Priyanka Chopra is a global superstar with a formidable property portfolio. She is a proud owner of mansions and luxurious apartments dispersed throughout notorious addresses in both India and the States. Moreover, the Indian actress, model, singer, and producer also own stunning abodes in her home country. From all the fortune she’s made with her work, the global icon has bought dream homes in major cities in the USA and India. Once in a while, she gives her fans sneak peeks into her stupendous houses through social media. In this article, we are inviting you to join us on a little tour to explore some of Priyanka Chopra’s astonishing properties. 

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Priyanka Chopra’s Gorgeous London Home 

Priyanka Chopra’s dwelling in London has an all-wooden home-office space equipped with an enormous wooden table as its main feature. The London home offers a unique combination of fine furnishing products, bold furniture pieces, and a fascinating fireplace right below the TV. The space is large and warm and the interior’s tone is mostly earthy. The pool and the backyard deck give the place a serene atmosphere. Priyanka Chopra’s living room appears to be tailor-made for special occasions such as the celebration of her birthday. A huge white and heavily cushioned sofa sits at the center with the aforementioned fireplace right in front of it. The house features extensive glass walls for windows, a garden in the backyard, multiple patio spaces, and modern dining space.

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Mumbai House: A Perfect Place to Gather with Family and Friends

Priyanka Chopra owns two houses in Mumbai. One is located at the Lokhandwala complex and the other one is a luxurious house in the Karmayog building.

Facing the beautiful Versova beach in the high-end of Mumbai’s Juhu area, Priyanka Chopra’s house is the perfect place to unwind after long hours on film sets. There is a cozy private room with quirky posters and bright red falls. Near the wall, a large couch gives a lively backdrop for a perfect photo. The global star has a gigantic living room adjacent to her study. It has a beautiful shelf and low ceilings. Besides, the white walls give entry to all the rooms in the house. Furthermore, a large garden on the balcony occupies the entire floor outside the house. 

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The sea-facing apartment offers an appealing view with a lovely oval outdoor balcony. The dining area gives off a European vibe. It is restful and neat, with floral armchairs flanking a circular wooden table. Near the dining area stands a pale blue-coloured door that leads to another room in the apartment. To obtain greater privacy, the balcony is covered with green walls, also serving as a pleasant backdrop for photographs. On top of that, there are tall and leafy potted plants along with a swing with neatly carved pillars. 

New York Apartment with Spectacular views of Manhattan’s Skyline

Priyanka Chopra’s penthouse is located in one of Manhattan’s upmarket neighbourhoods. From what has been seen of it on social media, it is situated on the top floor, featuring comfortable couches with fur cushions and varicoloured blankets. By virtue of the apartment’s balcony, the star enjoys a privileged view of the concrete jungle below and overlooks the spectacular sight of the Big Apple’s streets. Therewith, wooden floors and plush rugs add a touch of warmth that contrasts the city’s glacial winter months. 

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A Deluxe Mansion in Los Angeles

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas’s love nest on the West Coast is a Hollywood dream house with a luxuriant backyard, a garage for their car collection, and an immense pool. It is a home that mirrors both their personalities. It is an intimate yet welcoming place where Chopra and Jonas’s families gather on special occasions. The couple shares the sumptuous mansion with their three lovely dogs, Diana, Gino, and Panda.  Overlooking the California greenery, the mansion boasts an infinity pool, a large backyard, seven bedrooms, and eleven bathrooms.  The interiors showcase a dominance of earthy tones, floor-to-ceiling windows, and embellished stone fireplaces. The residence epitomizes a perfect combination of modern accents and rustic charm. Priyanka Chopra’s LA house also features a classic indoor-outdoor setting with a contemporary kitchen that leads to the backyard. Other highlights of the mansion incorporate a library filled with white bookshelves, together with a comfortable den from where Nick Jonas shot his videos for The Voice. 

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Inside the Splendid Mansion of Priyanka Chopra_©Clint Brewer
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The living space comes with floor-to-ceiling windows, hardwood ivory floors, splendid cream sofas, a wooden coffee table, and leather armchairs. There are also marble panels to add a touch of art-deco, along with stone walls for a classic aesthetic. A tan-coloured wall with wooden panels separates the area where the fireplace is from the remainder of the living space. To complete the look, a massive wooden dining table is placed with eight black cushioned chairs in leather. One side of the mansion offers breathtaking beach views, while the other side faces the mountains. The infinity pool has cream-coloured patio furniture dissimilar to the dark hardwood flooring. What’s more, the other side of the backyard has a lawn with abundant greenery. It is where Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas play with their three dogs while facing the ocean.

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Priyanka Chopra once told Vogue India that: “For me, home is wherever I’m happy, as long as I have the people I love around me.”


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