Whether you’re on the hunt for design inspiration for your ultimate dream home or just want to look at something magnificent, there’s no better place to start than the homes of celebrities. From high ceilings and awe-striking murals to luxurious amenities and custom-made furniture, the famous residences never fail to inspire design inventiveness. Here are some of the most stylish celebrity homes worldwide, whose owners and architects have left no stone unturned to make the house as meaningful and gorgeous as possible.

1. Anderson Cooper’s House, Trancoso, Brazil

Dubbed as ‘Casa Anderson’, Cooper’s tropical-themed vacation home in the quaint Brazilian town comprises four pavilions set along a meandering path that begins at the town square or the Quadrado border and ends in a picturesque view of a rainforest. The main structure is colonial in style and houses the combined living and dining spaces, a kitchen, and a verandah for open-air or alfresco dining. 

Two buildings at the centre form the guest bungalows built using alternative techniques and materials. The first guest house is made from brick, and the other was made using a traditional ‘pau a pique’ of wattle and daub process. Tucked behind a shimmering pool is the final structure; a two-story treehouse made from reclaimed wooden planks. The master suite occupies the upper story, and an outdoor living room and bar are present below. 

Anderson Cooper’s House, Trancoso, Brazil - Sheet1
The master suite is raised on stilts to make room for an outdoor living room below. ©Architectural Digest
Anderson Cooper’s House, Trancoso, Brazil - Sheet2
The living room in the main structure has a vintage Bahian cocktail table, with pequi-wood stools._ ©Architectural Digest

2. Alex Rodriguez’s House, Coral Gables, Florida, USA

The long-time New York Yankees star’s 11,000 square foot house is a show-stopping retreat, with sleek, clean forms and bold overhangs that accentuate the house’s mid-century modernism appeal. The glass windows act as retractable walls, to open up the living spaces to the sprawling yard that is a swimming pool, bar pavilion, and an in-ground trampoline.

The rooms inside are monochromatically themed, where concrete expanses are complemented with walnut paneling, in addition to reclaimed barn wood floorboards in a herringbone pattern. The materials serve as a beautiful backdrop to the carefully curated furniture, including a vintage cocktail table, and several Warren Platner classics. The house was conceptualized as a showcase for creativity and contemporary finds, and an ideal gathering space complete with a screening room, lounge, and indoor basketball court. 


Alex Rodriguez’s House, Coral Gables, Florida, USA
Alex Rodriguez’s Coral Gable Home, complete with a pool and artificial grass to conserve water ©Architectural Digest.

3. Ellen Pompeo’s House, Los Angeles, USA

The Grey’s Anatomy protagonist’s Mediterranean-style villa was the result of a renovation project that aimed to restore the original charm and dignity of the 1930s property. Everything was rethought from room configurations and spatial connections to materials and surface finishes. The existing windows were enlarged to let in more natural light and open the house to alluring vistas. The existing polished wood floors were replaced with vintage limestone pavers, reclaimed tiles made from terracotta, and textured French oak wood planks. Antique moldings tied up the look. 

The inaccessible wilderness behind the house was transformed into a terraced playland for Pompeo’s kids with a stone staircase that led down to a pool and a cabana. The estate’s landscape also features an outdoor kitchen, vegetable garden, and a chicken coop. The front of the house was transformed into a Mediterranean-style garden, with olive trees, wicker lights, and a fountain. 

Ellen Pompeo’s House, Los Angeles, USA - Sheet1
The exterior of the house features a Mediterranean-style garden suitable for entertaining guests. ©Architectural Digest
Ellen Pompeo’s House, Los Angeles, USA - Sheet2
The kitchen in Pompeo’s house features pendant lights and a marble backsplash. ©Architectural Digest

4. Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s House, Montecito, California, USA

The three-bedroom, two-and-a-half-bathroom house in the beach town, is made of two authentic English Tudor structures dating back to the mid-1700s. The structures were originally built in Surrey, England, and then dismantled and shipped over to the United States where they were reassembled on a 1.3-acre estate. The twin houses are connected via a glass-enclosed space that houses weather-sensitive plants and fruit trees. 

