Residence ©Cameron Neilson
Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect - Sheet2
Chenequa Residence ©Cameron Neilson
Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect - Sheet3
Chenequa Residence ©Cameron Neilson
Robert Harvey Oshatz, Architect - Sheet4
Chenequa Residence ©Steve Allen

9. Dustudio

Based in Auroville, Tamil Nadu, Dustudio is an inter-disciplinary architectural design firm. It was founded by Dharmesh Jadeja, who practices as an architect and got an education as a civil engineer. Dharmesh was greatly inspired by Laurie Baker’s work. He studied Baker’s work, approaches, and projects in Kerala. Dustudio focuses on the design and detailing processes with primary needs like strengths of local materials, culture of the place, artisans, and design principles. Each project is treated as a pure craft that engages local artisans and craftsmen.

Organic Architecture - Dustudio - Sheet1
DuStudio ©Dharmesh Jadeja
Dustudio - Sheet2
DuStudio ©Dharmesh Jadeja
Dustudio - Sheet3
DuStudio ©Dharmesh Jadeja

10. Niko Architects | Organic Architecture

Niko Architects is a Russian firm that focuses on an organic approach to design with a metabolism philosophy. They consider various factors while designing such as visual contact with external surroundings, the landscaping, terraces, and the water body.

The interior spaces they design are well-connected with the exterior space, thus a mutual flow of landscape runs through the structures. Their idea of functionality is also based on the adaptation of the projects to their existing environmental conditions. Their recent famous work is an organic house in a village outside Moscow. Some of their acclaimed works include summer pavilion Istrin Riviera, Monaco Villa, and residential village “leaves” G.Ivatneevka.

Organic Architecture- Niko Architects - Sheet1
House in the landscape©VasiliyKhurtin
Niko Architects - Sheet2
House in the landscape ©VasiliyKhurtin
Niko Architects - Sheet3
House in the landscape ©VasiliyKhurtin

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