Influencer, singer, actor and makeup artist Bretman Rock likes to describe himself as a ‘digital celebrity’, but his various interests and talents make it difficult to fit him into one box. The 22-year-old Hawaii-based Filipino-American Influencer became an internet sensation when one of his contouring videos went viral in 2016. With over 17 million followers on Instagram and 8 million on Youtube, Bretman is known not just for his makeup and lifestyle videos, but also for his wit and playful humour. Bretman Rock House is a three-storey high Hawaii Mansion, though lavish, brings out his charm and quirkiness through vibrant colours and eclectic elements.

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Bretman Rock’s house_©realtor

Sprawling over three thousand square feet of real estate in Honolulu, the mansion sits between dense, green mountains and the open sea. Designed by MCYIA, a Hawaii based interior architecture and design firm, the house features five bedrooms, three living rooms, a swimming pool, kitchen, and patio. MCYIA was founded in 2004 by Chuem Yee, with a philosophy of ‘designing spaces that embrace architecture, feel good and improve health and well-being. To Bretman Rock, his house was a ‘fantasy of Asian immigrant success’. A place that expressed his vision to create a home that translated his real-world success into something tangible and unique, representing the essence of ‘Bretman Rock’. 

For instance, Bretman describes his formal living room as ‘ very colourful, random and gay’. The cream coloured space is filled with local artworks, but it also contains pieces by Filipino designers like his scarlet bloom chair. Features like a green Terrarium and fireplace add character to the space. 

An inside look at all the houses owned by Bretman Rock - Sheet
Bretman Rock’s living room_©MCYIA/Instagram
An inside look at all the houses owned by Bretman Rock - Sheet3
Bretman Rock’s living room_©MCYIA/Instagram

Bretman Rock House informal living room has even more art pieces and a shelf of vinyls, while the third, functions like a gaming room, with a bright yellow togo sofa placed in the centre, a large flatscreen, and paintings to fill the space. The dining room, with darker hues of green, brown, and ebony, has a wallpaper reminiscent of ‘Where the wild things are’, a story that reminds Bretman of his American dream. The atmosphere evokes nostalgia for the Philippines, but the chandelier and irreverent butt chairs also capture the weirdness and fun aspect of the space. 

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Bretman Rock’s living room_©MCYIA/Instagram

On the first floor, a long gallery of paintings greets you as you enter, created by local artists. Blue light fills the space, and a scribble wall for his nieces adds a humorous touch.

Bretman Rock’s  bedroom_©MCYIA/Instagram

Bretman’s bedroom has its own stripper pole and funky wallpaper that ties together the elements. Plenty of natural lighting filters in from the full-length glass windows. The colour palette for the room is a mix of browns and blues; which give it a warm, soothing ambience. The room also contains a walk-in closet with Bretman’s collection of shoes, sunglasses, and designer bags.

It will be no surprise to his followers that an essential part of Rock’s house is his beauty room, the space he uses for his beauty videos and makeup tutorials. The room, which is a bedroom that has been re-converted, is filled with drawers of beauty products, and an extensive wall lined with dozens of wigs. Another bedroom has been converted into a recording studio, complete with audio pads, a green screen, and lighting equipment. 

The attic, which Rock calls his ‘BretMan cave’ has been revamped into a lounge and recreation room where he hangs out with his friends. With colourful, floral mahjong sets and comfy bean bag chairs, the room is perfect for relaxing and a pool table and crystal collection complete the space. 

A theme that runs through the design of the house is its strong connection to the outdoors, and outdoor spaces like the front yard and patio play a role in integrating it with its surroundings. The garden holds lounge chairs, a dining table, and a bar, which act as a kind of gathering area for family and friends. The wooden furniture coupled with a few statement pieces gives it the same character as the indoor spaces.  

On the first floor, the patio provides a view of the lush, green landscape of trees, open sky, and mountains. The space is filled with chairs, sofas, and a cactus collection, perfect for the sun-soaked balcony. “My favourite part about living in Hawaii is just the energy of living here, it’s just such a magical place to live in.” Bretman Rock says surrounded by the sounds of nature, “I really could not see myself thriving anywhere else.”


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