While the facade of the house is traditional wowing to its tall, leaded glass windows, decorative dark-wood elements, and shingled roof, the interiors feature a more modern take with high-ceilings, brick, and hardwood floors. Both the structures feature separate living rooms, with a large, artisanal fireplace. From the larger of the two, a set of French doors open out into a brick terrace. The house also has a basement, workshop, gym space, and a garage for three cars.

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s House, Montecito, California, USA - Sheet1
The living room opens into a terrace. _©David Palermo.
Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi’s House, Montecito, California, USA - Sheet2
The master bedroom has a sitting area and a private balcony._ ©David Palermo

5. Sachin Tendulkar’s Home, Mumbai, India

The 1600 square feet apartment owned by the Indian cricketer or the ‘God of Cricket’ is located in Mumbai’s most posh district, Bandra. It is a tasteful display of aesthetics, with every inch of the luxurious home, a spatial experience. Inspired by the poetics of the space, the concept of the interiors was ‘The New Age’ and the theme gave the interior designers the creative flexibility to encapsulate a world that is changing rapidly. With modern furnishings, complemented with dark accents and marble flooring, the apartment offers a refreshing perspective that brings out unique, harmonious concepts.

Sachin Tendulkar’s Home, Mumbai, India - Sheet1
The living room features dark accents complemented with lighter furnishings ©Architectural Digest.
Sachin Tendulkar’s Home, Mumbai, India - Sheet2
The balcony perfectly follows ‘The New Age’ theme_ ©Architectural Digest

6. Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Mansion, Calcutta, India

The iconic fashion designer’s 7250 square foot home is layered with gorgeous textiles, antiques, and paintings that impart a look of grandeur to the house. Though a minimalist at heart, the designer wanted a more ‘maximalist’ approach for his house, especially the living room that also opens up to a lush tropical garden. 

Just like the layered accessories, the paint also takes on an old fresco look, with rose-pink, layered with turquoise, and then washed out with a moss green. During the renovation, the existing guest bedrooms were converted into a series of walk-in closets, and shoe racks for Sabyasachi’s work. The bathroom is quite jaw-dropping with a large chandelier hanging over the tub.

Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Mansion, Calcutta, India
The living room features custom-made pieces, with cushion pieces covered with antique textiles from Southern France. ©Architectural Digest

7. Kim Kardashian’s Home, California, USA

Described as a futuristic Belgian monastery gives off a vibe of probing and passion, an ode to the fearlessness of the reality star and entrepreneur. Most of the rooms of the house are covered in a lustrous, off-white plaster, accented with pale natural materials. The furnishings too are kept to the essentials, giving the house a clean, minimalistic, and spacious look. The neutral palette was chosen for its simplicity, a calmness in the midst of a chaotic world. Everything in the pristine house is like an art installation and a fun play area for her four kids. 

Kim Kardashian’s Home, California, USA - Sheet1
A minimalistic kitchen beautifully highlights the view outside._©Architectural Digest.
Kim Kardashian’s Home, California, USA - Sheet2
The neutral palette of the living room gives off a cozy, pristine vibe._ ©Architectural Digest.

8. Kylie Jenner’s House, Los Angeles, USA

The 0.83-acre estate includes a palatial 15,250-square foot main house and two guest apartments. The single-story residence has concrete exteriors to ensure maximum privacy but has an open plan that fills the interiors with natural light. With a total of seven bedrooms, and fourteen bathrooms, which open through retractable glass doors into the central courtyard. 

The courtyard has a spa, dining area, outdoor theatre, pool, and a sports court, making it the perfect space for a fun-filled evening with guests. The living room features a floor-to-ceiling fireplace, a shuffleboard table, and a bar. The family room is fitted with a TV-mounted fireplace, and the estate has a home gym, guardhouse, and twenty parking spaces.

Kylie Jenner’s House, Los Angeles, USA - Sheet1
Kylie Jenner’s living room has a pool table and wet bar._©Zillow.
Kylie Jenner’s House, Los Angeles, USA - Sheet2
Central courtyard space._ ©Zillow

9. Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s home, Mumbai, India

Titled ‘Mannat’ or ‘Vow’ the power couple’s home in Bandra is nothing short of an iconic landmark in Bandra. The house opens up to mesmerizing views of the sea and the plush interiors are decorated with artifacts, handpicked, and custom furniture. 

It is a confluence of design styles, from Italian to neo-classical, but with a sprinkle of traditional Indian elements. Mannat is a beautifully crafted home with touches of personal style, decadent elegance, and maximalist grandeur. Originally called the Villa Vienna, the home has retained its neoclassical columned facade, and has five bedrooms, a gymnasium, library, and multiple living rooms. 

Shahrukh Khan and Gauri Khan’s home, Mumbai, India - Sheet1
The main living room with a fresco-bordered skylight and faux brick walls offer a vintage look._©Architectural Digest

10. Hrithik Roshan’s Home, Mumbai, India

Conceptualized as a calming retreat, the actor’s home is bathed in neutral tones, and opens up to a gorgeous view of the sea. Adjoining the living space is a sprawling den complete with a billiards table, a chocolate-dispensing vending machine, and a foosball table. The palette of the house was inspired by the sea, travel, and family. 

Most of the furniture and accents are nautical themed, from driftwood and acrylic stools to delicate corals. The family has a specific rule; that there is no dedicated dining spot. Instead, a foldable table is set up in preferred spots in the house, be it the terrace, or living room. The living room features a movable grid, to mount family photos; an ideal place to cherish prized memories. 

Hrithik Roshan’s Home, Mumbai, India - Sheet1
A movable grid in the living room. ©Architectural Digest
Hrithik Roshan’s Home, Mumbai, India - Sheet2
The home is bathed in neutral tones and has a calming aura just like the sea beyond. ©Architectural Digest.

11. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Home, Mumbai, India

The four-member celebrity family resides in a 4-bedroom apartment in Bandra, with another flat in the same building used as Saif’s home office and a play area for their children. Dark tones have been used in the interiors, with pops of color in their son Taimur’s home adding a subtle contrast and break in the monotony. The home is warm, cozy, and welcoming. It is furnished with a myriad of vintage rugs, artifacts, books, and photos, giving it a very rustic and homely feel. There is also a small garden on the balcony, that perfectly complements the dark tones of the interiors. 

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor’s Home, Mumbai, India
The home has a dark color palette, with subtle pops of color. ©Architectural Digest

12. Christiano Ronaldo’s House, Marbella, Spain

Nestled along Spain’s Costa del Sol coastline is this luxurious mansion owned by the world-renowned footballer. With a beautiful pool overlooking the picturesque coastline, the facade of the home features sleek, white lines and a modern palette, that complements the calming context. The interiors of the house are fitted with all modern amenities like LED driveways and a built-in home theatre. The furnishings accentuate the neutral tones, and every inch of the house highlights the mesmerizing view of the sea beyond. Along the pool are an entertainment area and a wet bar, with hints of the local fauna around.

Christiano Ronaldo’s House, Marbella, Spain - Sheet1
The pool area opens up to the sea._©Otero Group
Christiano Ronaldo’s House, Marbella, Spain - Sheet2
The living room features neutral tones and has a minimalistic, clutter-free approach. © Otero Group

13. Serena Williams’ Home, Florida, USA

The tennis titan’s waterfront Miami property is a sight to behold. From a Spanish-Mediterranean-style home, she ushered in a more modern and minimalist aesthetic. The pièce de resistance of the home is undoubtedly Serena’s daughter’s room that has a custom-designed, pink castle bed with a built-in slide and a fabulous chandelier. 

The rest of the house inculcates the marriage of sleek lines, warm woods, high-end and clean features that reflect the tennis star’s laid-back and warm, welcoming personality. The sitting room, however, was transformed from a formal one, into a colorful art space, with eccentric pieces on display, to give the feeling of an art gallery when one walked into it. Simply put the house can be described as a ‘livable luxury’.

Serena Williams’ Home, Florida, USA - Sheet1
Poolside view of the house. © Lelanie Foster
Serena Williams’ Home, Florida, USA - Sheet2
Art on display in the ‘gallery’ which was formerly a formal sitting space. © Lelanie Foster

14. Shonda Rhimes’ Home, Los Angeles, USA

When the reputed television producer bought the house and wanted to renovate it, it felt like a good story. She wanted to retain the parts which had great histories such as the library and the living room, and she even went to great lengths to restore the original facade of the house; an Italianate villa with an exquisite, intricately carved stone balustrade. 

The biggest concern was the dearth of sunlight which was fixed by creating a double-height gallery with glass and iron doors. A large, airy kitchen was important for family gatherings, and child-friendly furniture and spaces were created. All the objects in the home are meaningful treasures; things that have personal stories attached and have been displayed in a way to accentuate their beauty and history.

Shonda Rhimes’ Home, Los Angeles, USA
The family room is warm and welcoming._©Micheal Mundy.

15. Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s Home, Los Feliz, USA

The house is a beautiful mélange of cozy formal and informal spaces, with most of the furniture and fittings imbued with highly personal meaning. Many of the collectible art pieces make the home friendly and invoke a laugh. 

The result is a rich, humor-filled home that warms your heart, perfect symbolism of their marriage. The home is ideal for those who love to entertain – with a dedicated cocktail area, with a warm, fuzzy ambiance, a cabana with a fire pit overlooking a great view, and a cascading pool. The mansion also has prop pieces from the Modern Family and Will and Grace set. The highlight of the living room is the gold-accented vaulted ceiling, and the iron horse which inspired an animal theme in the house, to make it informal. It is the only room with a neutral color scheme.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita’s Home, Los Feliz, USA
The living room. ©Architectural Digest.

16. Andrea Bocelli’s Home, Italy

The 8,000 square foot seaside palace truly captures the essence of the celebrated opera singer. Previously a hotel from World War II to the late 90s, the coastal abode has a welcoming ambiance and is large enough to make music, work, relax and host large gatherings. It is divided into three spaces that correspond to the three levels. 

The living and dining rooms comprise the first floor, with the offices, Bocelli’s studio, and a room to host guests on the second, and private spaces such as bedrooms on the top floor. There is a musical flow to the interior design with a lot of curvilinear, flowing shapes that restore warmth to the house. It is a happy fusion between elegance and practicality, or tradition and innovation.

The family’s favorite room has ample sunlight and a beautiful piano. © Aurelio Amendola

17. Tommy Hilfiger’s Home, Miami, USA

Perched on a glorious beachfront, this home was conceptualized as a polychrome palace with vibrant art and eclectic furniture. This stylish house for the fashion mogul is a statement in itself, with interiors that burst with energy with whimsical flourishes and beautiful art. To cultivate a pristine aura, the house has clean, white walls and white glass tiles. 

The graphic contrast is achieved by the staircase clad in black marble, and black and white stripes on the kitchen floor. The soul of the home is the spacious living room with designer pieces and paintings. To make the home appealing for family gatherings, a series of luxe bedrooms with arresting patterns and colors, and bathrooms with scratch-and-sniff fruit wallpaper were added.

Tommy Hilfiger’s Home, Miami, USA
One of the children’s rooms with bold colors and patterns, and a banana wall. ©Architectural Digest

18. Marc Anthony’s House, Dominican Republic

The Miami-based recording artist’s dream getaway in the Dominican Republic is called ‘Casa de Campo Resort’. The property includes a 10,000 square foot main house, multiple pavilions, guest bungalows with cabanas, two swimming pools, and a myriad of outdoor entertainment areas that include a man-made beach. These different aspects which make the whole, are linked by lushly landscaped pathways. Built-in the palapa style, the guest houses are made from American pine and topped with cane roofs and are furnished with locally crafted accessories. There is also a painting studio in the main house which is a haven for Marc to explore artistic expression. 

Marc Anthony’s House, Dominican Republic - Sheet1
The breezy living room in the main house. _©Architectural Digest.
Marc Anthony’s House, Dominican Republic - Sheet2
A guest room, with a view of the pool. _©Architectural Digest.

19. Charli XCX’s House, Los Angeles, USA

The U.K.-born music sensation’s home was inspired by 1927 Tudor-style and is filled with a ‘poptastic’ personal flair. It features elements such as dark-wood beams and diamond-shaped windows that give the home a warm and welcome ambiance. The interiors are decorated in a Bohemian style, with pops of color. The mismatched selection of furniture and fabrics is because most of them have been bought from second-hand sources. Candles are also scattered everywhere to match a bougie concept; Charli wanted the house to always feel busy and alive. 

Charli XCX’s House, Los Angeles, USA
The dining room is the artist’s favorite portion of the house. _©Architectural Digest.

20. John Mellencamp’s House, New York, USA

The industrial-style loft space in SoHo was designed to remind the celebrated musician of his youth. The home has exposed brick walls, pipes and steel doors, and drawers that define and delineate the interiors. Subtle elements such as mirrors, multi-paned frames, and lights over the remains of windows, highlight the structural fabric or ‘bones’ of the house. The heart of the studio where John creates his art is surrounded by paintings. The dark hues and German influences in this space, beautifully echo the raw emotion and heaviness of his beautiful creations.

John Mellencamp’s House, New York, USA
The industrial-style loft.  ©Architectural Digest

21. Robert Downey Jr.’s Home, Hamptons, USA

The Hampton’s house was originally a late-19th century windmill folly, later reconstructed as a residence. The appealing aspects of the estate were its proximity to East Hampton, enchanting gardens, and the privacy offered by the secluded location. To transform the existing structure into a suitable home for the talented actor and his wife, the living room was sunk several feet, and enhanced with a wraparound fireplace wall. 

This gave the transitional area a sense of place, and coupled with the pedigreed pieces, soothing neutrals, eccentric accents, and discreet luxuries, it echoes the actor’s spirit. The finesse with which the home was crafted spoke both to the actor’s charismatic personality and his wife’s desire for ease and efficiency; something related to otherworldly magic. 

The master bedroom has vintage chaise lounges and pops of color.  ©Architectural Digest.

22. Ryan Murphy’s Home, Provincetown, USA

The TV maestro lovingly preserved the abstract expressionist, Hans Hoffman’s painting and teaching studio by transforming it into a gorgeous and stylish home. The best features of the house were retained- the mammoth window, a beautiful hearth, and lovely perch that let the artist’s acolytes look down as he worked his magic on the canvas. 

Primarily a guest house and entertainment venue, Murphy and his partner David Miller kept small treasures at eye-level to personalize the space and appreciate the art. With the dark tones of the woodwork and flooring, and the lighter furniture from various artists including Le Corbusier complementing it, the home is the perfect tribute to the renowned artist and truly encompasses his essence.

Ryan Murphy’s Home, Provincetown, USA
The living room features vintage furniture and an 18th-century chandelier.  ©Architectural Digest

23. Elton John’s House, Los Angeles, USA

With a reputation for being ardent collectors of contemporary art, Elton John and his husband’s home is no different from their personality; it is a home that is centered around art. To accommodate their expanding family, they also created family-friendly spaces, the favorite being the flow of the open living and dining areas into the large eat-in kitchen, which sets the perfect stage for entertaining guests. 

The art they decided to shift into this home, inspired the color palette, materials, and furniture placement. For example, the kaleidoscopic digital print by Jeremy Blake above the living room mantel inspired the sherbet-pink table in the room and the royal-blue chairs in the dining space. 

Elton John’s House, Los Angeles, USA
The living room.  ©Architectural Digest

24. Laura Dern’s House, Los Angeles, USA

The Hollywood celebrity’s home beautifully merges pieces from her flourishing career with Bohemian touches to create a unique vibe. The home has a beautiful flow with the outside greenery and interior spaces bleeding into each other. Many of the characters she has played have profoundly affected her taste, which reflects in the furniture pieces chosen in the house. 

It has a cool, tranquil, monochromatic palette that makes it quite cinematic and highlights the unique collectibles in the home, including movie posters and a Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex figurine guarding the door. The result is a vibrant, expressive, and storied living space which reflects her personality and career.

Laura Dern’s House, Los Angeles, USA
The family room.  ©Architectural Digest

25. Ralph Lauren’s Home, New York, USA

Ralph Lauren’s mansion in Bedford is a combination of a stately home and a hunting lodge. Recurring themes in the interiors of the Norman-style, stone and slate mansion are deep-colored and highly dramatic rooms with Mahogany paneling, Georgian furniture, and Persian carpets. Animal imagery is also seen in many parts of the home, including the choice of leather as a material. The private quarters are located upstairs and are a sight to behold. With layered masterpieces and exquisite layers of fabric and paintings, the home has a warm, familial aura, that welcomes one and all. 

Ralph Lauren’s Home, New York, USA
The living room features an 1860 English chandelier.  ©Architectural Digest

Deeksha Kamath is a fresh graduate from Manipal School of Architecture and Planning, India, with a penchant for writing. She believes that words, when strung together beautifully, can evoke the greatest emotions in readers. With this precept, she aspires to proliferate her love for architecture, through her writing.